rejecting replacement bylaws at Pacifica

Good news!
Pacifica replacement bylaws rejected by 66%

March 2020

Sometimes we win. And yes, this time we did, by a 2/3rds majority.

The results on the Pacifica bylaws referendum are in, totals from all five Pacifica network stations where voting took place:

66% listeners voted NO
65% staff voted NO

We all need to thank and congratulate each other, and everyone across the network, who in numerous ways, by endorsing, voting, spreading the word, and giving moral support, worked to defeat that destructive proposal.

This was a landslide victory for radio democracy, and as most of us know, democracy has not always worked well and smoothly at KPFA/Pacifica. Democracy is NOT easy, and some may be tired of it, nevertheless, a 2/3rds majority chose democracy, rejecting that bylaws proposal which would've put a handful of elite in charge. So democracy did not just "win," democracy won overwhelmingly. This is tremendously good news!

Nevertheless, the 2/3ds vote was not really an endorsement of the current bylaws. Many of us do want changes in the bylaws -- changes worked out in a transparent democratic manner, changes that will preserve and strengthen radio democracy at Pacifica.

This is easy enough to say; the basic problem is that from the very beginning of our radio democracy nearly two decades ago, there have been two very basically different views, or sides, and those two sides came out clearly in this election. One side is that of those favoring an authoritarian top-down rule of the few, by the few and for the few -- and the other is that of radio democracy. Those two views are not easy to reconcile.

Meanwhile, the network is deeply in debt, KPFA's property taxes are still not paid (the scheduled auction so far hasn't taken place, and the $ amount is being negotiated), and we're still saddled with the managers who failed to pay those taxes.

The really good news is that people from across the five-station Pacifica network came together to fight this issue, and we have an unprecedented network-wide unity with which to face the stormy weather ahead.

Daniel Borgström

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Pacifica Fightback for Democracy

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