Three Green Party members are running for KPFA's board (LSB)

Three Green Party members are running for KPFA's Local Station Board

January & February 2019

Hi Greens!

Three local Green Party members are running for KPFA's "Local Station Board" in the election which begins this week! They are: Don Macleay, James McFadden, and Daniel Borgström. In addition, Noni Session is also running. She has attended a number of Oakland Greens meetings and did a brilliant job as moderator for our full house January 13 "Green Sunday" program. These four candidates have been endorsed by the Green Party of Alameda County (as well as several other local Green Party chapters). They have also been endorsed by Cindy Sheehan, Michael Parenti, Peter Phillips, Larry Shoup, Jack Heyman, Laura Wells, Gar Smith, Andres Soto, Joy Moore, Mickey Huff of Project Censored, and many others. The local group "Rescue Pacifica" is keeping track of endorsements, and also has the candidates' statements on their website, along with other election info:

If KPFA has your email address, a few hours ago you received voting instructions for online voting. Otherwise, you should receive your paper ballot in the mail within a few days. The KPFA ballot enables you to rank the candidates in the order you prefer. You can rank as many or as few as you like. We strongly encourage you to use your first four rankings for Don Macleay, James McFadden, Daniel Borgström, and Noni Session (in any order you choose).

If you donated at least $25 last year or volunteered in the phone room, your membership is probably current. You may listen and donate online:

KPFA (94.1 FM) is an essential Bay Area progressive resource, so let's be sure to elect these excellent Green Party members and Green-friendly candidates! The Pacifica network has the potential to reach the ears of 25% of the US population and a third of Californians (without even including those who access this priceless info online.) Help us realize the power of the people!

Go Greens!
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