Debunking the Debunkers at KPFA's LSB

Debunking the Debunkers

Addressing recent disinformation by the "Protectors" at KPFA's board

by Virginia Browning
October 14, 2021

Building Sales
Two of their own "Protector" board members stated at the last LSB (Local Station Board) meeting that the sale of the Houston station (long planned) is a good thing. The building is in almost as bad shape as the one adjoining KPFA that was finally sold when "Protector" allies (then known as the name-usurping 'SAVEKPFA') declined to accept free architectural plans and labor to repair it. The sale will bring in more than enough for a more appropriate space for Pacifica sister station KPFT. There is more which you can find out by contacting our candidates.

Even Brian Edwards-Tiekert, an important power at KPFA said at his temporary "farewell" address upon leaving for a study interval at Stanford in 2016 (when "Protectors" dominated governance and management at Pacifica):

"There is only one real option I can think of: the real estate we own next to KPFA's studios. It comprises one parcel and two buildings in Downtown Berkeley that are rotting away for lack of maintenance. One of them currently houses the National Office's accounting staff (about four people).

"If we can't get a mortgage against that property, we should sell it before our inability to make payments on other obligations gets a lien slapped on the buildings."

Property Tax
Pacifica's name was changed in 2013 or 2014, having nothing to do with either side in this election. Work was done by some allied with the "Rescue Pacifica" group to allow Pacifica to continue to operate. The problem wasn't over, but KPFA as a media entity could have mounted a huge public campaign to get this fixed. At a minimum the Business Manager should have at least enlisted the Local Station Board's help if, as she years later alleged, Pacifica was unresponsive to her.

KPFK Staff Changes
Another distraction concerns sister-station KPFK staff changes. For example, Jimmy Dore's leaving had nothing to do with charges that their bogey-man Pacifica forced his departure. Again, contact Rescue Pacifica for more details if desired.

WBAI, our New York Sister Station
WBAI was forced to lay off all but 7 staff, including engineering and business management. They have slowly improved in recent years and can use support from their sister station. not what was played when KPFA management and staff took over their airwaves DURING A FUND DRIVE about 2 years go. They didn't even air good KPFA shows but some of the worst stuff that's ever been heard over the air, so that couldn't have helped build an audience that was starting at that time to increase.

The Rescue Pacifica coalition offers the following policies and 9 excellent candidates, and can also support independents Phoebe Anne Sorgen and Vicente Cruz:

Don Macleay , Adisa Armand, James McFadden, Daniel Borgström, Elizabeth Milos, Pete Farruggio, Donna Carter, Amber Jayanti, Rich Stone, Phoebe Anne Thomas Sorgen , Vicente Cruz

Finances, Audits, Interactive Media
Rescue Pacifica allies on Pacifica's National Board finally caught audits up and are on track to staunch Pacifica's longtime bleeding exacerbated during "Protector" allies' dominance as the national majority faction. WE NEEED ONLINE interactive technologies (not even new anymore) to broaden our reach, including financially. The station will not likely survive if it doesn't improve this, including more easily-accessible show archives and improved searchable web-presence. RP has been urging these for years.

(The Protectors' solution: cannibalize the network: See
Two Views for Change for KPFA Radio)

And they are dragging us into more expensive litigation, and, despite their latest case being rejected 4 times by the court, are still appealing it. Win or lose, they are working toward bankrupting Pacifica. Please see:
Pacifica in Exile

Compelling Programming
The station could build a larger listener base if it lived up to its promise of "bringing you news that no one else will." More on that here
Two Views for Change for KPFA Radio
and here
Amplifying KPFA's Antiwar Voice

Rescue Pacifica's stance is to bring back the "Program Council" to evaluate programs and approve and discuss proposals for new programs. Our bylaws call for this, Section 7, Article 3,
Powers and Duties of the LSBs, Item G

Combine this with the idea of KPFA as a community hub - what a great idea!

Conflict Resolution seems kind of a no-brainer, which we have advocated. Rescue Pacifica members KNOW our viewpoints differ, and that real progress is highly unlikely until all cards are laid transparently on the table as a start. Old wounds often don't heal themselves, and some real affronts are ongoing. "Truth and reconciliation" is a worthy goal for KPFA, but it has to be started and maintained in good faith. The current board majority opens each LSB meeting proclaiming opposition to personal attacks. Shrill screaming behavior is obviously out-of-bounds. Quietly steamrolling over listener and other board members' concerns as the board majority has done at meeting after meeting (such as one where microphones were ripped out of listeners' hands at exactly 2 minutes, mid-sentence and then the majority board members subjected the room to a stream of 5 to 10 minutes of each majority board member lecturing all with their own views and cutting off discussion from other board members) - is not really "non-violent." Even screaming at listeners, if done by themselves, is OK'd by the board chair

Here's an audio of a person speaking at an LSB meeting during Public Comments. Her talk is ended by
"Shut up!"

Candidates from all groups want an improved Pacifica board structure, but a group that for years worked to bankrupt the network and filed lawsuit after lawsuit to get its way is not the one to single-handedly create it. Their latest attempt is to mandate its own vision through a vote of less than 16% of the listener membership.

Please VOTE FOR RESCUE PACIFICA's 9 candidates plus Phoebe Anne Sorgen, and Vicente Cruz in any order (No vote is "wasted" with Pacifica's transferable voting system) -- incumbents, union activists, teachers, healthcare workers, anti-war military veterans, social activists:

Don Macleay , Adisa Armand, James McFadden, Daniel Borgström, Elizabeth Milos, Pete Farruggio, Donna Carter, Amber Jayanti, Rich Stone, Phoebe Anne Thomas Sorgen , Vicente Cruz.



YOUTH PROGRAMMING • Several RP candidates already work with youth on stories.

BETTER NEWS • Expanding coverage of local, national, and international news and timely updates on labor disputes etc. can be done without additional cost.

See more details:
Two Views for Change for KPFA Radio
and at:

INFORMATION W/SUBSCRIPTIONS • Insuring listeners receive an information packet along with their subscriptions. And what about robust election coverage for THIS NETWORK as we often have for other political entities? Of course it could be made interesting - why not?

REVIEWS OF MANAGEMENT • Instating annual performance reviews, as hasn't been done for 5 years.

for more info



Daniel's Free Speech Zone


Pacifica Fightback for Democracy

I urge you NOT to vote for any of the so-called "Protector" group, for reasons detailed and linked in this article.

Audio & Video

To view the KPFA Local Station Board candidate statements and debates: please see
Elections Pacifica

This 2021 LSB election continues till October 15th, The deadline is 8:59 p.m. California time.