Rick Sterling KPFA election 2021, Rescue Pacifica

What is at Stake? Why vote in this KPFA Board Election: a Succinct Informative Comment

This letter was originally sent to VETERANS FOR PEACE by Rick Sterling, an associate member of VFP chapter 162. With Rick's permission, we added our list of Rescue Pacifica candidates and are re-posting it. It's a wonderfully stated summary of Rescue Pacifica, brief and to the point.

KPFA election 2021

by Rick Sterling
August 27, 2021, 2021

There are good people on both sides of the KPFA divide.

Based on what I know, I am voting for the

I trust the people I know who are in that camp and already on the local station board: Daniel Borgström, Tom Voorhees, plus Marilyn Langlois and Jim McFadden.

What is at stake? Why am I against the "New Day"? (AKA "KPFA Protectors")

1)There is a neoliberal tendency among some of the staff and the majority of the LSB.
They don't like Nicaragua, Syria, Venezuela, etc.
They promoted instead of challenging Russia-gate.
Hell, they were reluctant to support Julian Assange!

2) I don't like the Goldmacher group that has filed one law suit after another. All costly and all baseless. I went to look at the current status and saw
this recent decision.

I think the majority of the staff have a good understanding of what is being proposed and what is at stake.

That is why I am voting for the

-- Rick

RICK STERLING is a retired engineer, now an investigative journalist based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Rescue Pacifica has 9 candidates. Three are incumbents: James McFadden, Don Macleay, and Daniel Borgström.

Four are labor union activists: Elizabeth Milos, Pete Farruggio, Rich Stone and Donna Carter.

Four are teachers (some retired): Pete Farruggio, Adisa Armand, Don Macleay and Amber Jayanti.

Two are healthcare workers, Elizabeth Milos an interpreter, and Donna Carter a nurse.

Three are military veterans: Daniel Borgström, Rich Stone and Don Macleay.

All nine are long time antiwar and social justice activists

These nine Rescue Pacifica candidates are listed below with bios.

James McFadden, current LSB member and research physicist at UC Berkeley who is involved in a half-dozen local to national political groups fighting oppression and corporate power. Please see
The Kooky 'Protecting' Diatribe.

Don Macleay, current LSB member, machinist, union member, shop teacher, retrained computer network engineer, combat veteran, small business owner, and a polyglot with a deep, anti-imperialist international background. Please see
No Shame.

Elizabeth Milos, active union member in UPTE-CWA 9119 Local 7, Spanish/English healthcare interpreter at UCSF, and a Chilean-American human rights activist who actively fights against neoliberalism, privatization and militarism

Pete Farruggio, former professor of bilingual education, organizer of successful anti-Klan actions throughout California, and ILWU Local 6 Executive Board member

Donna Carter, California Nurses Association member and local hospital staff nurse for many years, negotiator, strike leader, participant in the anti-war movement, supporter and ally of the Black Liberation movement, and more

Amber Jayanti, KPFA-KUSP listener for decades, author, teacher of pan-denominational Qabalah, and activist with Code Pink Women for Peace, Raging Grannies, Election Protection, No Nukes, Occupy, and Sanders for President.

Rich Stone, KPFA listener for 25 years, former Community Advisory Board member (2015-2018), Navy veteran and anti-war VFW, active Green Party member, long time American Postal Workers Union activist, delegate to the SF Labor Council since 2007.

Adisa Armand, over the past thirty years, worked with young children and youth as a teacher of gifted students, and with teenagers at specialized schools, organizer with OCO and OCC, mediator on Local Neighborhood Council.

Daniel Borgström, current LSB member for the past 2 1/2 years; before that, for over a decade, attended numerous LSB meetings & wrote articles about KPFA, was active with Occupy Oakland, Lake Merritt Peace Walk, & Veterans for Peace. Please see
Lords & Ladies vs. the Peasants at KPFA

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Pacifica Fightback for Democracy

Pacifica Democracy Project

To view the KPFA Local Station Board candidate statements and debates: please see
Elections elections

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This 2021 LSB election continues till October 15th, The deadline is 8:59 p.m. California time.
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