transcript Sept2021 KPFA LSB

"Shut up!"

KPFA Local Station Board Meeting
Saturday, September 18, 2021
11 am to 3 PM
a transcript

This is the meeting where LSB Treasurer Sharon Adams famously screamed "
Shut up!" at LSB candidate Elizabeth Milos who spoke about KPFA's unpaid property taxes during Public Comments. Responsibility for the 6+ years of failure to pay the taxes remains an issue. Members of the "KPFA Protector" slate put the blame on Pacifica. However, Rescue Pacifica asks why General Manager Quincy McCoy wasn't paying attention.

Elizabeth's public comment was only 2 minutes long, but was very articulate and clearly touched a nerve. Several weeks later "Protector" LSB candidate Zack Kaldveer penned a nasty hit-piece, attacking Elizabeth and other heretics who raise taboo issues.

There were about seven more public commenters at this LSB, all are worth reading.

Some other highlights of this September 18th LSB include:

BUILDING SALES: The "Protectors" have been accusing Pacifica of improperly selling off buildings in Houston, Texas and in Berkeley, CA. This has been a major propaganda topic from the "Protectors"; however, at this meeting about three of the LSB members aligned with the "Protector" slate supported selling the KPFT building in Houston. As one said, "Maybe it's in our everybody's interest to let it be sold."

Secretary Carol Wolfley presented a falsified version of minutes of March 20, 2021. The question is about a motion which was not passed due to time constraints. James McFadden pointed out an inaccuracy and showed a transcript from that meeting to show what had really happened. It wasn't really a major thing, just that it was inaccurate, a falsification. Nevertheless, the board majority (the Protectors slate) approved the inaccurate minutes.

And, much to our surprise, GM Quincy McCoy showed up to give a report and take questions. This GM has rarely attended LSB meetings. At a previous LSB he did not take questions and Secretary Carol Wolfley announced that questions for the GM would be sent to her, and that she would forward them to the GM. Nevertheless, despite that announcement, today the GM attended and took questions. So why did this abrupt change in course? Of course we don't really know, but it can be noted that this change was after Rescue Pacifica criticized the GM for his record of no-shows. The "Protectors" now seem to be attempting to present their GM as a faithful meeting-attendee.

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The LSB members attending the Sept 18th meeting are affiliated with these slates:

Rescue Pacifica --
Tom Voorhees, Don Macleay, Frank Sterling, James McFadden, Daniel Borgström,

Independent --
Jeannine Etter

KPFA Protectors (AKA: SaveKPFA/NewDay/SafetyNet) --
Christina Huggins, Philip Maldari, Sharon Adams, Darlene Pagano, Akio Tanaka, Carol Wolfley, Chris Cory, Susan da Silva, Andrea Turner, Tim Lynch, Mark Van Landuyt, Sabrina Jacobs,

Mtg administrator -- José

Christina Huggins chairing
Carol Wolfley secretary
Sharon Adams Treasurer

General Manager Quincy McCoy
Business Manager Maria Negret

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11:06 a.m. Quorum, so roll call begins



Chair Christina Huggins --
Okay, this is the KPFA LSB regular meeting. September 18 2021. I will call the meeting to order now. We'll ask Carol to take role.


Secretary Carol Wolfley --
Thank you. Okay. Um, Sharon Adams. Here, they're on here. Marilyn Langlois asked for an excused absence. Daniel Borgström. Present Daniel present. Daniel here, Christine Pepin asked for an excused absence. Chris Corey, I'm here. Chris here. Mark Van Landuyt. We'll come back to him. I'm Susan de Silva. Here.

Susan here. Shirah Dedman. asked for an excused absence. Donald Goldmacher. As for an excused absence, he may be able to join us later on. He is adamant medical issue. Christina Huggins present. Christina here. Mantra Plonsey asked for an excused absence. James McFadden. James here, Lily Kimura is going to try and call in. She asked for an excused absence if she's not able to. Aki Tanaka. Oh, here. Here. I'm Andrea Turner. As for an excused absence, she will call in if she's able to. Tom Voorhees here. Tom is here. Carol Wolfley. I'm here. Sabrina Jacobs. Sabrina, I can't hear you. Okay, we'll go Sabrina are here. Here. Oh, Sabrina. Here, here.

She's really here.

Yes. In all her. Darlene Pagano here. Darlene is here. Tim Lynch. Okay, we'll check back with Tim. Okay. of ring Sterling was Frank. Here. Mike is here. Jeannine Etter other. Yeah. He man is here. Philip Maldari. Here. Philip is here. Donald Macleay.

I'm here I may have to ask to leave early. I'm gonna try to say the whole thing.

I don't know if we can let you leave early.

You don't have to ask.

God, you have to ask if you have to leave.

So um, I propose that we excuse all of the absences mentioned.

I have a second. Thank you. So anybody, I guess I'll ask if the if there's anyone opposed, please raise your hand. Okay, is there any other any hands raised that I don't know. Okay, so the people who have asked to be excused are excused then. So we will move along with the zoom instructions, which I will read

HERE, AS AT EVERY LSB MEETING, THE CHAIR READS INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE AGENDA which are at the end of this transcript, following the GM Report.

Participation. For purposes of sound quality and clear communication. without interruptions, participants are asked to mute themselves during the KPFA LSB online meetings. At a chair our hosts will recognize one person at a time to unmute themselves and speak. org members on the phone can mute and unmute themselves by pressing star six. The use of the zoom chat option is reserved for LSB members only so that board members are able to process board business without destruction of board. We look forward to hearing from members of the public during the comment period. And there's just to let people know there's a typo in here that will remain from the last time that that was a mistake.
Board members wishing to be called on during the meeting or restoration by clicking on the participant button at the bottom of the screen and then clicking on the raise hand button on the right or to press star nine on a phone. board members will be called on by staff LSB board member shall use chat to submit written motions to the LSB secretary. board members online may vote by this raise hand or by roll call, or by email with a code when needed.
And I'm going to read the LSB meeting and email agreements. All your recording of the meetings is available at No video recording is permitted at KPFA LSB meetings. Speak with other respectfully using comfortable volumes. Focus on facts, issues and proposals, no name calling or personal insults. Use attribution of sources and documentation. When making statements or assumptions about other people or groups listen to each other with care on the agenda and timeline, including staying on topic, following group procedures, and respecting the directions of the chair facilitators timekeepers and people taking stack during meetings, great chance to be recognized by the facilitator, our individual ml locations per share and finish up when agreed upon time is over. versus time it used for comments or questions with the answers included in the time on our board confidentiality, if they LSB. vendors are required to keep all job performance information related to KPFA management, paid and unpaid staff and volunteers confidential. Only within closed session LSB meetings. If a situation arises when a participant is not willing to honor the above agreements, after the agreements are brought to their attention, that person may be asked to leave the meeting or be removed from the meeting.

Chair Christina Huggins --
I think we've already done roll call. We're gonna go to approve the agenda of people have an opportunity to review the agenda that was sent out. And Do I have a motion to approve the agenda? on that motion to approve or a question?

11:11 a.m. 27 Zoom participants

Don Macleay --
Got two questions. One is we have several times said we were going to talk about having a fundraising committee and I think it's under unfinished business. Make a point of it and make sure that we organize our time today so that this actually gets raised discussed and voted on.

Yeah, if you read it over the agenda, Don it's on. It's on there. And it's time certain.

Don Macleay --
Well, okay, but I just want to make a point of it. It was there was time certain before. The other thing is I don't I didn't receive and I don't know if anyone else received an actual copy of the proposed budget, because Am I wrong? Or does anyone have that?

It was sent out a couple days ago by sharing

an actual copy of the budget? Yeah. Okay. I don't have it. Maybe someone could send it to me.

I don't know what to do now. All right.

And what are you using for an email address? This has happened several times.

Well, we got to give it a give your email address to Carol Wolfley, we again to be sure that we have an accurate email address for you. Because you also said you didn't get the agenda, I think or something. Yeah. Oh, no meeting notice. So we might have a an email for you. That's inaccurate. So if you give that to Carol, again, that would be helpful. To make sure we have your accurate email address.

Yeah, Pacific, I had the wrong email address for him.

Oh, okay.

I'm sorry. Can I say something really quick. Let's say you keep kicking me off the cop the meeting? Oh,

that's you. That's because we're signed in under the same. Yes, yes. Okay, cool. I am sorry.

That was me asking. I wasn't sure Maria. So yeah, Thanks for clarifying that.

Okay, so we have the motion to approve the agenda. I'll ask again, if there's any objections, raise your hand if you do not wish to approve the agenda. And I'll ask Jose to take note for me if anyone's hand is raised. Will do? Thank you. Do you see any hands raised Jose? Nope. No. agenda is approved. So we'll move on with KPFA upticks, dates and introduction of the KPFA draft budget.

Give me just a moment please.

Oh, yeah.

General Manager Quincy McCoy --
Well, this is going to be for Maria. Yeah, I was going to introduce Maria to do the budget. But I thought I could just jump in and do a really short, General Manager's report. Natl did not my usual long, boring thing, but just a quick update that so for some information that I think that the board members are here so can I get the 10 minutes and just before I give it to Maria in the budget,

thank you.


Okay. Um, let's see the emergence of the highly trained mytable Delta variant which has propelled a new wave of infection. Infections across the country, has necessitated federal and state safety agencies to call for businesses with more than 100 workers to require vaccinations against the Coronavirus KPFA. His latest COVID-19 station survey results initiated by our Health and Safety Committee, which consists of union members, unpaid staff and management reps in consultation with our HR Director Cynthia Dobek have concluded after analysis of the data and feedback that most of the staff 97% believe a fully vaccinated workforce creates the safest possible workplace environment. Our health and safety community which is included in the CWA contract is here to monitor health and safety conditions in the station and to review any complaints about health and safety. We believe that our survey findings will enhance protections while we manage a gradual reopening of the building in the future. The committee will continue to evaluate and update our policy as the pandemic and federal state and local guidance evolve. Members of the H&S Committee are Deanna Martinez, Chris Lee Tim Lynch. Mary Tilson Antonio Ortiz, myself and Lucy Kang, Maura Lucy came in just a few minutes. Our survey results were sent to staff yesterday. Fortunately for us, our essential workers are already at 97%. vaccinated KPFA will require all essential workers to be vaccinated or show a recent negative test as a condition of entry plus, continue to employ our COVID-19 safety rules and protocols. Another concern the survey yielded was our staff wanted information on capacity limits for the building and office spaces inside the station to reduce possible transmission. You know among workers, we identified work in common areas where employees could have close contact within six feet of course, for example, the patio parking lot the kitchen, and routes of entry and exit. Also several offices rooms at the station with no ventilation have been close to entry. And every space has a capacity limit assigned to it. The maximum occupancy for the radio station is 12. Individuals, which we reach in frequently. KPFA is number of individuals range during the following time periods Monday through Friday, five to 9am, about two to three individuals, nine to 12, about four to six, noon to two about eight to 12. But we that's a transition period of staff and but we would very rarely hit the number 12 and to the 9pm about three to five people, Saturdays and Sundays from 6am to 7pm, about one to three people at any given time. Another effort to improve the air quality inside the station our aging air conditioning system that keeps master control and other studios operating at acceptable temperatures is finally being replaced this coming week. The cost of the new American system was budgeted around $15,000 KPFA. His main transmitter experienced fan failure but we were able to maintain a stable operating temperature and broadcast at full power. However replacement parts were needed the cost was around 20 $500. As we look towards and plan for a future where we can gather safely we've taken the opportunity to upgrade the music mixing console in a company furniture and our production control room. This will allow the performance studio to be ready to reopen when the station reopens cost was about $1,000 KPFA can now be heard on 94.3 FM in Monterrey. We've expanded our reception area by installing a 10 watt translator. We entered a five year contract with American tower for about 900 a month. This is how it works. a translator listens to our signal 94.1 fm and rebroadcast add on another 94.3 we have a similar setup in Santa Cruz KPFA is 2021 summer fund drive was by every measure of success. While the goal of $300,000 was not quite reached, our 91% pledge percentage is very strong and by extending the drive dates in a soft post summer drive a few days to a few extra days. Well ultimately we narrowed the gap to about $6,000 short and only but you know that's about 2% Well, the summer drive started off slowly it finished on an extremely strong note. The final day of the drive brought in a whopping $63,500 alone. If not a single day record certainly one of the best drive days in recent memory, there was a strong push to get donors to donate online so we can rely less on inexpensive call centers. This was a very successful, most donations were made by a KPFA website. Not only a great cost saving method, but it's also showcased our revamped quick and reliable donation pages. Check it out sometime. Our reliance on physical premiums has continued to decrease which obviously allows KPFA to realize more profit from donations. We continue to create more digital premiums that we can draw from curated collections have show archives, event videos and special themed audio collections. For example, letters and politics is US history collection is just one example of the innovative use of in house resources. These cost the station almost nothing to produce and showcase the uniqueness of KPFA and its fullest. However, donors still respond very well to branded products. The summer drive offered new merchandise, new designs of T shirts, stickers, and a limited edition enamel pin were offered. themed around our campaign of storytelling for social change. These items were immensely popular and we will continue to have them available during the upcoming fall drive, which starts next week.

A donation of 75 seats aboard a luxury cruise ship from Tideline Tours. And the cruise was called cruising with history with best selling author Gary Kamiya was also a wonderful experimental premium. And that donation raised $12,000 for us. One of the most positive aspects to emerge this year for KPFA has been the professional recognition received for the extraordinary work of Lucy Kang along farm reporter producer and contributor to KPFA news department and Upfront. In March Lucy acquired an excellence in journalism award from the Society of Professional Journalists of Northern California. For her work on the feature length investigation on the brink homelessness before and during COVID-19. And most recently, in June, Lucy was awarded the first place recipient of the public media journalists Association Award and enterprise reporting. garnering national kudos for her feature present meets past at Burning Man. Lucy has also spearheaded KPFA storytelling projects since 2018, which has provided training and mentorship of early career KPFA News journalists, while also offering additional avenues of support development and growth for the news reporters within our station. Please join me in congratulating Lucy for all the excellent work she does for KPFA. Also Big thanks to everyone who helped me KPFA is broadcast of the black women's Blues Festival last month in success. This was our first live remote broadcast with our new digital equipment. We partnered again with our friends at freight and salvage in the Berkeley Civic Center Park. Special thanks to our engineering team and all the programmers who participated in making this event special later this fall KPFA is planning a planning to offer a course to help embed diversity equity inclusion and belonging into our workplace environment. It will include a review of policies, recruitment methods, engage everyone in our diversity of thought and increased visibility. Stay tuned for dates and times for that upcoming workshop. Lastly, just before I turn it over to Maria, because the budget is the thing I just want to mention that the property taxes that is still lingering, it's still going on and the cost so far to KPFA for this is been $76,000 Okay, so on to the budget and Maria unless there's some questions there's nothing that you guys want me to answer.


Chair Christina Huggins --
Thank you Quincy. Does anybody have any questions for Quincy? Jose, do you see any hands?

Yeah, Franklin's hand was up.

Franklin, by the way, first let me ask you Franklin, for the privilege here. Are you okay? Are you doing okay? We saw a message that you got hurt.


11:25 a.m.
Frank Sterling gives brief account of his arrest --
Yeah, thanks everybody. Um, there was a protest in Antioch where and police got heavily involved and arrested me and a couple other people. But yes, I'm okay. I got a little scrub on my. Oh, that's uh, that's about it for now. And oh, I got the taser. I got tasered.
Yeah, so I'm just looking more into what, what's going to become of it. And I'll keep you all posted. Thanks for everyone that reached out. Thank you, frankly, and thank you for your concern. Thank you Quincy, for report and keeping the station safe. And yeah, I'm curious about like returning back to the station and I was wondering about, like, I know you're developing the plan as it goes, and things are constantly changing. But like off hours returning by appointment later at night when no one's there to have some use of equipment or stuff like that, of course, following all the rules of the station, sanitizing after you're done wiping it down all the stuff that's already been listed at the station. So stuff like that I'd be curious about, and I didn't take a bunch of other notes, but I did had some other questions. I'll think about it. And yeah, returning to the station, for fully vaccinated people interested in how that's gonna work when you when maybe you see it happening? And in what numbers and also the option of maybe coming after hours, even late at night when no one's there? Of course, you know, arranging with it by appointment for now. Yeah, Frank, what do you think? What do you think?


GM Quincy McCoy replies to Frank --
Yeah, no, we were talking about it now, constantly. If you look at the survey results that were sent to the staff yesterday, you'll see at the end, that it talks about exactly what you're saying. So we're talking about, we're meeting and trying to figure out a way to start doing that. In the meantime, all you got to do is contact Antonio, or the program director, when any kind of special request and see if you can run it past them to get permission to come in. It just depends on what it is. We've had people asking us constantly, but you know, things to do. And some of them is not too bright. If somebody wanted to do a photo shoot in the performance studio. We were like, Are you kidding? So, you know, so it depends on what it is. So yeah, so it's happening. I mean, some people do come in and do some pre recording, and things like that, you know, we we've allowed that that's happened. So yeah, so that's all you have to do is just check in.


Thank you, Quincy, and who's, who's next, Jose,
it's James McFadden.


11:27 a.m.
James McFadden --
First, I want to just thank the general manager for giving a report. And I think a number of us on the local station board would enjoy having even a short report like that at all. You don't have that many meetings. And if we could get one of those every meeting I think that would be useful. And then second, I just wanted to ask that, like one since one of our past guests the local station board is to pass on with a recommendation the budget to do today it would be really helpful if we could get those budget spreadsheets more than a day before a lot of us have lives and work and just get it on Friday. When we're going to be voting on it the next morning, it's just not enough time. And I think if you can just push for that to be sent out, you know, four days early that would be a big help.


GM Quincy McCoy replies --
See, that wasn't a question but I okay I understand what you're talking about. It's very complicated but the workshops are the are the key you know, we have these workshops so that the board members can participate so you can really get down and dirty with it. And so you know, participating at those things are the keys though. But you know, Maria tries hard to get the thing to you as early as possible. So all I can say is that you know, we've set up the workshops just for this purpose. So you can spend a lot of time with it and get you know, really down with it, as far as you know, there and the other problem is too and I apologize for this because some of the reason was why it's a little late for you is because Maria gets information late from other people. You know, some of the other staff members and department head people are formulating their stuff and we work on it, we change things, and me and her go back and forth and back and forth. And you know, God that's called me, let's get this change and we can't do that we can do this. So there's a lot of that that goes on. It's a big process for us and it starts very early for us. I mean, we're talking about this and working on this thing back in July, so Okay, but you know, yes, we hear this all the time. And Mr. Macmillan, and we'll try to is Macmillan or Macmillan. McFadden, oh, McFadden. Okay, sorry. We'll try to do that next time around.


Susan da Silva --
Thank you Quincy. And could you call the next person has a Yeah. Susan de Silva. Hi, Quincy. And thank you so much. We're so proud of the job that you're doing at the station. And, and, and everyone at the station. Things seem to be going really well. I'm just concerned about The membership lists, and the fact that it seems that especially sustaining members, sometimes their emails get dropped from the membership lists, whatever, so they don't get things. And I'm wondering, if you have any insight into that what can be done, this is not a problem peculiar to KPFA, it seems to be Pacifica wide.


11:31 a.m.
GM Quincy McCoy --
Yeah, we've worked a lot on, you know, getting the foundational work done on our database. And we finally have gotten this thing in pretty good shape. Now, we also have a great development director now to who really understands it. And we have a chief engineer who, who works together really strongly, it's a good team. It's a good team of guys and women. And right now, our database is probably the best that's ever looked, we've got, we're communicating with sustainers. Better now, all that thing is happening, we can see our numbers, clearly, we can start breaking up demographics, it gives us a better opportunity to reach out to people who really are major donors. So we have a real good idea of segregating all of those different people. And now we'll be able to really do the kind of work that we should be doing to try to bring in outside money. So that we don't have to depend so much on these damn fundraise. Because you know, we can't make it with continuing to have these many fundraisers, it's just too much. When we squeaked through the summer drive, I was I was amazed. But I'm always amazed by our donors. I mean, they always come through once we get on there and just say, look, we're behind, we're dying over here. They always seem to come through, but we can't keep doing that you can't keep squeezing, squeezing them and unawares on the staff. I mean, you know, every time you turn around, you got to get out there and start, you know, pledging again, and pitching again. So it's wear and tear. But hopefully, with the new database and the way it's designed, it gives us this opportunity to get in there and try to raise money on the outside as best we can. The other thing is, Pacifica finally has his audits together. So we will be able to, we'll be able to take those audits and go out and try to get some extra money from some foundations, family foundations, mostly, you know, peoples whose missions kind of line up with ours, because the audit reports not going to be beautiful, because then the foundation's in trouble. And so people don't like throwing good money after bad. So you're not going to get that. But when you find people whose missions match ours a lot for social change, or environmental, and all these kinds of things that we do very well at KPFA, they tend to send us money. So if we can increase the 10 and the $5,000 into 20,000 donations, it could add up to enough money to allow us to drop a summer drive, for instance, that's important for us. And that's a that's a big goal for all of us. We tried something in April, where we tried to increase our membership with the band program, become a member ba. And so we did well, we did well in April, we just zeroed in and said, hey, let's not try to raise a lot of money, let's try to raise a bunch of new members. So we were able to raise a substantial amount of new members. So we're going to expand that program and try to keep the band program going as another thing that we're doing on the outside so that we can keep growing sustainers the more sustainers that we have, the more money that we can count on, the easier it is for us to lower fund drive goals and make them less painful for everybody. I hope that kind of answers some of this stuff for you, Susan,


Chair Christina Huggins --
thank you, Quincy, we have a couple more questions that we're going to try to move into the budget because that's going to take up some time I think so. Um, I think Jose, Was Carol next. Correct.

11:35 a.m. -- 33 Zoom participants


LSB Secretary Carol Wolfley --
Thanks. And Quincy, I just wanted to pass on and ask that you pass on to Lucy Kang how much we appreciate all that she's doing and all the work that she's done on behalf of the Board unless anybody has an objection to that. And also just to say that the storytelling for social change, I wondered um it's really great to hear it on the radio and hear those little spots and all of the different stories that come across. I think it really is unique to KPFA and inspirational. So thank you.


GM Quincy McCoy --
Well, that's why we're doing it. You know, Katie Evans got the greatest story of every radio and of any radio station I know about probably in the history of radio. You know, the way it was born out of that mission and how that mission is continued now for 72 years. And we know that and we know the difference between us and the other stations in the market. I think stations I k o w, they have a problem because they don't have a real narrative and not everything to talk about KQED is just the boss because they came in and took what KW was doing years ago and did it better. But us, you know, we have this great thing that, you know, we're listening to support it, we have no corporations looking over our shoulders, we don't come out and say this is brought to you by Does, does with the others doesn't do. We don't have to do any of that stuff. And I know our story is wonderful. And when our people get on the air and just tell our story. The donors respond to it. And then when we're doing the mission, and I mean, really, you know, putting the resources together to help people do the COVID thing, really trying to put things together to help abolish racism, and do all the stuff that we really are supposed to be doing. pretty damn good. And we got some, you know, we got some really excellent shows now. And I think the addition of the environmental show on Friday has been a terrific addition to the radio station. There's other things that we need to do, we need to have some mental health programming on there. We know that we need to have more health things for the audience and stuff when we're talking to people and trying to, but it's hard to find people to come and work. Under the mission, I mean, the ones that deal, we're so lucky to have so many people that are so dedicated to what the radio station is all about. It's um, it's great. So I'll cut it off there, but I just want to go on. Sorry.

Thanks, Jose, there's one more person right. Yep. Philip. Okay.


Philip Maldari --
Quincy, I noticed that a year from now you're planning that September drive to be the last two weeks of September, the drive that starts on Tuesday as one week in September, and one week in October, which straddles the fiscal year so that the first week of money raised will accrued to the current fiscal year and the second to next fiscal year. But you're essentially front loading next fiscal year with an extra week of fundraising. And the year after that will in fact, have fiscal year 23? Will we'll be missing out on a week? Or am I just being paranoid?


GM Quincy McCoy --
But you're always been paranoid. That's what we like about you. That's what works on Sunday mornings when you're on there being paranoid and asking those crazy questions, taking those crazy callers, but no, I don't know you're right. We know how we are with this thing. Those dates always move around depending on need. And depending on other situations that things are in the news or whatever. And sometimes there's that you know, Congress is having a hearing or whatever, you know, so we have to move things around. So those aren't locked in Philip. There's just you know, it's always fluid.

Thank you, Quincy.

Thank you, Philip. The numbers are great. On Sunday morning, Philip, you got us actually thinking about maybe trying to talk you into doing it on Saturday morning as well? No. All right, I gotta dry. I gotta drop.


11:39 .m.

Chair Christina Huggins --
Thanks very much. Quincy, appreciate your report and appreciate you taking the time. I think we're gonna go ahead and move on to Maria. You want to go ahead, Maria.


Business Manager Maria Negret --
Yeah, sorry. Um, first of all, just want to say that I just arrived. My husband, I just came home last night from vacation. So currently why I was working on the budget as well during my vacation. So I have a life to Mr. McFadden. But I also picked up a call from our granddaughter so by head is not all together here. So I'll try to get through as much as I can or as best as I can. I'm sorry, yeah, see, I can't even put together a thought. And if everybody could please just pull up the budget that was sent out I'd appreciate it. Let's see. Hopefully it's just a call by the way and not either I came back from the belly of the beast, as they say,

I'm Maria, do you want to screen share Jose?


I'm doing right now. Oh, good. Thank you. And you guys get that or do you guys have that? Yes. Well done. Maria.

Business Manager Maria Negret --
Um, I'm going to start with what I said over and over and the pattern over 12 years in I forget how many times I've said this. We continue to be successful. We've continued to, if not make our goals almost reach our goals. We have incredible fulfillment which means that we push to get as much money as we can through credit cards. Which means that we get as much money as we can right away as opposed to spending, you know, whole year trying to get people to pay their pledges. We, we get like within the right after the fund drives were like at 75% fulfillment. Well, unfortunately, we have sister stations that don't even get 65% over a year's time. So our money comes in quick, quick, quick. The other thing that has been wonderful. As Quincy mentioned, we have our development director, we have an amazing group right now our development team is just kicking it get all out of the park, or, I guess, betting that I would park whatever, um, and we used to get in sustainers 55, excuse me, 40 to 45,045 would be on the top, anywhere between 38 to 42,000 a month is what we would get in sustainers. Right now we're at 55,000 is on top of that we've made our goals and get our fulfillment at like 90%. So our development department is incredible and Kevin continues to your reach out to foundations and organizations and the man if you guys don't know him, you should look him up. He's got a lot of connections in the Bay Area. So I only can imagine just more and more wonderful things coming. So anyway, um, as you guys know, when I forget when it was Sharon, I had to present the budget to the national finance committee a few months ago, which was already nine months into the year. And I was told that deisel finance committee was told by our CFO that our budgets and our financials always continue to be right on point. I underestimate our income. I tend to be very conservative with our expenses. So yeah, no, it is what it is. Um, I also before I go on to the actual budget, I want to say that Quincy and I have had a few conversations with the actual tax collector for Alameda County, I mean, not somebody on staff, the big guy, the guy that you guys all voted on who live in Alameda County. And he continues to say that the problem was not the KPFA didn't pay the taxes, the problem existed and bad remains to exist after all these years. With the fact that Pacifica has changed their name so often and has never filed all the proper paperwork therefore, we could we lost our exemption which caused our taxes to increase by 86%. So it that just continues to be a problem. So anyway, I've shown you know that the bed drives which really haven't changed, excuse me really haven't changed. from year to year, we continue to not add days to our button drives, I think we added it wherever it was this year or last year that we added a few days to one fund drive. And I haven't seen that in, I don't know, a decade. So that's amazing. Um, and I don't know if there's anything and again, I'm really sorry, but my head is not on straight today. Um, so we could just move on to the budget.

Um, I do have to apologize about something that our, our wonderful development department has been working very hard on is that we did have some problems previously with our database. So I was not getting the proper information to be able to allocate the revenue properly. So things are a little askew, when it comes to revenue. So I would urge you just to kind of look at the bottom line. It is what it is in terms of, you know, the money just comes in. So it kind of doesn't matter where it's coming from as long as we get the money yet, right. I mean, I don't know. I don't know what else to say about that. We had less fun Dr. days, as, as Phil mentioned, you know, things sometimes change in 20 2021. And I'm just barely, you know, with eight more days, I'm barely increasing the increase in the revenue. Our personnel expenses went up a bit, we did have a couple of times, throughout the year that we had to double up on people, such as our development director, our previous development director left, and our current development director was coming on. So we had a few months where there was overlap in, in cost. So that can be a consideration for this, um, the numbers that you see here for our central services, which is basically a half a million dollars, we continue to pay our central services, we are not behind on our central services, we pay them we will pay, we owe September, I think possibly half of August, and all of September, I was on vacation. So I don't remember exactly where we are at the moment. But by the end of September, we will be paid up and we will go into the fiscal year, not only Pacifica anything. Oh, one thing I did want to mention about revenue is, let's see. Sorry, oh, there it is corporate match, that would be a nine. Pacifica receives the money for all the stations. And they haven't been doling it out. They've been keeping the money. And kind of putting an end to that, I'm going to figure out, because I have access to those reports. And I am just going to pay our central services, less the money that we get for corporate matches. Now I'm also going to talk to Quincy and our development director to get people to, you know, to help us with our corporate batches. Anybody who works for large corporations, even small corporations, or our mom and pops, whatever, whomever wants to do a corporate match. I mean, we have Google, we have Kaiser, we have Microsoft, just many large corporations. It's you know, if you give $10 out of your paycheck, they match $10. It's as simple as that. It's like free money if you ask me. So anybody should just start. Mr. Macleay, who said that we should have a development or fundraising committee. That's one way that to do it is just go out there and talk to your friends, anybody who already gives to KPFA do it through your paycheck and have your employer match it? So um, let's see, I have already talked about the salary and expenses were high last year. I attribute that to a lot of the fact that we had some double dipping because we had to do some training and turnover and such. I have board elections. I don't know I haven't seen what the prices are for this for covering election. In previous elections. I've asked for actual invoices. I've not really received them. So I'm getting really pushy on that I want to see I mean, we're just told that as an example, a couple of years ago for some other elections that we had $63,000 just showed up in our intercompany but I had nothing to show what that was for. So that's kind of a problem in my opinion. Um, telephone expenses. Our telephone expenses. I as Quincy talked about our chief engineer, I call him the computer that wore tennis shoes. Um, as you can see here in fiscal year 19 our telephone expenses alone were $43,000 and currently, we're at $8,000 Wow, that's big. Yeah. Yeah, huge. I mean, you know, I continue to over budget not a lot this time because now I can actually feel comfortable with the number but, but still, he you know, the internet expenses are a little bit higher week. We got rid of what do they call it? ISDN. Which when I asked him, What does that mean? He says ice Don't know get it ISDN. And he does something called IBPTL which that I really don't know what that means, but I don't care what it means as long as it brings our prices down. I mean, we used to have $5,000 a month expenses for the ISDN lines. Um, let's see, everything else you can see is pretty much on a you know, I always say it I do it always based on history. I don't I just look at what the history is. And so far, that has always we've always managed to be right on point. Our, if anybody has seen the rent and lease equipment went down considerably. And the reason is, is that I renegotiated the contract and got rid of one of the copiers, we never used it. So once the contract was up, we got rid of that one copier, and that reduced the price by half. So there's that. And let's see, programming expenses are what they are, and still budgeting and higher on other programming expenses. We have different names on your admin notice. I'm sorry, in the to the person.

Whoever's there, could you please mute yourself?


11:54 a.m.

Business Manager Maria Negret --
Sorry. Um, let's see. So we, um, I sorry, I lost my train of thought here. Again, I'm just trying to always be as conservative as I can our in our expenses, we have done so many renovations to our studios, and that's pretty much come to a stop, you know, because we were done. Um, and let's see, in terms of design development, again, premium expenses, as Quincy says, I expect those to even go down further. I budgeted 120,000. Last year, we came in around 87. So, so it's, it's just again, being as conservative as I can, our community events, um, Jose is the administration of the zoom meetings on that. And we are saving on the on the rental. I'm sad that there isn't as much. What do you call it? participation by our listeners on that? I don't know what we can do. But maybe people have ideas on that of the revenue that I have here is a little low. I haven't received it. Well, actually, that's not true. I just received some of the most latest reports, I think, on Thursday or yesterday, and I don't know, I haven't looked at them yet. So that's about it. In a nutshell. I don't know what more to say. You know, we did have those workshops. Unfortunately, the first workshop that was on a Saturday was I think four people came and the second workshop was just me and Christina for I don't know, a good half hour. That was that's about it. I don't know, I guess I could open it to questions and just go on that.

Thank you. Maria. Do we have Jose with you? I'm calling the people with questions.

Yeah, it's Carol.


LSB Secretary Carol Wolfley --
Yes, Maria, I wanted to ask. So it was my understanding that some money was taken from KPFA to cover KPFK's bank account. payroll. So what happens when money is shifted out of KPFA budget or I understand that there was also a similar problem with the affiliates. That money was taken out of their bank account when they you know, the 200 National stations that operate using Pacifica programming and money was removed from their account. There doesn't seem to be like accounting membranes to protect the stations and what does that do to your budget when the money is shifted around?

Business Manager Maria Negret--
Well, it's not necessarily the budget. That's the problem with that it's her bank account. So what happens is that on SSI, we had to we had to fund our payroll on the and I think it was the 10th was last Friday. And on Wednesday, I believe it was, or maybe Tuesday, I received a phone call that was Tuesday, I received a phone call from the KPFK. Business Manager asking us for $1,000. Excuse me. So they didn't take it, they asked, and it was KPFK, who asked us from what I understand, don't quote me, because I just I heard it second or third head, that, um, that they just went in and took money from the affiliates 13,000, I believe that has happened to us in the past. And so what happens is, the budget is what it is, I mean, you know, I budget for salary, and if they take the money out of the bank account, I may not have or they may not have the affiliates, for example, may not have money to pay their own payroll on the next time. Um, so, so far, every time somebody has borrowed, or they borrow that little bit of money, we'd get the money back. So next payroll, often less $8,000. And k will, will make up that difference. We're still owed a lot of money by a lot of the stations and Pacifica stuff. So it's a matter of the bank account, the cash flow, we use, this is a plan, this is a map, this is, you know, maps, you can have a map and you can take different routes. So a budget is not set in stone, by any means. I mean, we all have had it in our personal lives. So if, if you don't plan to have your engine blow up, and you have to pay $5,000 to get your engine, a new engine, you may not have enough money to pay your mortgage. Right? So it's the exact same thing here. This is a plan and is something some big bomb goes into our plan, then. Then we have to reroute everything. So yeah, it's, like I said, What's the saying that best laid plans, blah, blah, blah.


11:43 a.m.

Thank you, thank you, I just want to express my concern about the extreme financial challenges that we're seeing at KPFK and WBAI and how that may affect our budget, right? coming next year, and, you know, KPFT, as well, so

well, and then, you know, the legal fees that Quincy was talking about. We were paying $14,000 a year in property taxes, which just boggles my mind why people think I would not have paid property taxes. But when they're 250, some $1,000 a year, that makes it a big difference, right? or whenever it was, I can't think of it that the differences now but significant amounts, significant amounts. Um, and so we ended up having to pay for the legal fees for Pacifica up because they didn't have the money to get their stuff together. Um, and so yeah, it wasn't something we had planned. You know, I'd rather pay $14,000 in taxes to the Alameda County versus paying 1000s of dollars to an attorney to fix up a state that was just a matter of signing some documents 789 years ago.

Thank you, Maria. Jose is sharing a sub next, and then Chris. Okay.

Oh, I'll let Chris go. And then I'll go. So it's Chris.


11:59 a.m.

Chris Cory --
What I've started, Was I being called on there. Yes, yes. Okay. I just wanted this question comes across continuously about intercompany transfers. And I just want to let you know that it's, you know, this is something that confuses everybody. And so I understand the questions that come up as a result of it. It's a, it's a balance sheet thing. And what that means is that it's an asset transfer issue. So the assets of one division go to another, it's actually not uncommon in Pacifica at all, because with five individual actually seven technically individual units in the corporation, the odds of one of them having a shortfall within any particular month, it's actually pretty high. So intercompany transfers happen on a on an ongoing basis, their decisions that are made by management. So this comes down from the executive director, and generally speaking, they're paid back fairly quickly. As soon as for example, a station that had a shortfall goes into thumbdrive those monies are returned to the station from which they were transferred. But occasionally, when a station is running continuously in arrears, those transfers just build up over time. And if you look at the audited financials, you can actually see these transfers as they've accumulated over time on the balance sheet. So KPFA has a rather large intercompany transfer column asset for all of the work that KPFA has done propping up other stations over the years, so it's not at all an uncommon thing. Um, and especially for this unit, to have its coffers, you know, to have money come out of the station to for other means. The, the legal fee issue, I think, is something that we really should consider coming from KPFA, particularly with regard to the property because I think Pacifica has this inclination to, to do good cop, bad cop on this to play the easy side of both situations, when it comes to the asset, they're perfectly happy to take the asset when it serves them. But when the liabilities come up, the organization is not inclined to pay for the liabilities associated with that asset. So there's, there's, there's a matter of fair fairness here that's not being undertaken. And I would strongly suggest that, that the PNB, at some point, consider this. If they want to make themselves in charge of all the assets of Pacifica, they should protect those assets with from legal liability. So that is my own two cents worth on this. Thank you.

Thank you, Chris. I think that if I'm not wrong, I believe Sharon's next, is that correct? Correct. Thank you go ahead. Sure.

Okay, well, thank you, Maria. Um, for that. Tim Lynch is asking a question in the chat. So I'll just ask it if you know, maybe, and, but also, well know, maybe Tim should ask it, because what I would like to do is just make a motion to approve the budget that you have presented. That is what we need to do as the LSB we have to approve the budget or reject it, we have to vote on the budget, and then we have to send it up to the Pacifica to the NFC, and then it will go to the Pacifica national board. So at this point, I would make a motion to approve the budget as presented by our business manager.

Thank you, sir. Okay, Sabrina. Thank you. We have a motion in a second. Tim, did you have a question? It can wait. Okay,

and can we just recognize that Tim Lynch has joined the meeting is Marc present. Thank you.

Thank you, Carol. Okay, we have a motion on the floor. I see no. Questions. So on the motion? Everyone do we want to do? Anybody who was objecting to passing the budget raising their hands? So anyone who objects to passing the budget you

think we should have? Yeah, we should have discussion. I agree.


12:04 p.m.

Chair Christina Huggins --
Yeah. Okay. Gotcha. Now, before we vote on this, thank you. Okay, so now there are Hands up. So Jose, did you call on the people who have their hands up, please. James McFadden has his hand up.


James McFadden --
I just want to say that during the budget the day before, we're going to less than a day, less than 24 hours before we could vote on it is just inadequate. So I plan to vote no.

Chair Christina Huggins --
Next, Carol?

LSB Secretary Carol Wolfley --
Oh, yeah, I want to comment on that. So we do not have to pass the budget at this meeting. So there's a lot of complaints about Oh, we don't have the budget ahead of time. We have the budget for this meeting, we had preparation. If the if the body of the local station board decides to pass the budget, then we have that option. And if someone feels prepared to go ahead and pass it, that's fine. And there's nothing saying that we have to pass the budget at this meeting.

Chair Christina Huggins --
Thank you, Carol.


Don Macleay --
Done. Yes. So Carol, what I'm understanding is there's not actually a time crunch on this that if we put the passing the budget off to the next meeting, we're still okay with the time to get it to the, to the national board and all that within the time needed for approval.


Carol Wolfley --
sound station budgets, some stations, Pacifica has not passed a budget in the last number of years. What we, as a board decide we can do.


Don Macleay --
Thank you. Then I asked that we vote on this next meeting after we've all had time to actually look at the thing in depth and ask any questions we need. Right. Thank you.

And Sharon is next.

Good, Sharon. And


Treasurer Sharon Adams --
yes. So of course the N LSB. doesn't have to do anything. That is absolutely true. For example, the KPFK LSB has not passed their budget for this current fiscal year that we're in that is going to end in two weeks, they have not yet passed a budget for this year. Okay, KPFK. But to be responsible, and functional Corporation, and to do our job, this is one of the few jobs we actually have as an LSB is to actually pass it the budget. We need to do that. And the NFC is Chris posted in the chat. This timeline has been set out for quite a while. And we should and have taught no plans to get the budget to the NFC by the end of September this. So this is our meeting. Now I'm regarding the timing of receiving the proposed budget from Maria, I will point out again, that we had two workshops where nobody basically attended. Okay, Philip was there. Thank you. Frank didn't show up. Thank you, Frank. And that is where the opportunity and we had to at two different times. And that was where the opportunity was to see what was being talked about, and how it was going to look out, look at what was going to be presented. So because that's how you do it. I mean, we were on the timeline to pass at this meeting. So the workshops were the gift to look at it, and to review it. And there is no obligation to hand that out. Because as is well known people on the McFadden's side have passed out the budget and changed numbers, and then pass it out. Okay, not going to even get into that. The last thing I want to say is the point I made in the email several times, which is that this budget is remarkably similar in terms of the line items. And the way that Maria does the projections to how last year's budget was, so you could have looked at last year's budget and gotten a concept of how this budget was going to look. And basically, as Maria has explained, she, as she explained very carefully in the workshops, she looks at actual numbers for her projections of revenue. And she looks at and then she underestimates what the revenue will be. And then she looks at actual numbers of expenses. And then she over estimates. So that's the budget. It's a framework, as she says, and that is how she does it. And it's been set up. As I said, that's how it goes. So that's my comment to answer the various points that have been made. Thank you, Sharon.

Thank you. Go ahead, Franklin.


Frank Sterling --
Yeah, I didn't get my workshop time, because the first one was cancelled. And I jumped out on the second one and actually had to leave and I missed the third opportunity. So I regret missing those. Yeah. I would say like Don says, and James a little bit that if there is any time, maybe now that they people have it, we could look it over and try to just have a vote in a week, maybe people can get on, and we can just vote on to approve the budget and have that be our only thing. I've been on the LSB the previous time and then this time, and I feel like it kind of does work the same every time. And just to kind of be in the middle here. I see every time that there is people asking for it every time more in advance. And I think the workshops are a help and right no one. Not a lot of people showed up to those. And I do feel though that it would be great that if people can get it in advance, that would give people time to have a look at it more in depth with their time or maybe meet with their folks to really work stuff out amongst them. And have you know, more eyes on it at that time? You know, with like a week to do that. So I think I think it's a fair ask. And I know, you know, I everyone knows I'm not like the budget, the financial wizard. And so I do rely on Maria and the workshops and other folks that I work with and have faith in to help me understand it at different times of what it means

to say something after Frank has done. So.

So just so just put that out there. Yeah, I think it would be beneficial that people can have it for a little while to look at it. I know there was some mention of the changing of the numbers or whatever, will hopefully we could agree, I don't remember that or don't know about it. But hopefully that would not be the case, it would just be something that people could actually look at and say, hey, look at this, or, you know, I feel like a board is like one thing is that we got like multiple eyes to look at something. Having one person always have to do it. leaves room for things that could be a little jumbled. I know when I am solo, I'm doing my show. As an example, one time I said the wrong date, because no one was reading over my script or taking a second look at it at that time. So yeah, kind of just trying to balance the middle. Yes, the workshops are beneficial, they help, though not a lot of people attended. But hey, yes, maybe we can get the budget out a week or, you know, 10 days in advance, so people could have their own little group meetings to discuss it. So that's where I'm kind of lie. And I would personally to also appreciate a little time to meet with people that could help me understand it, as well, as you Maria and the workshops and all that. Right. So not to put all the time on you. Yeah.


12:12 p.m.

Business Mgr. Maria Negret --
I asked you to contact me directly, so I can explain things to you. Over 12 years, how many times have I done that?

Yeah, I'm not talking about just am I talking about the fact that you needed the time I've given you the time? I it's not part of my job description to even be here. Or do the workshops. Okay. And how many times has KPFA failed financially?

Well, this wasn't meant to be like a personal attack on

trying to say is we have succeeded year after year after year after year. And I've been the one doing the budgets all these years. Do you even have the you even looked at financial statements over time?

Alright, try Yeah, look at your

never have you had a question to me the person who actually is in charge of that. Okay, right. How open my office and my now by cell phone, my whatever. I pay my own cell phone bill. Okay. KPFA doesn't, it is always open to you guys. Every one of you, whether it's a listener or a board member, or a deployed, I will tell you what I can tell you, but nobody ever reaches out to me. So all of this about oh, I need time. I need time. For what? I've talked to Jeannine. I have talked to Sabrina I have talked to Darlene I definitely have talked to Sharon and Christina and Carol, and Tim. Many people have come to me. But those of you who are the naysayers never come to me and ask me direct questions. Never. I have never spoken to Mr. Macleay or Mr. McFadden, one on one, or Daniel Borgström. Because they don't want to hear what I have to say. We have been successful. We have never one time in 12 years had to borrow money, we continue to give money. So you know, the fact that you think that something could happen or numbers have been changed. I didn't change any numbers ever last. During my vacation, I was asked a question by our CFO, can I please um, what do you call it to substantiate our July numbers, boom, within $1,000, I was able to substantiate our July numbers, which were very strong for our revenue. So there is nothing here that that needs to be torn apart as to be all the questions you want to ask. But don't try to tear the budget or our financials apart because we have the proof. We have the proof that we are successful. I want to I want to just quickly share something here. Let me try to share my screen. And this is we got this I think this is it. This is to Tim's question, can you guys see this? Okay, yes, this is the fight of financials from the audit from the 2020 audit. And I tried to highlight it and I can't figure it out. so sorry about that. But this number here inter division receivables KPFA is owed $1.465 million from the other stations. Okay, uh intercompany payables, pra owes 755,000 KPFK owes and this is to like the network or to other stations, which is really us $1.5 million WBAI owes $8.5 million w owes $2.4 million and T owes $918,000. Okay, I can't enlarge it anymore. I'll have to lose half of the screen. The whole point here is that it says see this elimination over here. We are one company we are Pacifica we are multiple entities within Pacifica. So under the umbrella of Pacifica guys, the auditors don't care about that. They don't care that the money came from KPFA or, or even national office because if WBAI owes $8.5 million, they owe to somebody and most of it is owed to Pacifica. So I'm just to answer the question that Carol had before what happens to our budget? When Pacifica says hey, we can't pay our legal bills. You're gonna have to pay it even though it's our fault. You will have to pay it. Um, that helps up our budget because it F's up AR AR AR What do you call it cash flow? So yeah, the best laid plans get totally messed up. So sorry for the you know, for the being upset. And, and yeah, so. But again, my office is always open. My phone is always available. My I'll be happy to talk to anybody. And Frank, I have sat you down and asked you to talk to me to talk to me to talk to me, and you don't. So I don't know what to tell you guys. I'm available ever does. the right people come to me and ask me the right questions. Aki has talked to me. You know, I have I have had my office open in my phone. I've been available. 12 years now. I've been available. And my you know, anyway, Okay, enough.

Thank you, Maria. I would state one. One thing. I think Tim had a question next. And I think that beyond that we're having a question called by Susan de Silva. Um, but before that, let's go ahead and let Tim's been waiting for a while for his question.


Tim Lynch --
That's okay. I do want to say just want to say that what Maria says is absolutely true. Every time I've had a question about numbers for her, I've gotten answers from her. And I do think that since we had some budget workshop time available to us the idea that we are getting a budget this day, and not, you know, never, you know, it was available. And if people didn't look at it, it's on them. I also do want to point out that we could change a budget. So if we decide that, you know, later next month that we miss something, or that's something doesn't look right, we can revisit this budget and change it. But I think it's irresponsible of us to say that, well, k doesn't pass a budget. So we don't have to pass a budget on time, we should pass a budget on time. It's our one. responsibility. And again, as everyone said, it's not set in stone, if we want to change it, we can. So I would like to second the idea of calling this question, please.


12:20 p.m.

Thank you. The question has been called, um, could you take down the screen sharing for now? I'm not sure.

I'm sorry.

Thank you. I would also state that anybody wants to look at the audit, it is posted on the front page of the Pacifica foundation. So if you want to read over the audit, I would encourage you to read over it. Because it's important that people understand that what exactly financial position that Pacifica foundation is in, and the audit will tell you that. So the questions being called, I'm going to ask Carol to roll call for the question.

Yes. So, Sharon, will you write your motion into the chat, please? And right now we're voting on the motion itself to approve the budget. Is that correct?

Um, well, we have to vote on the question because she just made a motion just

in Susan to vote

on the right. We have to vote on calling the questions. What did you

write that into the chat?

I don't think I have to write it into I did write in the class.

You did. He wrote it into the chat. That's why

The question which is okay,

I knew she said it because it was in the chat.

Okay. Sharon Adams? Yes. Sharon? Yes. Daniel Borgström. No, Daniel, no. Jose, are you keeping track? I am. I am. Thank you. Chris Cory? Yes. Chris curry. Yes. Assistant de Silva. Christina Hagen's? Yes. Christina. Yes. James McFadden? No, James No. Aki Tanaka? Oh, yes. Lucky, yes. Tom Voorhees, he's, he's thumbing down. So I'm guessing that so now. Okay, thank you. Carol Wolfley. Yes. Sabrina Jacobs. Sabrina. Yes, yes. For the budget. Thank you. Thank you, Sabrina. Yes. Darlene Pagano? Yes, surely, yes. Tim Lynch. Yes. Yes. Frank Sterling.

Sorry, I lost my mute button. Can I just be clear this is just to end discussion not voting on the budget, right? That's correct. Okay, I'd rather keep discussion going people have any other questions. I would vote no on this part.

Frank No. Jeannine Etter. abstain.

abstain. Philip Maldari Yes. Let's Yes. Donald Macleay saying okay. Ah, Jose. Alright, so that's 10 yeses for nose to abstains. Okay, so much, Carol. Carol. You didn't talk out. there talking? Yes. Okay. Oh, Carol, can you hear me? Yeah, hear me?

Yeah. Andrew is there.

Yes. This is Mark. I'm on the phone link. Oh, I also vote yes. You were on. Thank you and recognize Daria. (Maldari?)

Thank you, Mark. And Andrea is here as well.

And Andrea, thank you. Okay. So then I vote and I vote yes. Thank you. All right.

So that's two thirds, the motion passes, to end the question. Okay. Well, the question. So now we would be voting on the motion to approve the budget. And you want to do a roll call for those. Well, Carol?

Yes. Okay. Sharon, you wrote the motion in to the chat, please. Yes, I did. Thank you. Okay. Sharon Adams. Yes. there and yes. Daniel Borgström. No, I agree with what discussion please.

Yes or No, please. No, no, thank you, Cory.

Yes, yeah. Mark Van Landuyt? Yes. Mark. Yes. Susan de Silva. Yes. Susan? Yes. Christina Hawkins. Yes. Christina. Yes. James McFadden. Oh, James. No, Aki Tanaka. Oh, yes. Yes, yes. Andrea Turner. Yes. Andrea? Yes. Tom Voorhees just good to know again. Okay. Thank you. Tom for his No. Carol hopefully. Yes. Sabrina Jacobs? Yes. Really? Yes. Chris. Darlene Pagano? Yes, Darlene? Yes. Tim Lynch. Yes, Tim. Yes, Frank Sterling. Greg Sterling

Yes -- 12 or 13
No -- 4
Abstain - 2

sorry. This is now the budget.

Yes, yes. Now the budget Yes sir. No.

I'll go Yes.

Frank Sterling Yes. Jeannine Etter. Yes. Shane? Yes. Philip Maldari. Yes, Philip. Yes. Donald Macleay

while abstain

Don Macleay abstain. All right.

Well, I get 14 Yes. Three No. And one abstention. Is that what you get Jose? Yep. So the motion passes to approve the budget. Thank you very much, Maria for your time. Oh, how

many noes was that? Christina?

That was three noes. Is that right? Jose? Correct.

I thought there was two abstentions, Don and Jeannine Etter. No, God, no.

Sorry. Oh, Jeannine voted. Yes. Yes. My mistake. Thank you.


Yes -- 14
No -- 3
Abstain -- 1


12:26 p.m.

Business Mgr. Maria Negret --
Thank you, everybody, for your time. And excuse my passion. I do get pretty passionate about KPFA. I'm very protective about KPFA. If not, I would have been gone long ago. I'm sure he would have. Thank you. guys. Thank you, Sharon. Thank you. Know, thank you, everybody who's on the boards. You know, I can't even imagine Boy, you see me passionate now he can only imagine. If I were on the PNB.

I would mention just one thing as a passing comment is that it really helps to do the workshops to understand what's going on unless you're really a whiz at this kind of stuff. Because I have found there were people who were on the audit committee that didn't even understand what a fiscal year was. So it's very important that people attend the workshops, if you if you really have questions that are pertinent. That's why they offer a couple of different dates. So I would encourage people in the future to attend those workshops. And now we have the KPFA Treasurer's Report.


12:28 p.m.

Treasurer's report by Sharon Adams --
Okay, yeah, thanks. So, um, I will have maybe a couple of slides to share, so I might kind of go, we see something. Yeah, I might go to my screen share, and then come back. I'll see if I can do that. But Okay. Um, okay. So I'm on the NFC, as you know, and the National finance committee, NFP, we just had a meeting on Tuesday, and KPFA finances. Okay, these are the numbers through July 31 of this year. So that's how recent the numbers are. up through that date. July KPFA. finances are once again the best in Pacifica neck network. To paraphrase interim CFO and Nita Simms quote, Pacifica is the reason I mean KPFA is the reason that Pacifica is in the black KPFA is the reason that Pacifica isn't your today KPFA has listener support revenue of $2,971,000. Last year KPFA had listener revenue of 2,011,000. This means that within this last year there has been an increase of over $959,000 year to date since last year and that's in listener support. And then KPFA is net income year to date is positive $530,000. In contrast all other stations except WPFW are losing money as usual. WPFW has a net income of $147,000 year to date at KPFK, which I'm going to speak about a little bit here KPFA KPFK Okay, the Los Angeles station has a net loss of $155,600 year to date. This may not seem that bad, especially considering that WBAI has been running losses you know, for decades. But Pacifica now transmitters, KPFA KPFK's, finances to be a massive crisis. As you may know many KPFK hosts that used to bring in a lot of revenue during fund drives are no longer at KPFK for example, Ian masters left KPFK in protest over how Pacifica management has handled this situation there and of course their general manager. Anyel Zuberi resigned a few months back, so now he could go Hopkirk [?] is on the air only one day a week. This means that many of their primary fund drive generators, the primary revenue generators are no longer at the station. And obviously that means that their fund drives are not going very well. So I'm the NFC, the National finance committee is having an executive session next week to discuss their finances. And this is my opinion, I believe that maybe to talk about personnel reduction. KPFK is in prices. International executive director, Lydia Brazon, basically took $6,000, as Maria, I think mentioned, took $6,000 from KPFA, to cover payroll at KPFK because they could not make payroll, then she took another $13,000 from the affiliates to cover KPFK payroll. So and there's apparently not really any plan to cover the next upcoming payroll, which, as you know, comes around in just a couple of weeks. KPFT The Texas station is also another negative situation, they have a net loss year to date of $47,800. Okay, all of the numbers for all of the stations include the PPP funds received during the current fiscal year. Okay, and finally, the largest continuing debtor of Pacifica Of course, WBAI. Here. I do want to do a little screen share. Hold Shift tight. Let's see. Can you guys see that one? No. Okay, I don't know. Basic share. Oh, I have to share here. Yes. Okay. From the independent audits showing the situation of each station and of course, the largest financial problem over there is WBAI. Okay, I think that works for you anyway, to read about what I have here. WBAI continues its decade long, operating at a loss draining money from Pacifica. This means that KPFA donors have been supporting WBAI for decades for a decade, since money from our donors is used to cover bi expenses just like they just took money from our account to cover the KPFK shortfall.

So WBAI has a negative year to date loss of $26,000. This is compared to last year, when WBAI had a total negative loss of $235,000. This year, WBAI loss is smaller because they have received a $200,000 bequest and also they got $126,000 of PPP money, which is just income. So with the $326,000 of extra income, they still are operating at a loss of $26,000. Okay, um, the KPFA property tax Quincy and Maria mentioned this, the saga continues. You may remember that red has been filed to amend section eight of the articles of incorporation to bring the wording in line with what is required by the California Franchise Tax Board and the Board of Equalization. Okay, maybe I should have just kept my screen share going. Um, let's see. I don't know I can't quite do it anyway. Basically, they have to amend the articles of incorporation. The writ was supposed to be heard in August, it was set for hearing date, but it was put off and as far as I know, nothing has happened on the writ. Today Pacifica has taken over $70,000 from KPFA. I believe Maria said 76,000 from KPFA to cover the legal fees associated with his ongoing failure to solve the problem. Okay, to clarify, one point that some like to obfuscate to spare KPFA management KPFA never, ever was delinquent on any property tax payment. KPFA was never delinquent. Back in 2013. When this all started, no payment was ever delinquent before KPFA lost the property tax exemption. So what happened was this as anyone who owns Real Property knows the property tax is due in February. That's when the bill says it. But it becomes delinquent sometime later, I think April. And pretty much every homeowner that I know and all real property owners pay the property taxes at the deadline, not on the due date in February, but at the deadline. And that's what happened here. The property when Maria went to pay the property taxes, that's when she filled out the form that had the name change. So epic that's why that issue really should people that do that are just trying to obfuscate what happened To make KPFA the only station the station that is keeping Pacifica alive to quote the interim CFO, they tried to malign the management of KPFA I don't know why. Um, anyway to get back to the main point at this point, the point is that the article eight of the bylaws needs to be amended to regain the KPFA property tax exemption. That's what needs to happen. Okay, amend the articles. The bylaws provide a procedure to correct the articles in situations like this. Article eight tene of the bylaws provides it the PNB can take action to amend the articles of incorporation. The PNB could have used this procedure rather than spending 10s of 1000s of dollars on attorneys fees for something that still is not done. For this reason I make the following motion. I move that the KPFA LSB demand that the Pacifica national board use the procedure set forth in the bylaws article 18 to amend the Pacifica articles of incorporation to include the language required by the California Board of Equalization to obtain an organizational clearance certificate. That's I'll write this in the chat. And that the KPFA LSB demands that the Pacifica national board direct that KPFA be credited or repaid the cost of the attorney's fees taken by Pacifica from KPFA. His account to resolve property, real property or licenses pursuant to the bylaws article three, section five, so I'll put that in the chat. That's my motion.

Thank you. Do I have a second? on the motion? Here? Oh, thank you, Chris. Seconded. And discussion. Jose did Chris I think Chris had his hand up first. Is that right? Correct. Thank you. Go ahead, Chris.


12:38 p.m.

Chris Cory --
Okay, I just wanted to add, briefly to Sharon's points about KPFK. I am I've you KPFK is the most dangerous threat to Pacifica at this juncture, just because of the amount of bleeding that's taking place there. It is the it's KPFK is only operationally cash positive during fundraise right now, meaning that every day that they're not in fund drive, they're losing money. And they are losing approximately $600,000 a year, which I think we can all agree is not a sustainable path forward for the organization. And represents a threat to KPFA if you choose to view it that way in that the only resources that are available to fund that gap would have to come from either WPFW or KPFA. So the what the unfortunate part of the audit is that the money received through PPP is masking some of these losses. For example, KPFK received $350,000 in PPP funds. So their actual loss is not 150,000. If you view the PPP funds as an extraordinary source of income, which it very well should be reporting currently. So the real problem here is that I don't see a solution for KPFK. That doesn't involve increasing revenue. And there doesn't appear to be any plan for how to do that right now. So I'm deeply concerned with what's going on at KPFK. deeply concerned. Thank you.

Thank you. Do I have other questions? I don't see any answer. No. See, none I've worked through we'll be voting on the motion that has been seconded now. And the motion is.

I have a question.

It's Phil it go ahead Phil.

Philip Maldari --
I hesitate to bring it up because it's too scary. But on the air, we always say your fully tax deductible contributions to KPFA Am I right to conclude that Last since 2013, KPFA and Pacifica has not been a tax deductible charity and consequently all those promises to listeners are erroneous.

I tried to

answer Go ahead, sir.


Treasurer Sharon Adams --
Um, okay, I first want to say what I was just talking about Philip was the property tax issue, or No? Okay. So property taxes separate. Okay. Now, as far as I understand it, okay, I am not a tax attorney. And this is not advice. Okay. But as far as I understand it, the Pacifica is a 501 c three, which is on the federal, the federal level, and I do believe Pacifica has maintained its federal nonprofit status. Yes. And so for that reason, because taxes are a federal issue. I do believe that's correct. And I haven't heard anything to the contrary to that. But again, I am not a tax advisor. Okay, well,

that that's a relieving. Even if it's coming from someone that is not a lawyer,

or a lawyer, you are aware, she just,

I was putting the disclaimer.

Chair Christina Huggins --
She's a lawyer, she just got a tax attorney. I mean, I my understanding is the last time I checked that we were, we were we did lose for a period of time, our tax exempt status with the Franchise Tax Board of the state of California, but my understanding is that it was restored. So as of now I believe we are out of the woods in that but for the for the moment, we're okay. So that would be my answer. So I guess we would be on the vote now. And do we want to read what we're voting on again, so people are clear about it?


Treasurer Sharon Adams --
I okay. I think maybe I'm the way I move that. Okay. These are demands that we will send up to the PNB Okay, so do you want me to just read it again? Yes. Be clear. Okay. And it is in the chat. That KPFA LSB demands that the Pacifica national board use the procedure set forth in the bylaws article 18 to amend the Pacifica articles of incorporation to include the language required by the California Board of Equalization to obtain an organizational clearance certificate period. That's the end of my motion. Just to clarify, that's what's needed. Okay, if you get the property tax exemption, organizational clearance, Okay, the next part is the next part of the is part of the motion is the KPFA LSB demands that the Pacifica national board direct that KPFA be credited or repaid with the costs of attorneys fees taken by Pacifica from KPFA account to resolve this property tax issue. Okay, and then the third demand is this. The KPFA LSB demands that Pacifica holder membership vote before the sale, exchange, transfer or encumbrance of any more specific as real property or licenses pursuant to the bylaws. article three, section five.


Chair Christina Huggins --
Thank you, Sharon. discussion, Jose, is that I see a hand up is correct, James, and then Franklin. Thank you. Go ahead, James. Oh,

James McFadden --
is there a reason these have to be a single motion? Can we have this be three separate motions?

Understand from the motion that there are two elements to the motion rather than three? Is that correct? Carol? I mean, Sharon. I'm, I'm not sure what he means by three, there's

three because I had three bullet points. You might say Oh,

okay. Well, that would be you can the motion has all three. So I mean, if you want to make an amendment to separate that would be an option.

Barrel for the stack.

James, if you make such a motion, I will second it.

I make a motion to separate the three bullets and do a separate motion score to the stack briefly. Thank you. So it's been moved and seconded the amended have nine

Can I just accept that?

Sharon Adams --
I don't I don't mind voting on them separately if that will save time.

Okay, that will save time.


Yeah, go ahead.

Well, I was gonna say I think the proper language is motion.

Okay, motion to divide then. But she's accepted it so the motion to divide is not necessary because the person presenting the motion is fine with it. Okay. So which one first Sharon I think It would be the

let's go in order.

Okay. So let's clarify

read the first one. Just the first one. Yes. Just the first one. Okay. I move that the KPFA LSB demands that the Pacifica national board, use the procedure set forth in the bylaws article 18 to amend the Pacifica articles of incorporation to include the language required by the California Board of Equalization to obtain an organizational clearance certificate period. That's the end of the motion just to repeat again, that's what's needed to regain the property tax exemption.

Thank you. So Do I have a second on the motion as divided? Brechin, Andrea, thank you, Andrea. So do we want to go ahead and do a roll call vote Carol?

Yes. Sharon Adams. Yes. Sharon. Yes. Daniel Borgström. abstain. Daniel abstain. Chris Cory. Yes. This Yes, Mark Van Landuyt? Mark. Yes. Susan de Silva. Yes. Susan? Yes. Christina Huggins. Yes, Christina. Yes. James McFadden. Yes, on this one. JPS Aki Tanaka? Yes, Aki. Yes. Andrea Turner? Yes. Andrea? Yes. Tom Voorhees.

As Yes.

Oh, yes. Okay. Tom? Yes. Carol Wolfley? Yes. Sabrina Jacobs? Yes. Yes. Yes. Darlene Pagano. Yes. Darlene? Yes. Tim Lynch. Yes. Yes. Frank Sterling? Yes. Frank Yes. Jeannine Etter? Yes. Jeannine? Yes. Philip Midori. Yes. Phillip. Yes. Donald Macleay.


Yes --17
No -- 0
Abstain -- 1

Okay, good. I should go on to the second motion.

Well, let's clarify. The first motion passes then I've got 16 Yes. And one abstention. Is that what you have Jose? I have 17 yeses and one. Okay. I must have missed one. Okay. So 17 yeses, one abstention. Correct. Okay, thank you. Okay, then to the next motion place. Okay.

Um, KPFA LSB demands that the Pacifica national board direct that KPFA be credited or repaid with the costs of attorneys fees taken by Pacifica from KPFA his account to resolve this property tax issue.

I have a second.

Yes. Second, Carol.

Thank you. Okay, let's go ahead and conduct the vote on this one, please. Carol.

Okay. Sharon Adams. Yes, Sharon. Yes. Daniel Borgström. No, Daniel. No,

Frank Sterling --
I'm sorry. This is Franklin. I would just wondering, is there no discussion on the second one? I was just curious if that was happening, or if it's just straight to the vote. Does anybody not have any

you had discussion? We're in the vote now.

Yeah, okay. I just wasn't sure since we separated them that we were gonna have discussion on each

motion before they were separated, actually. Thank you. Go ahead. Yes, Cory? Yes.

Chris. Yes. Susan de Silva. Oh, I'm sorry, Mark Van Landuyt. Mark, are you there? Okay, we'll come back as Susan de Silva. Yes. Susan? Yes. Christina Huggins. Yes, Christina. Yes. James McFadden. No, James No. Aki Tanaka? Yes. Mikey? Yes. Andrea Turner. Yes. Really? Yes. Tom Voorhees
saying no.

No. Carol Wolfley Yes. I'm Sabrina Jacobs. Yes,

yes. Darlene Pagano. Yes. Tim Lynch. Yes. Jim. Yes. Frank Sterling.
Sorry. I'll just abstain on this one for now. I'm kind of curious about the rest of it. So.

Okay. Jeannine Etter.

I'm sorry, I was muted. abstain.

Jeannine abstain. Philip Maldari? Yes. Philip? Yes. Donald Macleay

Hello, no,

no, no. No. Okay.

I have 11 Yes. For no and two abstentions. Do we? Mark? Mark Van Landuyt?

Mark, are you there? Okay. Let me ask for no two abstentions.

Yes - 11
No -- 4
Abstain -- 2

That's what you got Jose? Correct. Okay, the Motion passes. Third motion. Again, please. Sharon.


Sharon Adams --
Um, KPFA LSB demands that Pacifica hold a membership vote before the sale, exchange, transfer or encumbrance of any more of Pacifica's real property or licenses. Pursuant to the bylaws article three section? Actually, you know, I'm just gonna say no, it's going to be this. The KPFA LSB demands that Pacifica holds a membership vote before the sale exchange transfers, or encumbrance of any more Pacifica as real property or licenses. I'll put this revised one in this shot in the

chest. Thank you,

Chairman or jack for a moment. Yes.


Christina? Yeah. Can you hear me? Yeah, I can hear you. No. So I am. I just want to say that I think the second motion the way we had it drafted, it doesn't, it doesn't really stand on its own very well, without specifying the property tax issue that's in the first motion. So I, before I present, I'll present this to the PNB if the body will allow for that are requested. But I would suggest that strongly suggests that we preamble or something, the description of the property. You know, this the description, which adds context to that motion, this, the third one stands on its own really well, and so does the first one. But I think the second one needs a little bit of help.


are you making a motion?

I'm not sure how to do this, that I'm actually inquiring with the chair as to what I should do.

I'm trying to understand what exactly the context is. Because I mean,

I think the motions already passed by

that, but I mean, I think that, that I don't know, it's clear to me, maybe it's just me that it's all the money that the board has spent on this that they could have all along, just voted on for the 2020 amendment of the bylaws that allows for this process to be used.

I think it's the I think it's the word this. Hang on a second.

If I can comment, I do agree. It's somewhat vague, as Chris says with just when it stands on its own, but I think maybe adding a preamble is fine, or just an explanation at the front. I don't think we shouldn't get too hung up on this.

But I'm just I'm just basically as you as the drafter. Particularly, I'm just asking for your permission to add that context.

Yes, absolutely. I agree with you. I agree. It doesn't totally make sense without the first one being attached, like as they were put together as they were put together, right? Yes. So yeah,

I agree. I'll work I'll work with you on it, then. If that's no, if there's no objection from the rest of the board.

Okay, so I will ask if there's any objection from the rest of the board? I don't have any objection. So I don't see any problem with it. I think the only person with their hand up and I think it was for question to Susan de Silva. And that's just for question. Not an objection. sec. Correct. Susan.

I want to make a comment about the amendment that Sharon made to the number three, because this but if the if it's not timing at all,

yeah. I just want to Be sure that you don't have an objection. If you don't, then Chris. The board's the body's fine with it. Okay. Point of information, Madam Chair. Yes. disagree. So

I'm not quite understanding the Second Amendment is what is going to be discussed between Sharon and Chris, is that going to be coming to the floor today or later at a later

date? Well, if the motion passed is worded, but they're going to just put a preamble for context

is my opinion it's happening today.

Right? Right point of

thinking, Oh, that's not happening today. Sabrina, they're just gonna work on it, and then they're going to add it for when Chris presents it to the board,

since she moved motion, Sharon's willing to work with Chris to add the context.

Okay, so that's when we go to the PNB got it.

Like maybe to add motivation or

what how I phrase it. That makes sense. Thank you. Thank you, Sabrina. Thank you. Thank you, sir. And if I'm right Jose, I see Susan de Silva stand up for being next Is that right? Correct.

I would just like to ask Sharon to not change it the way she just said where she dropped the fact that the bylaws are what it says right in the bylaws that they can't sell real property without going to emotion Okay,

I okay, I accept that friendly amendment I'll I'll I'll put it back in Susan I accept that okay.

Okay, so now we're voting on the third motion. So I'm another roll call I guess you want to read the motion once again, or did you already do that I'm losing my

voice I'm sorry. This is Frank is there no discussion on this one? Because this one I feel like is the more interesting one I would use that word I guess. I don't know. Does anybody want to have discussion on this one? That's my thought.

If people want to discuss it then we can discuss it

or we'd like to discuss it okay. Maybe I should start Yeah, I like the idea because it's a check and balance I don't know if it's an effective or efficient check and balance just the nature of you know all member votes and I think our last member vote had a real low participation is there any other way we could get a check and balance because definitely we want to just say that a major decision like that needs to have a larger consensus of the of the movement to the Pacifica moment as a whole so I'm just looking for maybe more efficient ideas or some other way to make sure that you know the board just can't unilaterally sell something and not have that idea reviewed and if needed rejected.

Thank you. Darren, would you share what the bylaws reflect to that and I think that that would be the answer to the question because that promotion is based on what it states in the directly in the bylaws correct Sharon?

You want me to read the bylaws I just give me a minute to find that Okay. Sure. It is in the bylaws.

Right so it's Yeah, that's what I was gonna comment on can answer to Don's question is, this is not an unused This is already called for in the bylaws. But we're asking the board, we're just putting the board on notice that they have to do it because they didn't do it with knock upon.

Correct. So it's more pro forma. Then trying to add something, it's just reiterating what is already provided by the bylaws that if you're going to sell all or substantially all of the properties and there's already been one property sold. My understanding is they're on the verge of selling another property in Texas, and I don't believe that there's any plan yet for a backup for where that particular studio will be moved to or plan for how to use the money. So there's a lot of concern for our brothers and sisters that KPFT in particular, but it should concern all of us that real property is being sold without following the bylaws. That's my comment. I think that I think Susan, were you through with your comments or did you did you have Marcus it was still your next I guess.

I just wanted to say that the membership is interested in voting they the last election was more people voted than ever before on the on the bylaws that passed through the membership and they are More and more, the listenership is more and more engaged in questions like this.

Thank you. Jose, would you call the next person? Carol is next.

Thank you. So one of my concerns. So one of my questions, and this is to the PNB members, you're able to speak on it. And that is on, I, it's my understanding that there was some severe mold issues with the KPFT building that had to do with some flooding and neglect. And so then that building is no longer habitable, and there was a plan. One of my concerns about the sale of the building was the process by which the building was being sold. And the other issue would be how, where would the money go with the money from the sale of the KPFT building, be going to KPFT to buy a new building? Or would that money be going to pay down the debt for WBAI incurred problems on the on the loan, so um, so I don't know where that and how this issue would be related to that, but I would want to say my, my most pressing and urgent concern is the KPFA building, and also the KPFK building in the archives that are housed there. I mean, if that if that T building needed to be sold, I have less concerned about that, because it's not habitable. But if the KPFA building, you know, if there are huge layoffs going on, and some of the stations have not been able to change their programming and do what they need to do to improve, and they continue to have ongoing deficits, then that could again, impact on KPFA. And so I wonder if there is it, I just want to ask about how the situation that Texas is related to this
balance here, I can answer that.

Or part of it.
Sabrina I can answer part of Carol, Carol's question, read if you can answer it, go ahead. Okay, so as far as he's been taking space, you do not even know yourself. Thanks. Anyway. Thank you. So yeah, as far as the KPFT building and the selling of that land at this point, because like you said, Carol, it is uninhabitable? Um, we don't know we there has been minimal transparency in regards to what FJC? Or how much or what percentage of GC will take in order to, to cover the loan. So we're in the dark on the PNB. On if anybody else that's on the PNB knows a little bit more. Maybe Mr. Tom Voorhees could say something. Um, but we're in the dark. If we're at the same meetings, we're in the dark, as far as what FJC would ask for, as far as the percentage of that sale of that land since the building is uninhabitable.

Thank you, Sabrina.

Is there another question, or is there another part to your question? I think a lot of it was comment right here. Oh,

yeah, no, that's the main thing that I'm I must express my concern that directors on the PNB are not being given information about the process of the sale of a major asset. And

if I may, Madam Chair, I can drill down a little bit more. The answer that we've been given is, I don't feel and I'm not going to attribute this quote to anybody. But what we've been told is that, quote, I don't feel that FJC would do anything bad as far as Pacifica is concerned. In quote, that's a paraphrase. all I'm gonna say about it. Thank you, Madam Chair.

Why interest is not a good thing. Thank you.

That's the

Thank you. Exactly. Welcome



Franklin is next.

Franklin, go ahead.

Frank Sterling --
Yeah, I think Carol kind of already mentioned it, that the building is what I've been hearing in. I'd also recommend that while I'm talking that people sign on to the Pacifica listener forum, which is a conference call that happens with Pacifica members, board members or whoever, why I think they were, were they called candidates. So yeah, Pacifica listener forums where they were talking about it, and basically people from all over the network. And what I had heard in one of the Pacifica or Pacifica listener forums was that the building too was uninhabitable. And that I don't remember exactly, I did take some notes, but unfortunately, I did not save them on a document when I restarted my computer. But yeah, it came down to the, the, the habitability of the building. And there was also some discussion about like, how much of the, the money would be used, like what we were talking about today. So I'm just real quick before I get off of the mic here is that you could send an email to Pacifica listener forum, no es Pacifica listener And they will send you the conference call phone number for the Pacifica listener forums when they happen. And that's just another good way to listen to people from the other stations, which is how I heard about what Carol had mentioned. So yeah, I'd be curious to see what the bylaws say, because I understand this is part of the bylaws, and that there was some concern about NACA bond, and also that the building that we're discussing now, in Houston. So, yes, I just wanted to mention that Carol kind of mentioned at first. So yeah, I would like to continue this discussion, talking about the bylaws, what they mean, what they say, how they're interpreted by us, regarding the sale of the property, I know the licenses are really clear. So yeah, I'm looking forward to more discussion to help make an informed vote here. So I see, James and Chris are going to speak and I usually appreciate that information. And I've seen some discussion in the chat. That would be interesting to take up about this topic.

I would just state that my problem with it is that the opaqueness of it, and that there's a contract that they refuse to allow the Pacifica national board members to review with some agent who's going to be selling the property. It's not the habitability of the building that we have a problem with, it's the process. And the fact that this would be the second building sold that is collateralized to the $3.25 million loan, that would be got rid of and that would leave two buildings, which would be KPFA, and KPFK. And that would be all or substantially all of the property and that the bylaws state that the membership should be able to vote on it, you can review that in the bylaws is this all or substantially all? That will that would be a substantial amount of the buildings. And that's what the motion is reflecting. So I think the next person, James could you know, was is it James? Is that correct?

Jose, this is James, and then Sharon, and then Chris.

Thank you. Go ahead, James. me.

James McFadden --
So I just I'm looking at this article three, section five, where it says all members shall have the rights granted to them by the law or by these bylaws, including without limits the right to vote on the terms and the matters set forth in the bylaws on the election and removal of delegates on the sale and is the key one on the sale, exchange, transfer or disposition of all, or substantially all of the foundation's assets. And I think it's written that way. Because you want to give the management, the executive director and his staff at the national level, you want to give them some leeway to move money around to exchange or transfer. That's significant and you don't but you don't want to give them the chance to basically got the whole network, which was what it sounded like was trying to was attempted back in the 90s. And so I think this, you know, but if you said you had to have an election every time you wanted to transfer any asset, I mean, I think that would be just that would that would basically mean that we have to have an election every time there's something that needs to be shuffled around and we don't want to completely restrict management. level where you have to have an election each time because elections are costly. So the issue is, if you're going to do something like this, you got to get the wording. Right. And I don't know, looking at this, you know, having had a few minutes only to look at this motion. You know, normally we would hear a motion, you know, several days before a meeting. So we could think about, you know, the repercussions of it, rather than it just been put on us at the meeting. That we want to get the wording right in it, and that just a little bit concerned about this, you know, it is real property, you know, what does Real Property essence I'm not a lawyer, I don't know if that has a specific meeting, meaning But does that mean also mean? Any equipment? That's, you know, that might be outdated, you know, but can you sell it? is real property only land visiting only land and buildings, real estate? And? And do you want to make it to cancel any land and real estate? Or is it jersey, do you want to leave the language as it is, which is substantially all, you know, so if there was some small piece of property, and it and it was a good business decision to sell it, because the price was really, really high? And you could, and you could move those functions that that building serves somewhere else that's much, much cheaper? You know, and it's made a lot of business sense to do that. You know, what, you know, do you have to have an election to do that? And then, you know, and involve all the you know, all the members are they really know what's going on? Or do you says this, what you mean, to me that there's always talk about, you know, we want to give management some control? This seems to be, you know, kind of going, you know, it sounds like we're trying to create a generality that's the deal with this specific concern by members that that they're going to sell some building of KPFA. And, and you really want to make sure that the whatever comes out of this is not written that it just binds the hands of it.

Chair Christina Huggins --
Yeah, thank you. I mean, I we get your point, I'm just to clarify that we're for buildings now there are, if they sell to you, there will be too and we don't know there's an opaqueness surrounding the process. That's my problem with it. And it's an interpretation of the bylaws. We're not trying to create something. It's a clarification of what did the bylaws mean, when you're selling property to have the buildings? And then there were two, it is substantially it's a substantial amount. That's my perception. I think Chris is next. Is that correct? Sharon is next and

then I'm sorry,

Sharon. Go ahead, Sharon.


Treasurer Sharon Adams --
I can't raise my hand. So I have to put it in chat in the back of it. No, thank you. Thank you. Um, so um, I want to adjust some of the points. First, I just want to say that was amazing, typically red herring argument to somehow say that when it says real property, it means equipment. I mean, it's kind of astounding to hear somebody make that kind of statement that allegedly, you know, has an advanced degree, I mean, has an advanced degree is astounding to hear that kind of statement. But anyway, leaving that aside, the bylaws do say substantially all in as Christina was trying to make the point, the real estate, all of it substantially all of it will be sold, if the KPFA building is solved, or the KPFK building and that is why we are asking for this because that is kind of where this all is heading. And just to remind people of the Grace Aaron plan that was circulated when she was proposing that everybody go for this $3.2 million loan deal with FJC, I did include the sale of basically substantially all of the real estate of Pacifica that was part of her plan. So I think we can understand and assume that that plan is being implemented. And that is why we are calling for this vote at this time. Um,

and I think somebody says something about gutting the network. Yes, that's what's happening. Oh, yeah. James McFadden said that about oh, that's what happened in the 90s. No, that's what's happening right now. KPFT, the Texas station is going to be homeless station list, it's not going to have a place to exist anymore after the sale happens. And there's been no preparation to you know, they're going to sell their building and there's nothing being said to them, like, Oh, well lease you this will get you this space. Nothing. Okay, so um, that seems like a pretty substantial sale if you're one of your stations is going to be homeless. So anyway, that's just what I wanted to say on those points.

Thank you, Chris. Thank you. Go ahead, Chris.

Chris Cory --
Thank you. First of all, I wanted to say that I believe that for several months now the PNB has actually had access to that loan agreement. I had a copy, because I was actually sitting on the board when that loan was adopted. So I've had it for quite some time. The discussion of the sale of the KPFT property has been done quite extensively at the PNB. But it's all been in closed session. So that's why you haven't heard anything about it is because there's just a ton of bickering behind the scenes going on about it. And as far as the apportionment is concerned, I agree with what Sharon said that it's impossible to say that, and I made this point repeatedly at the PNB. And actually, Arthur has argued with me on this, I just, I don't understand why he would, but the, the lender can actually demand whatever the hell they want on this. I mean, they might choose to be nice about it, and proportionate out the way that the we had a motion that went through the PNB, about sale of property or bequests, any large receipt of funds to individual stations, and whether it applies to this building or not, isn't yet another matter for discussion. But how FJC chooses to treat this, if they were, if they're being nice, they would treat it according to the provisions of the loan, which would mean that the station would get a portion of those funds. But if they're not being nice, then the station will get none of it. You know, so I don't know what to tell you on that. And I don't think anybody sensible, would be making any statements about with any certainty at this juncture, it really is up to the lender. And finally, KPFT has no habitable space, currently. So the fact that they won't have any in the future is not really much of a change for them. You know, they are definitely looking into it, and how to resolve that issue, and hoping for funds to come from the National to take care of that. But I just want to, I want everybody to keep that in mind that, you know, nobody's in that station right now, because it is currently not habitable. And so that's, that's where the issue stands now and where it is likely to stand for the foreseeable future. Hopefully, it'll get resolved quickly after the sale of the building. Thank you.


So I have a quick question for you, Chris. So I knew you'd seen the long papers. But are you saying that you have seen the contract with the real estate agent that because my understanding was a real estate person have volunteered to do the sale for free, but they're going to rather than that pay $60,000 for someone else to sell it? And that was a concern for me. So have you seen the contract with the real estate agent?


Chris Cory --
I haven't. But I think that I'm safe to discuss a certain aspect of it. And that's that this free thing is not really true. I mean, there's some complexities associated with the contract itself. I haven't seen it. Okay, so this is all going off of verbal. But the free thing had to do there's a seller's happen a buyers half of any individual real estate sale and what the free proposal was that that they the real estate firm in question would waive? I guess the buyers half or whatever, whatever portion that they could, you know, in other words, they're still making money on this. They're just going to make it or the seller south, I guess, yeah, they'd waived the seller, tough weather. The current real estate agent would waive that, in light of the fact that we've already listed it with them as another matter entirely. I don't know I can't I can't answer those questions, either. Because this is a matter for legal not for the PNB or for myself. So I haven't been able to do anything other than listen to this discussion at the national level.

Thank you, Chris. I appreciate it. And Jose, you went?

Yeah. Daniel Borgström. Go ahead.


Daniel Borgström --
Yes. Initially, this motion did seem like a good idea to me. But as I hear the discussion, I realized that this clarification is just going to add a lot more fog and confusion to the whole thing. It's going to make things more complex and not help. Therefore I oppose it.

Thank you. Do you have any other hands raised with that?

Carol for this stack?

I don't think anybody else's arrow for this
stack. Right. But I have Carol and, Sharon, I wonder if you would accept a friendly amendment that would be accepted as a friendly amendment. The KPFA LSB demands that Pacifica hold a membership Vote before the sale, exchange transfer or encumbrance of any KPFA. property, building or property, real property or licensed pursuant to bylaws article three, section five. So to change Pacifica as real property to KPFA real property.

No, I don't accept that because they say that not KPFA doesn't own any real property. It's all Pacifica as which is actually true. I see.

Madam Chair. Point of inquiry is Yeah. And through the chair, Carol mentioned that KPFT, houses are archived KPFK. Okay, thank you.

And Phillip is next.

Well, we can't hear you.

Philip Maldari --
Yeah, I just, I looked up on Zillow what the value of the Lovett Boulevard property in Houston is. And they say 1.2 million. And I'm probably the only person on this call that's ever actually been in this building. When I was on the board, back in 1990. And, again, the building itself is worthless, but the neighborhood is really up and coming. Yeah, it's a point three acres, it's a chunk of land in a fancy, fancy neighborhood. So just for your information. And of course, they have their satellite dish in the backyard of this house. So I don't know where their satellite dishes gonna live. If they have rental property, I mean, our satellite dishes up at the transmitter. So again, just for your information. I don't know if all of this has been thought through. But 1.2 million, which by Bay Area standards doesn't sound like that much. But in Houston, that's real money.

Yes. Thank you, Tim Lynch.


Tim Lynch --
As I listened to this, I just wonder, since the building is uninhabitable. And that's what everybody seems to agree on. And the end the property is worth money. Maybe it's in our everybody's interest to let it be sold. And for us to focus on other properties within Pacifica's portfolio. In other words, if they I mean, if we don't want to force specific into a place where they have to keep bad property, right. So on the one hand, we don't want the place gutted, we certainly don't want a thing like Nakapon repeated. But on the other hand, if we have a bad asset on the books, and we can we can cash it out. Why would help me understand why we would want to prevent that.

You want to respond, Sharon?


Sharon Adams --
Okay, I guess I wasn't actually thinking about the Texas property to be honest, because I thought it was already in process. When I wrote that motion. I was thinking of future properties. So um, maybe we want to exclude that one. I don't know I kind of thought that sale was already under contract or something, I guess because you know, everything's mysterious. So that was my thought was beyond the Texas property.
could make that explicit, perhaps in the motion.


Sharon Adams --
Yeah, maybe I could do that.
Could be the other two properties because if they sell another two properties, that would definitely be substantially all or all. That would conform to the bylaws, verbiage. The thing that bothers me I'll put myself on stack here is the opaqueness of the process that we don't really know what the contract really is for the real estate people that we don't know where how they're going to where they're going to get the satellite dish and my understanding is Chris you might know is that they have not done a reappraisal of the property in the appraisal less was done. years ago. Is that correct? Chris? Right.

Yeah, there's a there's nothing appraisal and process right now to answer that question, oh, good, saintly and I don't believe it's complete.


Chair Christina Huggins --
Okay, thank you. So did you want to amend your except a friendly amendment to your motion Sharon


Sharon Adams --
to exclude? Yes, I'm trying to do that I'm trying to work to put it in that so let me just work on that for a second.


Christina Huggins --
Yeah, and we do have public comments on maybe starting time certain at 130 correct. Um,
well, while you're writing the friendly amendment up did is Don Macleay have something to say is that correct, Jose or Yeah, Don?

Next. Go ahead.

Don. Yeah, I mean, okay,

Don Macleay --
I'm not sure why we would write out Texas if it's actually the first example of what we were talking about. And if I understand the, the motion what Sharon is suggesting is that we tell the national board we don't want the sales of these kinds of things without getting an approval of the larger community. So why shouldn't they get an approval for selling tests It doesn't mean that we like or don't like one idea or another it's just that the idea the proposal to sell this building shouldn't be brought to our community as a whole I mean if that's what I'm understanding what you're saying


Treasurer Sharon Adams --
I guess what I would say is Excuse me but I just jumped in there but only because I understand the reality which is you know for doing the membership you know, actually john you just convinced me that Yeah, I should not change so no, I'm confused maybe we just put this off I don't know but um, because what I was thinking was based on what people have said it does seem like even Texas is kind of like yeah it's going the buildings going I know because I'm on the NFC so I do hear well at least from two people from Texas not everyone um and so yeah, mentally I guess in my mind like just to repeat what I said I in my mind, I thought, oh, that contract I somehow thought the contract had already been signed. But now I understand. Yes, it has not been sold. So I don't know. Maybe we should postpone this one. I'm not sure
you can answer the
question john.

Tim Lynch --
Why I raised about Texas is because it My understanding is that the buildings on inhabitable anyway and then T is already out. So why force a membership vote or force a delay of sale of, of something that we can get cash for that's otherwise worthless to us. So that's that was my concern about hampering a sale, Texas.

Thank you, Tim. I think that if I'm right and correct me if I'm wrong, Jose, selfless. Next.

Correct. I just want to say it's not two properties. It's three transmitter. It's a chunk of real estate that's worth real money. And in my more depraved moments, I imagined building condos on the transmitter to save us all from financial disaster. pod those are the transmitter is still an option. So I do imagine that if you've ever been up there, it's got a fabulous view.

Yeah, well, the land is more valuable than anything to Yes. Yes.

Did you want to delay it for the next meeting so we can re examine the particulars. Sharon?

Let's do that. So we can have a two minute break before public comment. Yes. Okay. Okay.


Chair Christina Huggins --
Okay. So we will withdraw the motion. We'll put postpone the motion till our next meeting so it can be re examined and
Philip with slots to
Philip. Go ahead.

Philip Maldari --
No, I said what I had to say. Oh, okay, Candace(???). Thank you. Maybe I should make a motion about building condos on the train, please.


Christina Huggins --
Oh, my God. Okay. Well, we have public comments coming right up and, Carol, are you there? Carol Wolfley
Yeah, I wondered, would you? Would you take over for me for a moment I need I need to step away for just a minute.

Carol Wolfley --
Oh, I need to step away too. Is anybody else can? Can we just take a two minute break?
Well, it's not great. Let's just do it. Come on. Okay. And then we'll be back.

Okay. Okay, great. Well, just leave everything open just two minutes.


Jose, can you ask people to sign up for public comments if they want to?

They just heard you so yes. Anyone wants to sign up for public comments, raise your hand. If you can raise your hand. Let me know

Hey guys, Sam.

And again, if you'd like to be put on stack for public comments, go ahead and raise your hand. If you can't raise your hand, for whatever reason, go ahead and let me know in the chat, and I'll add you to the stack.

And for those joining us on a phone line, if you'd like to raise your hand and you can press star nine, and you'll be put on stack.


This is Carol, I am asking anybody who has just joined for public comments, please sign up by being you can sign up on the chat or by raising your hand.

Say Are you there?

Yes, I'm here. Now are you getting a list? I'm not seeing people raising their hands on my computer. But are you?

Yeah, I see them and I and I have a list as well as requests that have come in the chat.

How many you have

eight, eight people on stack? Okay, do Colin I do have you.



Carol Wolfley --
Okay, so we have eight people. And I just wanted to say that our usual process for public comments is to have any people who are we want to give priority to KPFA members. And this is our budget meeting today. So we are talking a lot about finances and we especially appreciate people who would like to contribute about issues about finances and KPFA and, of course, you're welcome to stay for the PNB Or to go to and listen to the finance report, the budget, the budget that we had today that we voted on. So um, I think we should go ahead and start. And Sharon, are you there? Can you time people for two minutes? Yep. Okay, thank you and Jose, Jose will call on people. I'm starting with the first person and you will hear a Sharon, will you make a sound or, or interrupt yet two minutes? Yep. Okay, thank you.

Elizabeth Milos is first.


1:36 p.m.

Elizabeth Milos --
Yes, thank you. Thank you so much. Yes, this goes directly towards money.
Given that the last removed promotion was to follow the bylaws and give members the right to vote over the dispensation of assets.

Would this LSB be willing to censure the members on this LSB board for repeatedly trying to put Pacifica in receivership via lawsuits and appeals, circumventing the same bylaws that you are talking about?

That's one question. The next is in the realm of reimbursement to KPFA by the PNB. Who will reimburse WBAI for the last lost revenue from being illegally closed down during the fund drive? and the legal fees to get them reopened?

Number three is business manager beforehand, berated LSB member for asking for budget in advance. The LSB has a right to this. Also, she should have notified the LSB on the property tax issue. During these past six years she didn't. And the tax office had no file from KPFA, from KPFA regarding any kind of filing. And the name change actually happened after the actual taxes were due. So we were still late in filing the taxes at the time of the actual name change as well. So that is very, very typical argument on the part of Maria, excuse me, the business manager.

I would also like to state that I'm very offended by the comments on the chat against a fellow LSB member James McFadden, he has a right to write a truthful article. And, in fact, what you are proposing, with some members on the chat, were proposing, was censorship. And I am very offended by the comments on the chat that you have. They're calling him a liar. The article was truthful, the one on Counter Punch, it has not been removed. The article is there and it was in response to an article written by Gendelman and which was red baiting and Green baiting and it was very offensive. That article. So he had every right to write it as well.

And I'd also like for to commend Tom Voorhees for, and I would


Treasurer Sharon Adams (Sharon screams this in a loud voice) --
Time! Shut up! More lies being perpetrated is actually really annoying!


Chair Christina Huggins --
I know. I know. I'm just let's keep order here. Okay. You want to call on the next person Jose?

***** *************************

THE AUDIO of Elizabeth Milos speaking, followed by Sharon screaming "
Shut up!"

The James McFadden article is at
A Rebuttal to the Kooky Protecting Pacifica article by Kaldveer and Gendelman

And the Sherry Gendelman and Zack Kaldveer article is at
Protecting Pacifica

Zack Kaldveer has since then written a hit piece which he sent out as an email blast, attacking both Elizabeth Milos and James McFadden.

***** *************************

Yes, Sue Cohen is

Chair Christina Huggins --
Somebody should mute themselves, please. Unless it's Sue Cohen? In which case she does not need to mute herself.

Go ahead.
Can you hear me?
Yes, we can hear you. Oh, um,


Sue Cohen --
KPFT is at 419. Lovett Boulevard. Is that it near any kind of a public transportation hub? Does anyone know? How hard is it to get there by bus to volunteer
is one block from Westheimer, which is a main street in that part of Houston. Westheimer is just one block away.
Okay, and I have been in that building by the way. And KPFK's building for your future reference is like a block away from a major transit hub where you can take the subway all the way to and get to the station and walk over and volunteer. And that's all Thank you.

All right, Steve Zeltzer.


Steve Zeltzer --
Okay, I think that it's really despicable that the budget, financial budget is only presented to the LSB board members two days before a vote on it, which does not give them enough time to look at it. Basically, what are they hiding? What is the business manager hiding by not providing the budget which is a responsibility to the LSB so they can have a careful review of it. And to push it ahead shows a contempt of the LSB and the bylaws. There is no finance committee at KPFA and we've seen today's meeting installed personal insults by the treasure diva raise questions and that was just a moment ago. Though your question of cost, I mean, KPFA is being charged for the lawsuits that the chair of KPFA has made and others to sue Pacifica to put in crustacea. What kind of fiscal responsibility is that, that the majority of the new day people want to put Pacifica trustee ship of a judge is this democracy? This is not transparency democracy will take away the ability to local station boards and democratic governance, which I think is what people want to do who are supporting this new de Pacifica. The other thing is $80,000 was sent by KPFA. Manager without a report by the treasurer to the local station board to shut down WBAI to the lawyers to shut down WBAI Where's the accounting for that, and also the accounting of the failure to pay the property taxes KPFK was paying their property taxes under the same state of California law KPFA was not doing that. And the business manager KPFA has no explanation except to blame the PNB. But that is a again a slander on the PNB that they're responsible for paying property taxes. It's the local station business manager who's responsible for paying property taxes, she did not do that. And she's not being held accountable, which is one of the responsibilities to the local station board and the manager at KPFA. The other thing is there's been no staff meetings. I'd KPFA between the staff and the management which shows again, a disrespect of the staff.

Thank you Next person



I don't hear being part of the meeting now. Okay.

Well go ahead and call


Christina Huggins --
Virginia Browning.

Virginia Browning --
Okay, can you hear me. The property the property tax issue started in 2013. When the PNB was allied with the Protectors, Pacific's name was changed. People tend not to go into that, into what work was done by some allied with the Rescue Pacifica group to allow Pacifica to continue to operate. The problem wasn't over. But KPFA as a media entity could have mounted a huge public campaign to get this fixed.

Propaganda points fly up the wazoo by the Protectors including this about the property. The KPFA contingent property that was sold was a moldy rat infested unusable space. Volunteer builders and architects allied with the Rescue Pacifica its people advanced proposed and submitted a written plan to save that. Under the Protectors that was ignored.

Now this about the other property, as templates, Tim Lynch pointed out, it was probably an excellent move to set sell that horrible, also unusable property in a time when they could get really good value for it.

And there was, in fact, unlike what the snide comments by some of the board members said, there was a plan to and is a plan to get replacement for that. I think that that proposal that was just made by Sharon, about the property was mostly a propaganda point, so that they could put out another well funded KPFA Protector, so called Protector propaganda piece, saying that the LSB passed such and such even though it's a slim majority doing this for propaganda reasons only.

Chair Christina Huggins --
Mara Rivera. Go ahead, Mara. Mara Rivera, you are muted if you can unmute yourself.

Mara Rivera --
Oh, okay. Sorry about that. You can hear me now. Right? Yeah. So I'm very appalled at what Sharon said, when she characterized the people on public comments as putting out lies and yelling at them. Ordinarily, it's not allowed to answer people in public comment. And I've always thought that that was kind of annoying, but now I say that there's a really good reason for it. And then, also, well, most of what I wanted to say has already been commented on about the cost of the lawsuits.

And I'm really taken aback by having people who are on the LSB or the PNB. Who are supposed to supposed to be supporting this institution, instead trying to apparently take it down by trying to put it into receivership or making personal attacks on PNB Members. I think that that's not a proper use of your office. And I don't think that people who are attacking the organization in that way should be in leadership positions.


Stan Woods --
Hi. I used to be on the LSB the previous decade. And that goes to the point of why is KPFA and Pacifica losing revenue? And I think one of the reasons the membership has dramatically declined. I don't have exact figures, but I tend to remember, when I was on the board, there was about 26,000, paying members of KPFA. It's down to and once again, correct me if I'm wrong, maybe 12,000. Now. And I think the reason is that that many will, particularly young activists, there are 1000s of young activists in the Bay Area alone. I'm a member of a group East Bay, Democratic Socialists of America, most of whom are very young. And they don't listen to KPFA. One of the reasons they give is because they feel a lot of the programs are always highlighted after the NPR and NPR gives a more professional, if you will presentation. So that might as well listen to NPR. So I really think one, we need to have a dramatic look at the programming instead of repeating one particular show twice in a day.
There's many, there's a lot of program potential programs out there as program proposals.
And I think we need to revive a democratic decision making program Council. I fundamentally think most listeners do tend to disagree with a top down decision making in a real corporate radio style, like one or two or three people make all the decisions regarding program. I don't think most of our listeners want that. A lot of listeners take that idea of democracy, voting and pro democracy seriously. So we want to up our financial fortunes. I think we need to have a serious coaching program, reviving the program Council.
And one last point, not directly economic related, I hope people will give all support to Frank Sterling in his legal difficulties right now, as a victim of state repression.

Thank you. Thank you, Stan.
Eleanor, Eleanor, Elizabeth Foreman.


Eleanor Elizabeth Forman (from WBAI)--
Hi. I just wanted to put in a shot something in the comments, that "WBAI was never shut down." I'm from WBAI, and it was indeed shut down there were armed people, came and crashed the station, and they took the broadcasting equipment that's legally required for transmitting, and they locked all the programmers out. Everybody was fired, and it became a transmitter from California. The station itself was indeed shut down. And when a month later, we won legal access, we were not able to start broadcasting again immediately because of all the necessary repairs that were needed.

Are you done?

I'm done.

Okay. Thank you. Who's the next person Jose?

That's it.

Okay, well, thank you very much for being here for public comments. I think we'll move on to the next part of our Well, since we have a time certain for the PNB reports. If you go on to the minutes approval, Carol

will see that the entire public comment?

Yeah, thank you. There's no other hands up. Okay.


1:50 p.m. 35 Zoom participants

Okay. I move that we approve the minutes from March, May and July of 2021.

Do I have a second? Second? discussion? Do you want to have a roll call vote or anybody who objects raise hands. You think Carol?

Sorry. You guys repeat that I missed what we're suddenly voting on.

We're putting on the minutes to from March and July of 2021.

It's been moved and seconded.

Nope. Are there no objections? James

James McFadden --
have the meeting minutes been changed
the meeting minutes several times had some errors in them with regard to their emotion by Kimura was passed by our LSB.


So as the chair we reviewed this, the officers and in Robert's Rules of Order that can only be one motion on the floor at a time, the only motion that was on the floor at that meeting, when we discussed it was Lily Kimura's motion. I believe Chris Cory offered some other way to go. But there was no motion made by Chris Cory friendly or otherwise as an amendment to the motion that was first that was seconded on the floor. Therefore, the only motion that was voted on was Lily's motion. So it was voted on, we went back and listened. And we voted on the motion on the floor. And that was the only motion on the floor, and it was voted and approved. So the minutes are accurate.


James McFadden --
Carol, that was not what happened.
Um, I listened to the tape, too. That is not what happened.

Chair Christina Huggins --
Robert's Rules of Order, say there can only be one motion on the floor at a time. And I'm not sure why you're so opposed to having it be approved. James

***** *************************
Here is the line from the minutes of the LSB of Saturday, March 20, 2021 which James McFadden objects to. (This part of Secretary Carol Wolfley's text is in all caps, as below, and Asian is misspelled "Aisan.")
***** *************************

James McFadden -- I'm just saying it's dishonest, because what happened is that her motion got pushed off to a committee sent to the PNB.

And I did not and I just told you my ruling is it did not because that was not a motion to move it to that there was one motion on the floor. It was Lily's. And that was it. So go ahead. Carol, you had to add to that. Go ahead.


LSB Secretary Carol Wolfley --
Yes. So, um, let me go through this. I understand that that it was a complicated process. So um, the march 20 2021 LSB meeting. There was a motion condemning of anti Asian hate crimes, the motion was introduced. concerns were raised that it was not on the agenda and that the LSB does not take stance on political issues. Because the issue is a humanitarian issue. The chair allowed the motion to be made. A concern was then raised on that because it was not on the agenda that it would take a two thirds vote for the motion to be considered. Another suggestion was made to refer the motion to the governance Pacifica governance committee. I asked for the LSB I Carol willfully asked for the LSB to consider and vote on the motion during the KPFA LSB. Meeting governance report. So we changed it to put it on the agenda during my governance report, so that it would be on the agenda and that was accepted by the chair. There was a vote and the motion passed with acclamation. The motion was made verbally by a member of the LSB was written into the chat was included in the LSB. Meeting during the governance report and was voted on by acclamation. Similar motions were passed at the Governance Committee. And by the PNB, the LSB chair contact contacted the station manager and there was stationed coverage through an email sent to members a notice on And there was coverage on numerous KPFA programs. I want to thank Billy for bringing this motion to the KPFA LSB and for everyone who helped to support it. And I want to say that it's very disheartening for people to ongoingly disparage the LSB and members of the LSB with misinformation, and it doesn't help. Thank you.

Thank you, Chris.


Chris Cory --
Yeah, I just wanted to make a quick comment. I believe this motion was taken up by the PNB Governance Committee and that it made it to the PNB Shortly thereafter was voted on and approved. I mean, it was within a week, I believe that this all happened. So I, I think in retrospect that the move that was made by the LSB was really good because it got the motion, the motion all the way to the national level where it has more impact than just at our local station board. I understand the desire to express things at the local level. That's all well and good, but it just seemed like the tide was the timing and all the rest of this stuff was working against it in the case of that particular meeting, and that the decision that was made actually worked out to the benefit of the motion. That was how I perceived it.


Chair Christina Huggins --
I agree, I but I also say that there can only be one motion on the floor at a time, and there was no friendly amendment. So it passed in both the LSB and the PNB. And I agree, Chris, has more traction with the PNB as well. So I think we have two more people who want to speak correct me if I'm right. Jose, James is next. And then Philip. Correct. Thank you. Go ahead, James.


James McFadden --
Just want to say at the time, I thought I don't have any problem with what actually happened in the meeting. But at the time when we'd moved it to the Governance Committee. it you know, it was it was an oddity, because I don't came up really fast. But I don't recall it anytime ever voting on anything. That was actually Lily's motion. And afterwards, it just seemed odd, in fact, at the time,

okay, what information?


James McFadden --
Can I finish please?

Sabrina Jacobs --
Information takes precedence over anything you're saying right now I'm point of information, Madam Chair, Robert's Rules of Order. Robert's Rules of Order point of information. Madam Chair.

Christina Huggins --
Well ahead. Go ahead, Sabrina.


Sabrina Jacobs --
In the minutes, do we have a copy of these minutes? Have they been sent out to us so we can all reference, whatever it is, or whatever is the man that Jesus is referencing? Thank you.


Chair Christina Huggins --
Yes, they were sent out. And they did reflect that the motion passed. And that's why we're having this debate right now. And I would stick to the fact that it was on the floor, there could have been one motion Robert's Rules of Order. On one motion can be on the floor at once, unless there was a friendly amendment. There was no friendly amendment. And we voted by acclamation. I said, on the motion on the floor, and we voted by acclamation on the only motion that could be on the floor at the time, although Chris made a friendly, a motion to heat, but wasn't.

Wait, permission, Moodle of

information. Okay,

James McFadden --
I'd like to finish

Christina Huggins --
by point of information or information, then you'll get to finish James. Go ahead, Carol.

Secretary Carol Wolfley --
So we have two minutes. And then we go into the PNB reports. Right? It's we are three months behind, I would like to be able to publish the minutes, unlike some of the past secretaries of the PNB I would like us to be able to publish the minutes so I would urge that the LSB vote on this so that we can put the minutes up.

Okay, well, thank you.


James McFadden --
Okay, so can I finish by yes or no, don't pass them in as great.
I would like to have a, the people that were here that were in that meeting, who actually thought they were voting on Lily's motion, and who thought they were acclimating what Chris Cory said because that's what I recall is that we were just acclimated and you can say well, there's some rules so we were voting on something we didn't know what we're talking about. But then that was an illegal vote because we didn't know what the hell we were voting on. You can't say I think that's kind of rule trying to use a rule to say we're voting on something that nobody thought we were voting on it's just misleading and I think Chris just said it you know we moved to have this thing move to the thing and I think that was a okay thing to do. You know, but you know, I would have rather had we actually voted on releasing but that was an okay thing to do, and maybe even have more impact but that doesn't matter. It's what we thought we were voting on and you can't say well, rule say we were voting on something we didn't think we were voting on that's it's crazy.

Christina Huggins --
Thank you, Philip.

Philip Maldari --
Well, I totally agree with Carol that we have to take a vote on these minutes. So I will just say that I think that where the sticky wicket is our standard policy of not taking up good causes. Like the board is in favor of boycotting grapes or the board is in favor of opposing this that or the other thing maybe someday we should revisit that that rule of thumb that we don't do that and I think James is motivated by essentially that rule that needs probably to be re discussed why is it that we don't take up good causes and spend our time voting in favor of good causes? But let's vote on the minutes

let's just go ahead and take a vote. I think it's clear that we have different opinions here. I'm just gonna go up because we have a time certain for 2pm and it is now 2:01. So on the on the Okay, my

to speak on this. Time certain,

no, it's time certain for 2:01 we need to we need to pass on to the next one. So do we. We take the vote now and anybody who objects well do roll call real quick, Carol. Okay.

Okay, on the minutes. Yes. Okay. Sharon Adams. Yes. Daniel Borgström. No.
Chris Cory abstained Mark Van Landuyt. Susan de Silva. Whoops, it wouldn't let me unmute. Yes. Susan. Yes. Christina Huggins. Yes. Christina. Yes. James McFadden? No, James No, Aki Tanaka. Okay. Janaka Andrea Turner?

I think Andrea last. Okay.

Tom Voorhees

it's a no for him.

Thomason? No. Carol Wolfley. Yes. Sabrina Jacobs? Yes. Briana? Yes. Darlene Pagano. Yes. Julian? Yes. Tim Lynch.

Tim had to leave as well. Okay.

Frank Sterling.

is gonna abstain. There's obviously some concern with James so I'll just say, hey,

okay. Jeannine Etter. Jeannine. abstain. Frank. abstain. Philip. Maldari? Yes. Philip. Yes. And luckily,

yesterday. Okay. Yeah, I have seven Yes. Three noes and four abstentions? Is that what you have Jose? That is correct. The minutes pass. And we are on to the PNB reports. So I would ask our PNB directors if they have a report. Do you ever report Sabrina?

No, nothing further than what I've already stated. Previously. Thank you, Sabrina.

Do you ever report? Um, I don't know if we're, we can hear Tom Voorhees. He said trouble (with is computer)?

I don't know. He's thumbing down.

He said no. Okay.

2:02 p.m.

yes -- 7
no -- 3
abstain -- 4
minutes pass

2:04 p.m.


(Note: Tom Voorhees can't report, there's no sound from his computer, picture only)

Thank you. Chris Cory. Do you have a report for us?


Chris Cory --
So let's see, I'm on. I'm on three committees now. Strategic Planning, coordinating, and finance. So I would say that what, what the objective of coordinating has been since the beginning of the year is to put together agendas for the National Board. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to meet a week in advance like I'd hoped, which would allow more time for changes to the agenda. But it is nice to meet in advance and have a good idea of what is going to be on these agendas. The way that we were operating previously is that we really never knew what was going to be on the agenda until minutes before the meeting, sometimes an hour on a good day. So it that that committee is functioning reasonably well. And it's it meets pretty regularly. I think we've had a failure to quorum maybe once or twice this year. So that's good. The Strategic Planning Committee is taking up alternative methods of funding for Pacifica. There's quite a few proposals on the floor. I would say progress is slow in committee, probably because it's, it's, you know, we all have a lot of commitments and these fundraising mechanisms are somewhat complicated and take a lot of time to work through. So progress is slow but steady at that committee, nothing in terms of firm proposals there. At the NFC, Sharon also sits on that committee. we've, we've gotten all of the budgets passed at this point except for tragically KPFK, the national office and Pacifica radio archives. So the latter two are funded by the five member stations. So they're always prioritized last. And KPFK is of course, the obvious, horrible leader and we've been spending a lot of time talking about it over the last month. Hopefully something will materialize this month. I realize there's only two weeks ago, but it'll serve as a template for a future budget at KPFK for the incoming manager who I believe started three days ago. And so that should be helpful to him. That's all thank you.

Thank you, Chris. And I know Andrea had to leave. So that would leave her out. So I believe we have a report from national committees. Is that correct? Carol?


Carol Wolfley --
Yes. And I had a question for Chris. Okay. Chris, I wonder if it's my understanding that the PNB meetings are now on zoom. And I wondered if the if the PNB Coordinating Committee what might want to consider allowing the public to participate in those PNB meetings with public comments, and having the transparency open of the PNB meetings for all the members?

Um, let's see the coordinating committee meetings are posted the KPFTX. Is that what it is? Yeah. KPFT. And I believe that people can call into those meetings Am I mistaken about that?

They can call in, but unlike our meeting that is open with a zoom. The PNB does not allow zoom. participation.

I see what you're talking about. You're talking about? Let's see that you have to you have to have a coded entry, I guess, to get into those meanings. Is that what you're what you're telling me right now?

Yeah, I yes. So I would, I wondered if the PNB would want to have more transparency, because I know that's something that Sabrina and others have mentioned, to open up their meeting so that there is zoom access of the PNB meetings and public comments at the PNB meetings as well.

interesting idea, I actually hadn't really considered it then again, coordinating committee didn't even meet for the three years prior to me to my involvement with it, um, I believe something like that, two or three years, some long period of time. And so just getting it back to the point where it was an actual functioning committee was one of the primary goals. But yeah, I would entertain it certainly the only problem I see is that we do some closed session agendas. And so we'd have to figure out a way to mitigate that maybe we could go back to the phone system for the closed session versions. I'll think about that. I will entertain it and, you know, bring it up to the committee. And if, if the committee feels it's necessary to do so to the PNB, as well. So thank you. I appreciate that input.


Chair Christina Huggins --
Thank you. Thank you. Do we have any other PNB reports?


Carol Wolfley --
I had a governance report.

Thank you. Go ahead, Carol.


Carol Wolfley --
One of the things that has come up on at the governance committee as well as other committees is issues about defamation, and slander and libel of Pacifica employees. So, um, I have a motion that I will be taking to the national Governance Committee and I would be open to hearing discussion about it at this meeting as well. Where as there have been numerous occasions when Pacifica staff board members, candidates and members have made false and defamatory statements about Pacifica employees. And whereas employees have a right to respectful treatment and work performance, confidentiality, be it resolved that the Pacifica national Governance Committee requests that the Pacifica I work with NETA and the national election supervisor to develop a plan to caution all board members and staff members about the legal ramifications of defamation, libel and slander. There was a recent incident in front of the KPFA building where a number of people were falsely blaming a KPFA management for not for issues related to the holding of debates on the air and that is totally the responsibility and under the direction of Pacifica and the national election supervisor and has nothing to do with Pacifica management and on this kind of ongoing defamation, slander and libel that it is harmful. And so I wanted to, um, I want to take this motion to the Governance Committee. And I think Sharon also had something that she wanted to report.

Thank you, Carol.

Sharon, and Susan would like to do report from the election committee. Oh, thank you, Susan. Okay, did you want did you want to go next, Susan?


Susan da Silva --
I could, because it actually dovetails nicely with what was just said. First of all, I'm really glad to hear that Chris is on committees that work well. My the committee's that I've been on in the last three years governance and elections have not worked well. And, um, it's been frustrating. But I'd like to encourage this is my last year on the LSB. And I'd like to encourage those, we're going forward to serve on committees, because it's important to have good people on the committees. But anyway, the election committee, the last couple of years didn't meet and then all of a sudden, that tshirts meeting, and apparently, it's because there are a number of people who have problems with the NES. And the, in the past, the election committee back in the day, was all about helping the NES and working with the NES. The NES is much more opaque now. It's hard to tell what's going on always. And the committee in the house, the before recently, didn't meet because even though I kept asking for it to meet, the person who was appointed by the PNB, wasn't interested in having it meet. So, um, a lot of the work of the corporation is done in committees, and I'd like to encourage people to serve on them as far as what's gonna happen with the NES? I'm not really sure. But apparently, the committee thinks that it's not their job to help to get it. Yes, they think it's their job to micromanage the NES. So I don't really know what's going to happen with that. And that's my report.

Thank you. And I'm not sure if Sharon, are you available and not think she might have stepped away? I'm not sure.

Frank, you're supposed to talk about committee work I'm doing or just PNB members?

Um, are you ipnb? committee frame?

Is that the programming committee? Is that a PMA committee?


Okay. Should I say something or? No,

it's up to you. If you want to go ahead. Time for your evidence reports. committee reports rather? Okay.


Frank Sterling --
Well, um, I think some of you have seen that the program committee has been meeting and sent something to the Pacifica international board about getting some guidance and providing some guidance on how programming needs are determined. How programming agreements are made, how programs, programmers are educated and trained in technology and production. And maybe they went on, I think many of you have read it. I don't know if you want me to read the whole thing or anything like that. But we have submitted that to the Pacifica Air National Board, and what I think was really important about it. Is that it also provide, I think it's, I have to get some clarification on exactly how it's working. But we should be providing the programmers some guidance on how the programming decisions are made for their shows, and how they can be appealed and grieved and stuff like that. If they are, if they face themselves being removed, also how they might be moved or extended or shortened. So you can find that I think many of you have seen it, we did that. We're also working on a programmers bill of rights that would provide programmers some of this stuff that I talked about here more thoroughly, about what they can do if their show is just removed, but also how we evaluate these shows instead of maybe removing it, how could we make it into something better for the benefit of the station, So unfortunately, I happen to have missed because of a conflict couple of my technology taskforce meetings. But I am really excited that Jim Dingeman, I believe his name, who's been organizing the meetings has been bringing in experts to talk about technology and how we could use it. And so I should be getting back into that one. In the next one. Unfortunately, my schedule is that go wedding and some other things that happened right when that is happening. But I am really excited about being on the technology taskforce. And I will look to provide a better update on the technology Task Force, and the programmers Bill of Rights in the future.


Okay, thank you very much, Frank, just to clarify, this is for board members, comments right now and discussion and not for public. So just to let people know, as soon as your hand up, but this is not public. Comment time. So gonna move on to Carol. Carol Wolfley.


Carol Wolfley --
Yeah, on so Frank, what am I concerns about? The direction that the programming committee is going in? Is, it seems like it's going in a direction of how can we protect on shows that have low listenership? And when we have, we heard that, you know, 1000s of dollars are being taken from the affiliates, and taken from KPFA to cover other stations that have programmed programming that people are not donating to here. And then the programming committee is like, well, what can we do to make sure that these programmers get to stay on the air and have a bill of rights and blah, blah, blah? That doesn't sound like it's going in the direction of how can we improve listenership? And,
you know, it seems to me like programming decisions need to be based on what the listeners are interested in? And how can we find out what the listeners are interested in? What are our demographics? And what are our geographical considerations? And how can we move into new areas? And, um, and what are the key issues going on right now that we need to be addressing? Particularly, I want to thank Sabrina Jacobs for her, you know, ongoing and intensive, not only local, national, but now international coverage of climate emergency issues. I mean, it seems like we need to be thinking about what the listeners want, and always respecting on job performance and confidentiality and the rights of people as staff and employees. Thank you.


Frank Sterling --
Yeah. And I think that's partially why we included in it, how listener feedback is obtained and shared via survey, email, snail mail with and trying to read along. And results of listener input. So we could use that as programmers and the LSB. So yeah, it's not just trying to protect them. But that if something's not going, the way that the station's would hope the show is doing. What can we do to help them? Make it be what we want? And I think like what you're saying, Sabrina show as a prime example, that it was something that was helped guided and, you know, supported. So I think that I see support is mentioned in our, our motion that we see, I guess, is an emotion that we sent numerous times throughout the motion. And also, I think programmers Bill of Rights is necessary, though, that so if, if something is wrong, or maybe like some shows don't always have the most listenership if they're like a neat show, but how can we grow that and make that possible, I think is what we're trying to get at instead of immediate elimination. This is asking for processes, how things are evaluated how the process works. It's not really making it happen. It's asked it's kind of laying out guidance for how it's done. So when somebody is in the middle of that in their programming, then they know what their expectations are or what they could do for help, and stuff like that. So that's how I'm seeing it and how we're working on it. And as we discuss it, in the program committee, that's what our discussion is around. It does offer some protection. Yes. Because people who are We're working hard on their shows are, are, should be afforded some protection. And they should have some guidelines in place. So they know what they what they are trying to meet the demands of so they could be helped and not just cut or removed. So that's kind of how we're seeing it. And I agree. Except for Yes, they need some protection as well as guidance, support of training. That kind of stuff that will help it make the show be what it already is, but better for the station. So it's not completely eliminating something, but it's actually making it better.

Thanks. Please, information, Madam Chair.

Yeah, I'm filling snacks, but go ahead. Party of information. Sabrina.

Yeah, I just wanted some clarification as far as this. The programming committees motion because it's a it's not very clear on I'm not quite understanding it. Because if there is to be this helping and assistance to that show, there has to be checks and balances, you know, on both sides. So are you presenting this motion to us now? Or are you just talking about it? In regards to bringing it to the LSB?

I believe this was been submitted to the national board.

Right. He's just giving a committee report at this point. Oh, okay. Just the committee report. Okay.

Right. Yeah. Just kind of filling you in on what? Philip says,

Yeah, it did go to the tmb. Thank you. Yeah. disregarded it.

Thank you. Thank you, Sabrina. Philip,


Philip Maldari --
I was elected to this program committee, by the KPFA LSB, along with Franklin. And I found that the beatings are exclusively scheduled when I'm on the radio on Sunday mornings. And I made the point that I could not possibly attend a meeting that's simultaneous while I'm on the air. And I gave an alternative time later on Sunday afternoon that I was available. But I got rapidly became rapidly clear that they didn't really want me on this committee. And, and so I've no accommodation for me has ever been made by this committee to allow me to participate in these meetings. The programmer Bill of Rights is how you end up with a WBAI. It's how you end up with a station with scores and scores of very devoted programmers who produce programs that they love and cherish, and are not listened to. And that nobody pays for. They the destiny of, of regarding a bill of rights for programmers, is the antithesis of good radio for listeners. It is, in fact, trying to prop up programs that serve the purposes of those producing the programs. And nobody else. So I'm really not disappointed that I'm not included in these meetings. Because, quite frankly, it's a hotbed of people who are much more concerned about the rights and liberties of a small clique of programmers, and really have no regard for whether in fact, stations that are powerful stations, we're not talking about people talking in, you know, small, small community stations where anybody from the local feed store shows up to shoot the breeze. We're talking about powerful stations that go that potentially a billions of people in the audience and these stations are being flagrantly misused and quality programs don't make it to air because the air is monopolized by the folks that believe that their rights are being trampled on.

Right, thank you, Philip. And I would just disagree Of course, with the sentiment of that I've been in many of the meetings and Philip, I believe we did adjust the time and we've, as far as participating in the meetings. There's a lot of conversation about getting you Philip into the meeting. So I had to say that we were all working on that. I believe we adjusted the time, one time. Let's get you back and try again. So you could have Your input here because my understanding was that we adjusted the time. And if you didn't show two times, so maybe there's some confusion. I'm not saying you did on purpose or that you just didn't do it. I'm saying that we should try again, this. I've been part of the committee, the program committee, we have discussed changing the time, and we didn't know where you were at when you weren't there. So I'm sure

you can share that need that the chair of the so called Chair of the so called programming committee is biased and does not

what condition meaning. Why is this programming committee? Let's not cross talk, so yeah, why this person? Anyways, I was saying to Philip that please fill out come back and join us. And I feel the sentiment that you are expressing is, is not completely accurate. I feel like we're doing our best to create what is this? These are the kind of things that made me think it LSB

Okay, let's not cross talk. Sabrina,


Frank Sterling --
can you touch stop this? For me? What makes this is what makes the LSBs terrible? Is people interrupting like this? I haven't interrupted anybody. Now let me finish telling Philip what I want to tell bill

it the place. I stopped her. Okay, Frank. Well,

I mean, no stopping them. Please stop yourselves next time. Thank you.

I did not interrupt you, Frank,


Frank Sterling --
not you. I'm talking about the two that keeps spouting off in my, in my conversation here, Phil, please come back. We're open to adjusting the time. And we would love your input. We're doing our best here to create these guidelines that I was talking about. So people know what their expectations are, how they can get help for their show. That's where my mind and my heart is in the committee meetings and put the conversation I have I feel that they're the same way. So yes, I would like to welcome fill it back in please send an email and let's work on the time again, and get you in there.

Okay, so let me make a comment here, because Philip is the third person that the chair of the programming committee has kicked off that we have a point that we have elected to the programming committee, and I haven't seen any adjustment for time for Philip. I don't know how I missed that Sabrina was removed. I believe Shirah was removed when she said she couldn't make the Sunday time. And there was an intransigence on the part of the chair to make allowances for the time. So I'm not quite sure what you're referencing, are you I would like to ask Philip, do you know what he's referencing as far as accommodating time changes? muted Phil can't hear


Philip Maldari --
I think that I think that they actually made it worse. They move the time. They, they schedule the time for 11 o'clock Sunday, I get off the air 11 o'clock Sunday, there's no way I can go straight into a meeting. After having been on the air for two hours. I said I was willing to do it, one or two o'clock in the afternoon. But instead they moved the meeting to 10 o'clock in the morning. Of course, all of these are Eastern times for them, or afternoon for them. But this is a big dominated committee. And quite frankly, the move they made it even worse for me. So I mean, I'm not really enthusiastic about spending my time with folks that have already made up their mind about what their strategy is, I know I would be totally outnumbered. And I'm not going to convince any of them. But Frank, I'm Franklin, I'm I'll listen. But again, two o'clock in the afternoon on Sunday. Sounds possible for me. But the other times that they've put forward don't work.

So if you could take that suggestion back to the programming committee of two o'clock in the afternoon on Sunday, if it has to be on Sunday, evenly, that would be great. Thank you, Frank. You're welcome. Okay, are there any other committee reports for the PMT committee reports Sharon Are you there still?

Oh, I'm sorry before I go I just like to mention that the eastern times Yeah, that's two o'clock that would be five o'clock eastern which is getting around dinnertime but we'll have to find the happy medium for us all.

Well, they have weekday meetings all the time around that around that time, so

we'll bring it out and see what we could do. I'm definitely willing to work with it.

You could also change the day

okay, yeah, we'll try it on Sundays either. Tell you truth.

Yeah. It's kind of an odd day to have it for a lot of people, some people actually have they go to worship on Sunday, some people. So that's a difficult day for certain other people as well.

All right, we have a work on, we're working on finding a happy time for all. Okay, we

all need happy time,

happy time for all. Yeah, and I just I'm just to the point of someone mentioned about committee meetings, I feel like this has been a very friendly committee meeting. I'm just in there trying to put my input with everybody else. And I haven't felt dominated or pushed down or suppressed. It's just people having conversations and offering their input.

Okay. Thank you.

2:32 p.m.


I think that that's it for our committee reports. We have a time a certain net, to 40. For the started in the unfinished business about fund drives. So until 2:40, why don't we start with the table motions, which one of them would be the zoom chat not be used for site conversations, and be limited for the text of agenda motions and reports? And I believe that was a motion by Don Macleay. Is that right, Carol? Yes. So

Don Macleay --
I'm still, I still think that it'd be a better idea. And the way I look at it is, you know, I used to be a teacher. And I've held a lot of meetings have been an activist for many years. And if we were actually sitting in a room together, that kind of side chat, noise, whatever would be considered disruptive. And I feel that the, I feel that the chat is distracting and disruptive. And I just feel like we should be paying attention to the actual agenda. And the person that's actually speaking, and the chat function should be used for things like voting and placing motions on the table and stuff like that. And I think all those side comments, I feel like you're talking overtop other people. I think you should talk when it's your turn to talk and listen when it's your turn to listen. Real simple concept I'm suggesting here.

Okay. I'm Carol. I'm not sure at the who's motioned and seconded what it was under old business. I don't read that recall.

I'll second it.

Thank you. So we have a motion on the floor. It's been seconded. Do we want to have more discussion on his motion? Or do we want to vote on it?

We have information. I'm sorry, I didn't hear what the motion is.

The motion? Is that the chat not be used for side conversations, and be limited to text of agenda motions and reports.

And I'm done. Would you please write that into the chat?

Although it is on our, it's in the minutes here, I

know that it has to be in the chat. Okay. Give me a second here. But

yeah, okay. I think that we have some people wanting to speak on this. And I see. I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, Jose, I think Susan de Silva is the next step to talk. You're right. Thank you. Go ahead, Susan.

Susan da Silva --
I'm a friendly amendment. I would like the motion to say that people who are not on the LSB will be removed. And the you know, the chair can say that Upfront, and then they're removed from the meeting. Because it's, it's a real pain in the ass.

Let me ask Don, do you accept that as a friendly amendment Don?

Well, just technically speaking, access to the chat can be turned off by the moderators.

That's what she's saying. I think, okay.

Don Macleay --
So I think technically, yes, it should just be for LSB business, not for side comments from anybody, not LSB members and not it's a public meeting. So definitely members, the public should not be throwing anything in there.

Yeah, I think. I think if that were the case that also the public could not speak that really could not, then we would keep it to business. The way we go down these rabbit holes is because of comments for the public. And I I'm all for the motion.

Okay, let me say I'm drafting this as sit. I'll draft it. I'll put it out for people but I'm going to move the zoom chat function not be used for side conversation or public comments. Right. The chat should be used only to

link Hi, this is comments by the public, not public comments, comments, comments by the public.

Right. Got to say that because we have public comment period, so that's right. Yeah. So what you have here is to be limited to text of agenda motions and reports. That was the original language stone.

That's Yeah. Yeah. So how did I put it the first

time? You said that the zoom chat not be used for site conversation and be limited to text of agenda? motions and reports?

Okay. With an agenda, motions and reports, how about voting?

We have voting Yeah.

A lot of people use the chat to vote that way because your vote everybody gets a roll call vote, right?

Yes. Well, it says motions, but go ahead and add voting in it kind of implosions

comma votes. Yeah. Report. Period, enter. So see if that looks right.

And Franklin, I, Jose, you want to call on the people with their hands raised? So sure, Franklin. Okay, go ahead, Franklin.


Frank Sterling --
I just Yep. I just agree with the motion here. Because I feel like it's important that as I'm trying to make my points, I do see a lot of side conversations go on that have nothing to do with what I'm trying to talk about, which tells me that a lot of people right at this moment aren't paying attention to what I'm trying to say. And I think it's important that we listen to each other. And what we have to say, some of the stuff that gets in there, it's like people interrupting when people are speaking, it's just on the side. comments that are not helpful, positive, affirming any other fluffy, floaty thing you want to add, they're just kind of a waste of space and time, when we should be focusing. And when I see comments in there, that are like disparaging or just terrible, that have nothing to do with really the subject, it's, it's not a comforting feeling. And I would like to know that people are actually trying to pay attention to what I'm saying, I do my best to pay attention. I have family, like most of you do right now behind us occasionally asking questions or tamales at the door, and you're trying to get to my whatever. But other than that, I think we should be paying attention each other. I think it's important. That's why we're here is to hear each other's ideas. And I think that's part of the beauty of the board, when we get to those great points is that we all have something important to contribute to KPFA.

Chair Christina Huggins --
Frank, can I ask you are you for or against the motion?

You've been on this? I don't get it. Yeah, I think it's timing people.


Frank Sterling --
Yeah, well, I'm about to wrap up. If you want to start the timer after I'm done. Yes, I'm for the motion. I think this is very important.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Okay, um, we're coming up on time certain. So I'll take Chris and Carol, and then we're gonna have to move on to the whole vote and then go on to the where we're supposed to be before with the fundraising committee. So Chris, do you want to speak say something?

Chris Cory --
Yeah, um, I appreciate the concern. And I, I don't, I don't really particularly care for the comments that that come from outside the LSB. And I do think that that part of it is a distraction, one that I've willingly contribute to, unfortunately, but I also think it's an opportunity to, to add certain rhetorical points, constructive rhetorical points in a non disruptive way, you know, if somebody is asking, oh, you know, what was the loss at KPFT, I don't have to get on the stack, or ask the chair for permission to say that I can type in the chat, someone can read it into the record, and it can allow the minute or the meeting to continue fluently. So I don't consider the chat necessarily disruptive. I think limiting it in the way that it's, it's been proposed here would, you know, eliminate that and I guess if you guys are happy with that, that's fine. But it makes the meetings more cumbersome. It's why meetings end up taking three and a half hours at the PNB is because we don't have a function like that where people can make constructive comments in a non disruptive way. And unfortunately, you know what that means people will be disruptive. So I think that's what you're inviting. That's my that's my two cents. Thanks.

Okay, Carol.


Carol Wolfley --
Um, yeah, I had I appreciate that. We have been able to clarify, you know, and give people warnings, too. During the meeting and let them know, you know, um, you know, Sharon, and I often will say, you know, this is for board members only. And so I'm okay with this. It is we do need to go on to the other motion because it's time certain. So I think we should table this for now and continue. Take it up in at a later meeting because I think we have to go with the other motion on fundraising.

Sharon did want to say something. She couldn't raise your hand. Sharon, go ahead. Oh,

Sharon Adams --
well, I want to speak in favor of the chat. But I'm actually going to say right now I more agree with I like the chat. Obviously, I use it. So I'll just say I would be voting against this motion. But um, I want to say also, I agree with what Carol said. So I think we should table this and just move on to the next move into the next meeting.

Okay, it is now 2:42. We have the time certain.

Yeah, we take a quick vote and be done with it. It's we got three more minutes. So

it's time certain odd to 40.

Right. And plus, then I would talk and then you'd be over the time. So if

people want more discussion, I have Susan and now that's why it will take longer, I guess. So I don't think we're ready to vote yet. So we're gonna go to the tabled motion to create a fundraising committee on the KPFA LSB. And, Carol, did you want to? Do we want to? Well, everybody's had an opportunity to read this, I would assume since it's been unfinished business for several meetings. So it was moved and seconded prior, correct, Carol? Yes. So I'm opening it up for discussion before we vote on the motion itself. Oh,

Franklin, just for the point information. It's been a while is that we just read it into the record for maybe people that are listening, or?

Well, I'll read it if you want, or Jeannine can read it. Jeannine, do you want to read it?


Jeannine Etter --
Sure. I can read it.
Go ahead.

Jeannine Etter
Okay, whereas it is stated in the current bylaws article seven, Section three, bullet point, one to assist decision fundraising activities, whereas members of the LSB and PNB have a duty to help in all any and all ways possible to support KPFA and all stations within the vast Pacifica network in ongoing efforts to remain free and independent of corporate underwriting donations. Whereas KPFA is actively seeking ways to expand OFF AIR fundraising ideas, therefore be it resolved that the KPFA local station board creative fundraising committee, I think, to be led by motions author Jeanine editor that meets on off months of the KPFA LSB meetings to discuss ways to bring in donations above and beyond the on the on air fund drives. The fundraising committee will also come up with ideas about how to increase listenership as well. The fundraising committee will bring the ideas back to the regular LSB meetings and delegate tasks to LSB KPFA staff and listeners present.

2:44 p.m. 33 Zoom participants

Okay, so I have hands up for discussion. Carol, um,

Carol Wolfley --
I just wanted to report that, you know, some people may not have been at the local station board meeting, when Kevin H, the development director came and presented for us a, a proposal, and that it is our responsibility to assist the station with fundraising, and that at that meeting, what he asked for us to do was to for each of the local station board members to fill out a form and that would cover areas of interest that each board member has in helping and I know that there was a response related to grant writing for KPFA. And bringing in money in that way and I don't know if other members are wanting to go ahead and that I sent that notice out twice, so and the report out twice. So that's where That is in terms of what, so far the local station board has done in relation to fundraising.

Sabrina Jacobs --
Point of information, madam chair?

Yes, Sabrina, like to be on the stack.

Sabrina Jacobs --
What do the bylaws say about all this? I mean, we're about to go into fund drive, and I already raise money. I'm already trying to raise money doing the best that I can. During the regular fund drives, and all of this stuff, people are already trying to raise money. So I'm not understand and then what do the bylaws say about the fundraising committee and the obligation and being a board member? And all of that, because I'm not quite understanding is the first I've ever heard of?

Well, first, first, I would say that I really appreciate that Jeannine has motive is motivated to try to help in fundraising, because that's something that hasn't been happening enough with our board members all along. So I think that it's laudable, that she wants to take a step towards do something positive. Um, there is a problem with some of the verbiage in it. And part of that would be that the, the fact that if that committee is created, you have to elect the chair of the committee, you cannot have in the motion itself in the body of the motion, who is going to be the chair of the committee, that would come after the committee was created, and then the committee would elect the chair. The other issue that I saw was that the fundraising will bring the ideas back to the LSB meetings and delegate tasks to the LSB KPFA. Staff and listeners present, there is no authority that we have as an LSB. Even as the Jeremy I don't get to just delegate tasks as the chair, nor does Carol or Sharon, or Darlene or Marilyn, or anybody. Well, it's darling downs as Vice Chair, we don't have the ability legally to delegate tasks to anyone. So that part of the verbiage would not, is doesn't comport with our job responsibilities under the bylaws. And I like the I the new ideas thing, I think that it should be looked at again, and probably they would have to work with Kevin, because as Carol pointed out, the verbiage in the bylaws says to assist in fundraising. So we wouldn't want people going in different directions, which could possibly, right, it's not comporting with one another.

Can I add that then I can change it to take out the last sentence based on what you said. Take out my name based on what you said. I think that I did speak with someone about what the language would be I think it would be that I would be
the steward until someone was voted on. So I understand that that until someone would be voted on that that would I understand that that will be the process that once it's formed, it would have to be voted on. Yes.

I think that we usually call it the convener. So the convener I'm
sorry, that's the other. Yeah. So I will be the convener until voted on? Yes.

On Philip. Actually, Sharon was next. Oh, I'm sorry. I should let you do this. Go ahead. Sharon.


Sharon Adams --
Okay. Well, I know I was just gonna say what you kind of said, Christina. So about the role of the LSB, in terms of the fundraising is to assist. That's specifically what it says in the bylaws.

Thank you. And I would like to also mention that I would, I can put this in the in the motion that I believe that Maria and Kevin should be consulted with? Yes. I mean, I don't know that. I don't know if it has to be specific, but I can I can write it in there if it needs to be. But I've just adjusted it.

So look.


Philip Maldari --
Yeah, I think that Kevin is the point person on all of this. And years ago, 20 years ago when we had a strong, you know, fundraising arm at the station, I was recruited to go to lunch with rich people and shake them down. And this is this is what typically boards do. I mean, that's we're supposed to be not the people that that create the agenda were the people that are called up and said, Philip, I've signed you up to meet with, you know, Fred Smith. He's really interested in your show. I'm sure you can do Get a, you know, 10 or 20,000 out of them. So I know you're scheduled to have lunch with him on Tuesday, that I mean, this is what you do on a board. And so again, I don't want the board to be out in front. I think it's Kevin, that should be out in front. And Rick, and we should be there to assist in every possible way. And, again, boards and a lot of institutions actually are rich people that come up with the money themselves. And that's not what we've done on this board or in Pacifica, and I'm not advocating that, but we certainly are the people that can schmooze and Shakedown rich people who have a political conscience, and who are committed to the same things we're committed to. And that's what we should, that's what we should tell Kevin, that we're ready and able to do and, and follow his lead.

Thank you, Carol.

Carol Wolfley --
Um, yeah, I, I have a couple of concerns. One thing is, I wasn't clear to me if the intent of this was to raise money for Pacifica, or raise money for KPFA. Because specific is mentioned in the motion and our responsibility, I think we could see today in the finance reports on how actually, one of the problems that KPFA is facing is Pacifica takings of KPFA assets and resources. And part of what I think we need to do is to be able to ensure that KPFA has the resources it needs to stay on the air, keep our building, keep our staff, and have our staff have the equipment and pensions and union that they need. So, to me, part of the I think, again, we need to follow through on what Kevin has initiated, which was the request for every board member to fill out the form in case you haven't done it, fill out the fundraising form, and then invite Kevin to come back to the meeting and talk about, you know, what he has received and, and to give us a plan based on what board members are willing and able to do. So based on that, we could table the motion and ask Phillip to come I mean, ask on Kevin to come and review the forums and you can find them in the meeting notes that we set out in the past. So thank you.

Thank you. Um, I correct me if I'm wrong, we'll say Susan. Next, Susan is next to you.


Susan da Silva --
Okay, thank you. First of all, Carol, I'd like you to resend that I don't think I filled out a form and I will do so. And I'd like to thank Jeanine for this motion I am I am not for tabling it I think we should jump on this. We have a person on the board who's willing to be the convener. And I think yes, we should all whether we're on the committee or not be willing to do things that Kevin might ask us to do, and we support him. But I think having a committee that that brainstorms ideas and goes beyond just being ready to help but actually trying to find things to do that, then they could suggest to Kevin or suggest to Quincy and actually you know do things we do not want to stop people who are willing to do things. And


2:57 p.m. -- 33 Zoom participants

Frank Sterling --
I'm all for this committee thing being formed and convened. So I put myself on this deck, I'll just say that I would not be able to vote for this the way that it's phrased right now because there are a third it would have to be rewritten. There's it's rewritten, I did rewrite it based on what you said. Then the fundraising committee will also come up with ideas about how to increase listenership as well. I mean, it's broader than just fundraising. So it's a little bit too diffuse for me. I'm just That's my point. It needs to be rewritten. But go ahead, frankly.

Yeah. Oh, sorry, I'm turn off my speakers. Sorry, I'm starting to get loud over here in my headphones. Okay. Um, yeah, I'm totally for this. And I feel like it's a committee. If you don't want to be on it, you don't have to join it. And if you don't want a task delegated to you, you don't have to accept it. I think, just as Susan just said, we shouldn't we should be praising this and just trying to do what we can because it was the guy's name, Kevin, I'm mistaken. The fund guy. Yeah, yes. Yeah, I sent him a couple emails with like, someone's got like, like Jimi Hendrix here. So yeah, I have reached out to Kevin, with all kinds of my ideas. He never sent an email or reply back to me. form. I will be glad to fill out the form I may have. But I'd like to do it again, if I haven't. But yeah, point Frank is the form. Okay, well, I'm saying I sent him an email to his email, and he never responded. And it was after was either after something he's, I don't know if he was at the LSB or something. Quince said, anyway, I sent the guy email he never got back to me. And just like Susan said, this is something that we should just embrace if it's, if you're not totally satisfied with it. Jeannine is already has been working on it. We can be more I'd be excited to be part of a fundraising committee, I got all kinds of ideas, I'd like to contribute, then I feel like, personally, we talked about moving these meetings to bimonthly, which I don't agree with and to get more committee work done. And here's a committee that's working to raise funds and generate ideas for fundraising. And of course, we have, you know, Jeannine, you know, she's already created some great ideas and already had some success. So I feel like this is the point where I don't even see okay, maybe some wording or disagreement or something. But obviously, people could disagree with us trying to raise funds on our own

disagreement. It's a violation of the bylaws that Sinead told us that she's corrected that Frank,

I'm sorry, yeah, it's. So you don't need

to you don't need to argue her the points that she's already corrected.

Okay. So well, she's already corrected him Well, anyways, then, this is something that I'd be excited to contribute to, I hope people are willing to vote for it. It's just something that I feel like the committee work is where my voice, I feel like gets heard more than the local station board level. And the committee work that I've got to do, I've been excited about it. It's been warm and welcoming,

right? We have time to shoot, but thank you so much. That's Thank you very sweet.

So um, Sabrina had a question as well. Did you want to ask me a question or Sabrina? Did you want to make a statement? Sabrina, no,

no, no, it's fine.

We can just go to the vote. Thanks.

Okay, so let's look at it as she rewrote it, okay. I read it, you could read it, read it as you rewrote it, please.


Jeannine Etter --
Whereas it is stated in the current bylaws Section seven article three bullet point one to assist the station fundraising activities, whereas the members of the LSB in the PNB have a duty to help any and all ways possible to support KPFA. And I continue this too, but in all stations in the vast network, in the ongoing efforts to remain free and independent of corporate underwriting donations, whereas KPFA is actively seeking ways to expand off your fundraising ideas, therefore be it resolved that the KPFA local station board creative fundraising committee and Jeannine Etter be convener until the chair's voted on of the LSB. Meeting off months of at Wait, sorry, that meets on the off month of the KPFA LSB meetings to discuss ways to bring donations above and beyond the on air fund drives, we would be assisting the development director and business manager.

Okay, so Do I have a second?

Second? Second? Third? I think we already second it before

she amended it. We had to have a second on the amended. Okay. Thank you. Carol, do you want to do a roll? Have you have something to say Carol? Or Carol? Carol disappeared.


3:01 p.m.

Carol Wolfley --
I do. Because I am concerned that we need to go through and be respectful of the process that Kevin set up with us. He asked us to submit our proposals to him I would again urge us to Wait and not pass this until we meet with him. A lot of people have come to me with a lot of ideas about fundraising and many of them are not appropriate and not helpful.

Okay, so let's vote you can vote against them. So

that is what I'm urging at this time.

Chair Christina Huggins --
Thank you. People are talking. Okay, so we want to go ahead and is there anybody that wants to speak before we hold the vote? Because I mean, my understanding is the way that she named her verbiage in this is she did put, at the end we would be assisting the development director and business manager. So I have a quick question for Jeannine, if you miss the training sessions, Jeannine, would you be willing to make up the time for the training session that Kevin gave all of us on the overview or work with him? Yes, okay. Okay, so let's go ahead with a vote on this.

Carol Do you want Okay, I'm Sharon Adams.

Sorry, my principal. Okay. Daniel Borgström Yeah, I'm all for any other Yes. Chris Cory.

Susan de Silva. Yes. Susan? Yes. Christina Huggins.

been upstairs. Christina, James McFadden. Yes. James McFadden? Yes. Aki Tanaka. is not here. Andrea Turner. I don't know she's still here. Tom Voorhees he's a yes. Okay, Tom. Yes. Carol Wolfley No. Sabrina Jacobs. Sabrina, no. Darlene Pagano. Darlene is not answering Tim Lynch.

Frank Sterling.
A big Yes. Everybody. Yes.

Jeannine Etter, Frank Yes. Jeannine Etter. Clean? Yes. Philip small

Maldari abstain.

abstain. Don Macleay? Yes. Okay.

I'm Jose.

Yeah, I have it as seven yeses, two nos and four abstentions.

Yes -- 7
No -- 2
abstain -- 4?
Jeannine Etter's Fund Raising Committee passes


3:05 p.m.

Chair Christina Huggins --
The Motion passes. Okay. Thank you, Sharon. And is 305423. So, Do I have a second on the move to adjourn? Second, Chris. You can press and Any objections? Raise your hand for joining.

I just like to say I want to be part of it. So email me too.

Chair Christina Huggins --
I don't see any hands up. Do you see any hands Jose? No. Okay, so the meeting is adjourned. Thank you very much for your participation. It's very important Saturday that you guys give up so you have a good rest of your day and stay safe out there.

3:06 p.m. ADJOURNED

***** *************************
***** *************************

This is posted text of the report that Quincy McCoy read

General Manager Report By Quincy McCoy Sept 18th, 2021

The emergence of the highly transmissible Delta variant which has propelled a new wave of infections across the country has necessitated federal and state safety agencies to call for businesses with more than 100 workers to require vaccinations against the coronavirus. KPFA's latest COVID-19 station survey results initiated by our Health and Safety Committee, which consists of union members, unpaid staff, and management reps in consultation with our HR Director Cynthia Dobek, have concluded after analysis of the data and feedback that most of the staff (97%) believe a fully vaccinated workforce creates the safest possible workplace environment.

Our Health and Safety Committee (which is included in the CWA contract) is here to monitor health and safety conditons in the station and to review any complaints around health and safety. We believe that our survey findings will enhance protections, while we manage a gradual re-opening of the building in the future. The Committee will continue to evaluate and update our policy as the pandemic and federal, state, and local guidance evolves. Members of the H&S Committee are Diana Martinez, Chris Lee, Tim Lynch, Mary Tilson, Antonio Ortiz, me and Lucy Kang. More on Lucy in just a few minutes. Our survey results were sent to the staff yesterday.

Fortunately for us we our essential workers are already at 97% vaccinated. KPFA will require all essential workers to be vaccinated or show a recent negative test as a condition of entry plus continue to employ our Covid-19 safety rules and protocols.

Another concern the survey yielded was our staff wanted information on capacity limits for the building and office spaces inside the station; to reduce possible transmission among workers. We identified work and common areas where employees could have close contact (within 6 feet) for example,

the patio, parking lot, the kitchen, and routes of entry and exit. Also, several offices and rooms at the station with no ventilation have been closed to entry and every space has a capacity limit assigned to it.

The Maximum Occupancy for the Station is 12 individuals, which we reach infrequently. KPFA's # of individuals range during the following time periods:

Monday to Friday 5-9 am about 2-3 individuals 9am-12 pm about 4-6 individuals 12-2pm about 8-12 individuals (this is the transition period for staff and 12 is very rare) 2-9 pm about 3-5 individuals

Saturday and Sundays 6am-7pm about 1-3 individuals at any given time. Engineering

Facility Maintenance:

In another effort to improve the air quality inside the station, our aging air-conditioning system that keeps Master Control and other studios operating at an acceptable temperature is finally being replaced this coming week. The cost of the new air conditioning system was $15k.

KPFA's main transmitter experienced fan failure, but we were able to maintain a stable operational temperature and broadcast at full power, however replacement parts were needed. The cost was $2,500.

Music mixing console and furniture As we look towards and plan for a future where we can gather safely, we have taken the opportunity to upgrade the music mixing console and accompanying furniture in our Production Control Room. This will allow the Performance Studio to be ready to reopen when the station reopens. The cost was $8,400 for the console and furniture.


KPFA can now be heard on 94.3FM in Monterey, CA. We've expanded

our reception area by installing a 10-watt translator. We entered a 5 yr. contract with American Tower for $900/month. How's it works? A translator listens on one signal (94.1 FM) and rebroadcasts it on another (94.3FM). We have a similar setup in Santa Cruz.

Development Department

Drive Goal Pledged / Received (% Received)

Pledge % of Goal

SUMMER 7/20 - 7/30

$300,000 275,168 / 237,168 (86%) 91%

POST 7/31 - 8/08

N/A 18,528 / 16,008 (86%;. .... ) N/A

KPFA's 2021 Summer Fund Drive was, by every measure, a success. While the goal of $300,000 was not quite reached, our 91% pledged percentage is very strong and by extending the drive dates into a 'soft post-summer drive' KPFA ultimately narrowed the gap to just about $6,000 short, or only 2%. While the Summer Drive started off slowly, it finished on an extremely strong note - the final day of the drive brought in a whopping $63,500 alone; if not a single day record, certainly one of the best drive days in recent memory. There was a strong push to get donors to donate on-line so we can rely less on expensive call-centers. This was very successful. Most donations were made via KPFA's website; not only a great cost-saving method, but it also showcased our revamped quick and reliable donation pages. Our reliance on physical premiums has continued to decrease, which obviously allows KPFA to realize more 'profit' from donations. We continue to create more 'digital premiums' that we draw from curated collections of show archives, event videos and special themed audio collections - Letters and Politics' "U.S. History Collection" is just one example of the innovative use of in-house resources. These cost the station almost nothing to produce and showcase the uniqueness of KPFA to its fullest. However, donors still respond very well to branded products and the Summer Drive offered some new merchandise. New designs of T- Shirts, stickers and a limited-edition enamel pin were offered, themed around our campaign of Storytelling for Social Change. These items were immensely popular and will continue to be available during upcoming Fall drive.

A donation of 75 seats aboard a luxury cruise ship for Tideline Tours "Cruising Through History" with best-selling author Gary Kamiya was a wonderful experiential premium and that donation raised $12,000.

KPFA Awards

One of the most positive aspects to emerge this year for KPFA has been the professional recognition received for the extraordinary work of Lucy Kang, a long-form reporter, producer and contributor to KPFA's News Dept and UpFront. In March, Lucy acquired an Excellence In Journalism award from the Society for Professional Journalists, of Northern California for her work on the feature-length investigation 'On the Brink: Homelessness before and during COVID-19' and most recently, on June 24th, Lucy was awarded the 1st Place recipient of The Public Media Journalist Association's Award in Enterprise Reporting - garnering national kudos for her feature, 'Present meets Past at Burning Man.

Lucy has also spearheaded KPFA's Storytelling project since 2018, which has provided training and mentorship of early- career KPFA news journalists, while also offering additional avenues of support, development, and growth for the news reporters within our station. Please join me in congratulating, Lucy, for all the excellent work she does for KPFA.

Big thanks to everyone who helped make KPFA's broadcast of the Black Women's Blues Festival last month a success. This was our first "live remote" broadcast with our new digital equipment. We partnered again with our friends at Freight & Salvage and the Berkeley Civic Center Park. Special thanks to our engineering team and all the programmers who participated in making this event special.


Later this fall KPFA is planning to offer a course to help us embed Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging into our workplace environment. It will include a review of policies, recruitment methods, engage everyone in our diversity of thought and increase visibility. Stay tuned for dates and times for the upcoming workshops.

Business News:

Pacifica's legal costs paid by KPFA's listener supported funds to date.

Eisenberg 58,354.53

Apert, Barr & Grant 43,432.79

Law Suit Total 101,787.32

Apert, Barr & Grant 19,386.46

The Law Firm for Non-Profits 57,031.98

Prop Tax Total 76,418.44

Grand Total 178,205.76

Quincy McCoy

General Manager, KPFA Radio

***** *************************
***** *************************

Draft Agenda KPFA LSB Meeting
Saturday, September 18, 2021
11 am to 3 PM

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 828 9192 6781
Passcode: 290821
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+1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
Meeting ID: 828 9192 6781
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Find your local number:
1. Call to Order
2. Review zoom instructions and group agreements
Zoom Instructions:

Participation For purposes of sound quality and clear communication without
interruptions, participants are asked to mute themselves during KPFA LSB online
meetings and the chair or host will recognize one person at a time to unmute
themselves and speak. Board members on the phone can mute and unmute themselves
by pressing *6 (star 6) The use of the Zoom Chat option is reserved for LSB
members only so that board members are able to process board business without
distraction accord. We look forward to hearing from members of the public during
the Town Hall Public Comments time. Please sign up at 11:30 by raising your
Board Members wishing to be called on during the meeting are asked to "raise
hand" by clicking on the participant button at the bottom of the screen and
then clicking on the raise hand button on the right or to press *9 on a phone
Board members will be called on by stack. LSB board members shall use chat to
submit written motions to the LSB secretary. Board members online may vote by
Zoom raise hand or by roll call or by email with a code when needed.

Confirm KPFA LSB meeting and email Agreements
Audio recording of the meetings is available at
No Video Recording permitted at KPFA LSB meetings.
Speak with each other respectfully using comfortable volumes,
Focus on facts, issues and proposals, (no name calling or personal insults),
Use attribution of sources and documentation when making statements or
assumptions about other people or groups},
Listen to each other with care
Honor the agenda and timeline, including staying on topic, following group
procedures and respecting the directions of the chair, facilitators, time
keepers and people taking stack during meetings,
Raise hands to be recognized by the facilitator. Honor individual time
allocations per share and finish up when agreed upon time is over. Each
person's time may be used for comments or questions with answers included in
the time.
Honor board confidentiality. KPFA Local Station Board members are required to
keep all job performance information related to KPFA management, paid and unpaid
staff and volunteers confidential to be shared only within closed session LSB
If a situation arises when a participant is not willing to honor the above
agreements after the agreements are brought to their attention, that person may
be asked to leave the meeting or removed from the meeting.

3. Roll call
4, Approve agenda,
5. KPFA Updates and introduction of the KPFA Draft Budget
6. Presentation of the KPFA Draft Budget and motion for approval.
7 KPFA Treasurer Report.
8. Time Certain 1:30 Public Comments
People wishing to make a public comment are asked to sign up to make a public
comment at the beginning of public comments time so that the designated time can
be equally divided among the speakers. The members of the public are called on
first to prioritize listener and staff input. PNB members who sign up will be
called on after members of the public have spoken.
9. Time Certain 2 PM PNB reports.
10, Approve minutes
11. Unfinished Business:
12. Old Business
13.. New Business
14. Adjourn