soldiers once

Veteran Occupiers 1971 & 1972 ex-GIs against the Vietnam War
by Daniel Borgström

Whistleblower Manning on Market Street at the San Francisco Pride Parades of 2013 & 2014
& again this year - June 28, 2015

by Daniel Borgström

Iraq War Veteran
Scott Olsen

Joins Campaign to Rescue KPFA
United for Community Radio

Iraq War Veterans:
Scott Olsen & Kayvan Sabehgi -- casualties at Occupy Oakland
Statement by Steve Morse of Veterans for Peace, October 2011

Soldiers on Okinawa, 1945
by former Corporal Howard Keylor

Surviving Typhoon Louise
on Okinawa in October 1945
by Howard Keylor

JFK didn't send us to Cuba
Coming of age in a time of assassination

by Daniel Borgström

The Legend of Dealey Plaza
Commonsense vs. the Lone Gunman

by Daniel Borgström

Veterans for Peace supports Occupy Oakland
VfP East Bay Chapter #162

remembering Jim Ketola, Vietnam veteran, antiwar & labor activist

What caused the Port Chicago disaster? by Howard Keylor, retired longshoreman

Veterans for Peace at Oakland's First Fridays by Gregory Ross

Between the Crosses by Daniel Borgström

Zwischen den Kreuzen --German translation of "Between the Crosses"

Ask a Marine --at the recruiting office in Berkeley

"Take us instead!" -- Grannies at the recruiting office on Valentine's Day

Support the Troops; Jail a Veteran

Charges dropped against Vermont Peace Activist

Coup in Haiti, Corps in Haiti, Rally in San Francisco

Our Country was Founded by Protesters

My Favorite Infiltrator

The Best & the Brightest, at KPFA by Daniel Borgström

Honor Veterans - Not the Wars!
Veterans for Peace march in Veterans Day Parade

by Daniel Borgström

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