Carol Wolfley, candidate for KPFA's LSB

Carol Wolfley

KPFA Local Station Board Candidate -- 2016

I’m Carol Wolfley—an enthusiastic candidate for KPFA’s Local Station Board. I want KPFA to cover YOUR interests: on the radio; on the community calendar; on website videos; podcasts and social media. We look to KPFA to provide dependable ways to find out what’s happening and how individuals and organizations are responding to political, economic and environmental devastation and accelerating discrimination, surveillance and militarized violence. And, to calm our overwhelm, I want drama, comedy, and enlivening music that soothe our souls and lighten our spirits.

As a KPFA Community Advisory Board member, I’ve gathered and reported input from hundreds of people in diverse communities from Sebastopol to San Jose and beyond. I’ve loved bringing KPFA radio hosts together with listeners and volunteers to explore ideas for free speech programing. People tell me they don’t want pro-corporate spin and they oppose KPFA’s recent censorship of Guns and Butter, reliance on mainstream newsfeeds and proposals for corporate underwriting. I advocate for these concerns at KPFA meetings.

I’ve helped organize KPFA outreach: carrying signs and creating flyers in Spanish and English about and 94.1 FM, it’s schedules and programs. One crucial way to expand KPFA’s outreach is to build relationships with local individuals and organizations and to help recruit and support new volunteers for the phone room, at events, at community meetings, with fund raising and especially with social media.

I work with KPFA’s live-streaming team, using social media and arranging interviews. A very fun memory is when KPFA’s First Voice Apprentices and I organized a live-streamed KPFA fundraiser at 924 Gilman. We swayed together with alternative music fans to punk bands celebrating KPFA’s free speech history.

KPFA is one of 5 Pacifica stations with 200+ affiliates. My goal is to help expand grassroots media journalism and to facilitate more program sharing throughout Pacifica. This can help increase listenership, and donation revenues. Joining Pacifica’s programming committee to help organize cross station programming is a priority for me if I’m elected.

I do community mediation and facilitation and participate in Occupy Oakland and Open Circle for families affected by police terror. I grow and share food through Transition Berkeley’s permaculture community and challenge the destruction of our Berkeley Post Office community garden and First They Came for the Homeless protest. I’ve organized Recovery from the Dominant Culture meetings, and wrote a booklet: Simple Practices for Complex Times— used here, in prisons and in post-Fukushima Japan. I’m a retired teacher and a mom.

I seek common ground among the KPFA, Pacifica and listener communities. I would love to work with you to help expand KPFA as a media beacon within a diverse technologically innovative and independent Pacifica network for global survival.

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Carol Wolfley, Questions:

1.) I celebrate KPFA’s community of listeners, unpaid and paid staff and volunteers; sharing time and money for the station.

I appreciate KPFA’s independent, diverse, media sourcing. A few examples are:
—Exposure of election fraud during the California primaries and in Haiti on KPFA’s “Flashpoints”, (syndicated on 65 stations),
—KPFA’s hiring of poet and Anti Police-Terror Project organizer: Cat Brooks as a morning drive time program co-host,
—Interviews with Deborah Berman Santana about ongoing colonization corruption in Puerto Rico.
—Coverage of the Berkeley Post Office anti-privatization rally with Jill Stein on “A Rude Awakening”,
—Inter-weavings of music, poetry and issues on Spanish language programs and KPFA’s variety of programs from diverse communities.
I value:—The introduction of podcasts onto the KPFA website,
—The Pacifica 200+ affiliates and stations’ audio port potential for cross station program sharing,
—KPFA’s “First Voice Apprenticeship Program” and news department training programs.

2,) I’m concerned about KPFA’s recent censorship of the “Guns and Butter” program which reported on California’s vaccination mandate. It is my understanding that many KPFA listeners want information about this topic. I respect KPFA producer and host—Bonnie Faulkner’s journalistic integrity and am opposed to censorship of programs which question potentially dangerous pro-corporate perspectives and data.

There have been recent KPFA proposals about underwriting for KPFA’s website. I am concerned that pressures resulting from underwriting can subtly and slowly compromise independent programming at KPFA.

And, on the morning of June 7, 2016 a mainstream media Associated Press newsfeed was read on KPFA announcing that one of the candidates had cinched the election. There was no comment about the possible consequences of this claim—announcing a winner before people had voted. Luckily the issue was taken up later in the day by other KPFA programmers.

3.) I help resolve problems. Recently, 5 KPFA listeners told me that they could not find how to sign up for membership on KPFA’s website. I contacted people about it. I was grateful that we were soon notified by KPFA’s General Manager that a” become a member” page was now set up in the “support KPFA today” section of

I have experience working with contracts, budgets and negotiations. I am familiar with KPFA’s programming, website and governance processes and have working relationships with many people in the KPFA community. Through my work as a California mediator and nonviolent communication facilitator, I’ve organized workshops in UC Berkeley’s Peace and Conflict Studies Program and taught meditation classes at Berkeley City College. I’ve enjoyed helping people: establish common ground; share difficult information; work together respectfully and create clear agreements. I trust that these skills can be helpful in KPFA Local Station Board work.

4.) I would like to see members of the Local Station Board get more involved in KPFA fundraising efforts by organizing a gala dinner with delicious food where wonderful authors connected with KPFA host tables to raise much needed money for the station.

Music and film nights in diverse communities with programmer hosts can also bring in revenues. I helped organize events with the First Voice Apprenticeship Program and have been happy to successfully solicit donations at KPFA events.

I would like KPFA to have some fund drive premiums and premiums at events which range from $25 up to the more expensive ones to allow and encourage people with lower incomes to contribute and become members.

And I believe that the most important aspect of fund raising is volunteer coordination—establishing a system to reach out to community organizations and people who are likely to volunteer and to create procedures for follow up and support for new volunteers.

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KPFA 94.1 FM is one of five stations of the Pacifica radio network which are located in major cities across the country. The other stations are WBAI 99.5 in New York, WPFW 89.3 in Washington DC, KPFT 90.1 in Houston, and KPFK 90.7 in Los Angeles. There are also about 200 affiliate stations.