The CL in a Nutshell

(The group which formerly called itself "The Concerned Listeners" now uses the name Save KPFA which it stole from an earlier group.)

by Richard Phelps
May 4, 2011

The practices of the KPFAForward, Concerned Listeners, SaveKPFA and KPFAWorker are very similar to right wing practices. Yes the outward politics are very different but not their practices. They don't believe in equal time, look at the last two LSB programs and how their staff allies misuse the news to propagandize. They twist reality to make up wedge issues. They don't really want democracy if it looks like they may lose control to the "voters". "
dismantling the Local Station Board", aka the democratic process, or "how do we make our enemies own the problems that are to come?" From one of their "secret" meeting memos. Brian Edwards-Tiekert, 2005.

There are numerous other examples like dumping the Program Council, trying to end the UnPaid Staff Organization (UPSO), hiding a $375,000 check for over a year, refusing to promote LSB elections on the air etc., etc.

I think this quote from Cornel West fits them well although it was meant for our national leadership in Washington.

Our leadership elite may still want to believe in democratic principles-they certainly profess that they do-but in practice they have shown themselves all too willing to violate those principles in order to gain or retain power", Cornel West from his book Democracy Matters.


May 4, 2011

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