at kpfa Donate, vote, and throw the bums out

Better BadNews urges KPFA listeners to

Donate, vote, and throw the bums out

by George Coates
July 30, 2019

Doug Buckwald is rightfully angry about management decisions at Pacifica KPFA continuing a steady decline in listener support and audience satisfaction. The entrenched staff at the station has long sought to break-up the Pacifica Network using fiscal mismanagement and bankruptcy law to get the job done. Doug
Buckwald wants KPFA members to withhold their donations during the current fund drive.

But if listeners withhold funds to punish KPFA financially it will advance management's strategy to have a bankruptcy court judge order the sale of Pacifica's FCC licenses to pay down debt. From the point of view of KPFA mis-managers fiscal insolvency is not the problem. It's the solution.

This explains why popular shows like Guns and Butter, CounterSpin and Twit Wit Radio were cancelled in recent months.

KPFA listeners should donate today so we can throw the bums out tomorrow.

GEORGE COATES was the host of the KPFA program Twit Wit Radio, which was taken off the air this spring, for reasons unexplained.


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