Project Censored endorses UCR

Project Censored endorses the UCR

Peter Phillips and Mickey Huff,
Co-hosts for the Project Censored Show on KPFA and Pacifica Radio,
endorse the United for Community Radio candidates for KPFA's Local Station Board.

Dear KPFA Listeners,

KPFA and its sister stations in the Pacifica Network are now holding elections for their Local Station Boards. KPFA, and the entire network, are facing dire financial and managerial problems, and the 2016 election may well be the last chance to restore competent governance to the network.

We think it is vital that KPFA subscribers vote, and vote for the right candidates.
At KPFA, we endorse the
United for Community Radio (UCR) slate:

— Aki Tanaka — Green Party organizer, veteran LSB member
— Ramses Teon-Nichols — SEIU Local 1021 Vice-President
— T.M. Scruggs — Executive Producer of the Real News Network
— Marilla Arguelles — Former SEIU Local 616 Chapter President
— LaTasha Warmsley — College and Career Counselor
— Carol Wolfley — KPFA Community Advisory Board member
— Kris Stewart — Multi-Media Journalist
— Tom Voorhees — Community Radio Station Builder, Transmitter Engineer

This team of candidates brings to KPFA a great combination of experience in labor, community organizing, and media.

More information on the UCR team, platform, and endorsers can be found at


(No post should be understood as a statement by the United for Community Radio group as a whole, unless identified as such. Individual writers may differ with UCR.)

Among the dozens of UCR endorsers are authors Michael Parenti, Edward Herman, Attila Nagy of the Petaluma Progressives, Toby Blome of Code Pink, and former Richmond mayor Gayle McLaughlin. KPFA staff members endorsing UCR include Dennis Bernstein, Davey D, Andres Soto, Kate Raphael, and Khalil Bendib.

We cannot recommend voting for any of the opposing “Save KPFA” slate of candidates. This group (which took its name from the original 1999 Save-KPFA) has held a majority on the KPFA board for five years, and – with allies from other stations - has controlled the Pacifica National Board for two years. In that time, they've presided over a series of calamities around the network, including:

— missing two deadlines for audited financial statements, thereby costing Pacifica at least $1.5 million in public-broadcasting grants,

— causing a charitable foundation to demand the return of a grant, owing to misappropriation,

— violating a union labor contract at KPFK by laying off staff against the contracted procedure, and then withholding severance pay,

— losing the network's director-and-officers liability insurance policy.

(more information on these problems, and many more examples, can be found at )

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Please vote for and support the
United for Community Radio candidates.
Thank you!

Peter Phillips and Mickey Huff
Co-hosts for the Project Censored Show on KPFA and Pacifica Radio

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