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In 2008 KPFA installed the system for comments called IntenseDebate. (We're speaking of the Comment system in the KPFA program Archive.) It claims that comments will be posted AFTER a moderator approves them. Actually, they all go up after you type your comment. Except some then get taken down, it seems.

Below are some comments by Mara Rivera which were taken down, and when she reposted them, they were taken down again. Nobody seems to know who or how many people had the password to moderate the comments. Below are two of Mara's deleted comments:

originally posted to the LSB Show of March 28, 2011

Pacifica did not attempt to eliminate the Morning Show. They had to cut down on paid staff hours. All the stations were directed to do this 3 years ago and only KPFA did not do it! After spending our million dollar surplus the clique which ran the station ran it into the red, they still did not present a balanced budget--or any other--and Pacifica had to step in and do the cuts for us, in order to preserve KPFA and the Pacifica network. The union directed them that seniority and other requirements in the union contract had to be met, so after offering severance packages to paid staff, and 7 people accepted them, 2 positions needed to be cut, by seniority. Brian & Aimee were among the last hired and so were laid off.

Please folks, stop parroting the line that the Morning Show made the most money so would cause a loss if discontinued. Pacifica has a very professional CFO and a Finance Committee which studied the situation and knew that paid staff hours had to be reduced. Too many paid staff hours were causing the losses in spite of the Morning Show's fundraising, and there is a net gain due to the fact that there are less paid staff than before. It is not very intelligent to keep hammering the "made the most money" line.

You are being manipulated by factions some of whom know better but use buzzwords & concepts to mobilize those who have little information about station and network governance--words & concepts such as "union busting"--the "KPFA workers"--"the best fundraiser"--the autocratic Pacifica taking away local station sovereignty "just like in 1999"--the gag rule--"politically motivated firings". None of those things are true and some who are putting them out are deceiving others about them.

We might ask what their motives are. They want to preserve their jobs--they want to be the sole governance of the station--they'd just as soon bankrupt the station and they have a plan to take it over from Pacifica--they don't care that this would bring down an entire unique network of 5 stations and 150 plus affiliates, and also Free Speech Radio News--they want to moderate (NPRize) the station to appeal to moderate progressives. There are a number of agendas going, different factions, much follow the leader and many deceived followers. And a lot of deliberate deception at the heart of it.

Hear the other side, which doesn't take to the airwaves or spend lots of money on high priced PR firms.

Check out http://supportkpfa.org, http://danielborgstrom.com, http://acrossthegreatdivide.org, http://peoplesradio.net, http://voteindyradio.org,

Mara Rivera
March 28, 2011

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comment RE the Evening News of January 21, 2011
Twice posted, and twice disappeared.

Regarding the layoff of Morning Show hosts, unfortunately most of us have heard only the story Ceele, KPFAworker, and the News Department present--that Pacifica's layoffs were arbitrary, senseless, politically motivated, and hostile. This is because those fighting the layoffs have put out this information endlessly, and have used KPFA's airwaves to do so.

It is not too much to ask that the News Department (and other KPFA programmers) cover KPFA affairs in a fair and balanced manner.

If Arlene Engelhardt can't be interviewed, there are plenty of other people at the station, the LSB, among the listener activists, who can explain that KPFA was terminally overspent, could not meet payroll, owes Pacifica therefore Free Speech Radio News therefore Democracy Now money, that the station and thereby the entire network of 5 stations and serving 160 affiliates could go into bankruptcy and be sold to the highest bidders, and all for the sake of 2 jobs. While by 2010 every other station had cut back on paid staff down to about 24 FTE's and KPFA remained at 32%+, and cut payroll to 44.71 to 44.79% of expenditures, while KPFA remained at 64.65%. Pacifica itself cut down to bare bones staffing.

The News Department is not demonstrating journalistic integrity by supporting one side of a "controversy", but helping to protect "turf" with disinformation to the point of destroying this unique progressive nationwide network oasis of truth telling.

For another view see http://supportkpfa.org

by Mara Rivera
January 21, 2011


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