to Listeners,Staff of all Pacifica stations, affiliates

Dear Listeners and Staff
of all Pacifica stations and affiliates

from Rescue Pacifica
January 2021

We were shocked to learn that three of our fellow KPFA Local Station Board members traveled to Los Angeles on December 8, 2020, to ask a judge to place the Pacifica radio network in receivership. Had that receivership request been granted, the FCC licenses, buildings and assets of all five stations of the Pacifica network would have gone into the hands of a "receiver" -- an attorney who deals with corporate bankruptcies.

Although the judge very fortunately denied the receivership request, the matter is not over, and it will cost the network money it does not have. It will also divert time and energy away from the many causes and issues that activists need to be working on.

That courtroom adventure, attempted by KPFA board members Christina Huggins, Andrea Turner, Donald Goldmacher and two former board members (Craig Alderson and Sherry Gendelman), went beyond poor judgment. That attempt, although it failed, was a betrayal of everything KPFA 94.1 FM has stood for, worked for, and broadcast for since 1949 when it was founded by jailed war resistor Lew Hill.

This court action revealed that Goldmacher and Alderson are officers of "Pacifica Safety Net," a new "shell corporation" set up several weeks earlier by Sherry Gendelman, CEO of the entity. All are long-time members of the "SaveKPFA" faction (also known as UIR, New Day Pacifica, Pacifica Restructuring Project, KPFA Protectors) and are promoting a new bylaws referendum. The receivership filing and bylaws overhaul are apparently "Plan A" and "Plan B" -- if they win the bylaws referendum, their associates would take over Pacifica; were they to win the court case, the receivership could eventually be turned over to them at the new shell entity.

As members of the KPFA LSB, we wish to make it absolutely clear to the listeners and staff at every Pacifica station and affiliate that we reject that disloyal attempt on the network, and we are calling for the perpetrators to resign their seats and be gone before they try to do any more serious damage to the network.


Daniel Borgström -- KPFA Listener Rep
Marilyn Langlois -- KPFA Listener Rep
Don Macleay -- KPFA Listener Rep
James McFadden -- KPFA Listener Rep
Christine Pepin -- KPFA Listener Rep
Mantra Plonsey -- KPFA Listener Rep
Frank Sterling -- KPFA Staff Rep
Tom Voorhees -- KPFA Listener Rep, & Pacifica National Board Director


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