From kpfa’s board mtg of Jan 9, 2021

KPFA Local Station Board (LSB) of January 9, 2021 ZOOM meeting

by Daniel Borgström

In brief, here's what happened at this meeting:

The meeting opened at 11 a.m. on Zoom. Christina Huggins chaired Carol Wolfley secretary Sharon Adams treasurer

Secretary Carol Wolfley had completed the minutes for last year's LSB meetings of March, May, July, September, November and December of 2020.

The LSB approved a schedule for 2021. We'll be meeting only every other month this year, on: March 20th, May 15th, July 17th, September 18th, November 20th and December 18th. We, the Rescue Pacifica people, did push for a meeting each and every month. Perhaps we didn't push very hard; in reality we don't really want to see those SaveKPFA/UIR people -- the receivership folks & co -- any more often than we have to.

GM Quincy McCoy attended (for the first time in many months) and read a 40 minute report. The "General Manager’s State of the Station Report" It's about ten pages and is posted at
GM Report

Although the General Manager is supposed to attend every LSB meeting, the last time we saw him at a meeting was last May 16th, 2020. That was the day someone asked how we could communicate with him, and he replied that we could email him. Then, almost in the same breath, he added that he doesn't respond to people yelling or shouting at him.. "I don't deserve to be yelled at!" he said. Actually, nobody was shouting at anybody that day, but that's how Quincy responded. That was during the Q&A following his (May 2020) report. This time he left without taking questions.

There were between 42 and 47 participants for most of the session; that's counting board members plus Pacifica listeners. Several of these were people from other stations, KPFK in Los Angeles and WBAI in New York. About a dozen people of the audience spoke during public comments.

Four LSB members were elected to be directors at the Pacifica National Board (PNB) for 2021. These persons are:

Tom Voorhees - listener rep, Rescue Pacifica
Chris Cory - listener rep, SaveKPFA/UIR
Andrea Turner - listener rep, SaveKPFA/UIR
Sabrina Jacobs - staff rep SaveKPFA/UIR

Rescue Pacifica has 8 or9 votes and the SaveKPFA/UIR have about 15. It usually works out that the majority group (whichever that may be) will get 3 seats on the PNB and the minority gets one seat.

Each of the other Pacifica stations also send 4 people to the PNB, and there are two more representing the affiliate stations, for a total of 22 PNB members,

Andrea Turner (today reelected to the PNB) and Christina Huggins (reelected LSB chair last month) were among the litigants who went to Los Angeles on Dec 8, 2020 to ask a judge to put Pacifica in receivership. The fact that these board members who commit such an extreme violation of trust could get elected to these positions does say something about majority of this board who represent the "SaveKPFA" faction -- AKA New Day Pacifica, UIR, Pacifica Restructuring Project, KPFA Protectors. After a judge rejected their receivership request, the litigants amended their complaint and are now suing two members of the PNB. For details please see

Treasurer Sharon Adams (SaveKPFA/UIR) gave a financial report, which included her narrative for KPFA's unpaid property taxes. She and Business Mgr. Maria Negret had known about the nonpayment and tried to fix the problem which had to do with Pacifica's name changes. She did not say what General Manager Quincy McCoy did or tried to do about the problem, just that it was not his fault, he was not responsible for it. (The SaveKPFA/UIR people often tout Quincy as a very effective manager, but somehow an innocent bystander when those taxes were being paid.)

Sharon also told us -- she never tires of telling us -- how well KPFA is doing financially, and how poorly other stations are doing. Mantra Plonsey (Rescue Pacifica) asked how much money is in KPFA's current reserves. To which Sharon replied, "Don't have that information." Finally, near the end of meeting, Mantra got another chance to speak, and she said, "My question was not answered. I asked about KPFA's reserves. I'd like to know those numbers, and if Sharon doesn't have them, who can I ask?" and then came a voice (not sure who) saying, "That question is out of order."

Much time was taken up with a PNB (Pacifica National Board) report, which included complaints about not having a majority on PNB, propaganda for the New Day Pacifica bylaws change, and the obligatory WBAI bashing which we hear at every KPFA board meeting.

MOTIONS -- There were several motions awaiting this LSB meeting, several from months ago, and most importantly, the Rescue Pacifica Motion To Condemn the Effort to Put Pacifica into Receivership which Frank Sterling introduced at the LSB meeting of Dec 19th, and was scheduled to resume today. But the clock ran out and the meeting ended at 3 p.m. There was also a motion from Don Goldmacher (SaveKPFA/UIR) in support of the KPFK (the Los Angeles station) GM. It did not get heard either. Nor did any of the older motions.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

THIS IS THE TEXT of the Rescue Pacifica motion which was presented at the Dec 19th LSB by Frank Sterling, and tabled when the clock ran out. It should have been heard and discussed at this meeting, but again, the clock ran out.


WHEREAS, On December 8, 2020, Andrea Turner, Donald Goldmacher, Christina Huggins and Craig Alderson petitioned the Los Angeles Superior Court to place Pacifica Foundation into a court-appointed receivership and thereby attempted to deprive its Members of their voting rights

WHEREAS, had said action been successful, it would have bypassed the bylaws process, which requires that “Members shall vote on any proposed amendment” to change the bylaws which “… (v) materially and adversely affect a Member's rights as to voting or transfer.” (Article 17, Section 1)

WHEREAS, said Court actions caused Pacifica Foundation both direct financial harm through court costs, and indirect financial harm through the alienation of Members by demonstrating dysfunctional behavior by LSB delegates and PNB directors who failed to operate through proper bylaw procedures, who failed to provide proper notification to the PNB directors of said actions that directly impacted Pacifica, and by failing to make any effort to negotiate with the PNB before resorting to said court actions

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, That the KPFA Local Station Board condemns the actions of Andrea Turner, Donald Goldmacher, and Christina Huggins which were adverse to the best interests of the Foundation, when they attempted to place the Pacifica Foundation into a receivership, an action which would materially and adversely affect a Member's rights as to voting or transfer of Pacifica assets, and asks the Pacifica National Board to remove Andrea Turner, Donald Goldmacher, and Christina Huggins from the KPFA LSB for their actions.


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