amplifying KPFA's antiwar voice

KPFA's antiwar voice

by Daniel Borgström
October 2021

KPFA 94.1 FM is our antiwar voice. During the McCarthy Era, KPFA bravely exposed lies of Cold War propaganda. KPFA opposed the Vietnam war. Recently however, while some programs steadfastly question the never-questioned, others increasingly echo corporate media's support for imperial policies abroad. Establishment groupthink is replacing KPFA's anti war voice.

Programming is what radio is all about. And that, in a nutshell, is what this election is all about. It's why we have a board, and the machinery to make the station function. For this board Rescue Pacifica endorses 9 candidates.

KPFA's elected board oversees the management of the station. Duties include a yearly evaluation of the General Manager. The board must see that station's General Manager and managers under him do their job, (like paying the property taxes -- which weren't paid for over six years). Another board duty is to work with the manager on programming decisions, and a third is to and to review the budget. Of these three items, only the budget review even pretends to happen.

Regarding these duties we differ sharply with our opponents, the "Protectors," who pretend that the board is essentially powerless, simply advisory. Rather than evaluate the General Manager, our opponents shield him from criticism. At the July 17th meeting they actually held an executive session to censure a board member who wrote a CounterPunch article raising valid concerns and issues. Please see
The Kooky 'Protecting' Diatribe.

That is only one such example. The reality is that when anyone asks a penetrating question, the result is likely to be defensiveness, often outrage. Unfortunately, in any organization silence nurtures corruption. Questions do have to be asked. We do insist on evaluating the General Manager each year as required in the Bylaws.

Likewise with programming. It's been left to management which has taken several well-loved programs off the air without explanation. Meanwhile, some programs are being broadcast repeatedly.

Rescue Pacifica proposes to reinstate the Program Council, disbanded by our opponents some years ago. The Program Council would review ongoing programs, and evaluate new proposed programs.

Our station has been a marvelous achievement that has survived seventy years in the face of pressure and attacks from both outside and inside. That in itself is a major accomplishment. We believe this station can overcome problems and amplify its antiwar voice.

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Please vote for these Rescue Pacifica candidates:

James McFadden
Elizabeth Milos
Pete Farruggio
Don Macleay
Donna Carter
Amber Jayanti
Rich Stone
Adisa Armand
Daniel Borgström
Phoebe Anne Sorgen - [running as an independent]

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