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Hi Everyone,

I have a personal deadline on Thursday and I don't have time to put out a preview (even a late one) today. And, next week I will be out of town, so the preview might miss 2 weeks in a row. I'm sorry.

Here's what we've got planned for the next couple of days:

Tomorrow [Tuesday, April 12] we're going to talk about the health of the planet's ocean with an emphasis on the Fukushima contamination. Kahlil Bendib, of KPFA's Voices of the Middle East and North Africa, will have an update for us, and an activist will give a first-hand report of several hearings on S.F. pedestrian safety.

Wednesday, April 13, Joy Moore will talk about the ground-breaking FDA hearing on food colors and dyes with most of the time given to call ins. Then I'll discuss two new proposed bills to change some sex offender laws in California. My guests are a San Bernandino Public Defender and (probably) a sex offender. We'll also talk about an activist yoga program.

It was great to see everyone at the No Nukes! No War! march. I got a little sunburn and a lot of inspiration.


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Last Week
April 4 - April 8, 2011

Special Programming all week: “No Nukes! No War!”
Listen to KPFA’s live broadcast of the Sunday, April 10, rally and march in San Francisco.

Monday, April 4
REPORT TO THE LISTENERS with open phone lines for calls with KPFA interim General Manager, Andrew Phillips. Call in line: (510) 848-4425. Hosted by Tara Dorabji

Tuesday, April 5
LABOR & THE ANTI-WAR MOVEMENT, a discussion with Clarence Thomas of International Longshore and Warehouse Union, Local 10. Hosted by Anthony Fest and Adrienne Lauby.

Wednesday, April 6
Mumia Abu Jamal, the latest commentary. With news and public affairs from Adrienne Lauby and J.R. Valrey. J.R. is the author of the newly released book, BLOCK REPORTIN’, available at Marcus Books, Alexander Books, Laurel Books, Moes Books, Walden Pond, Revolution Books and more.
"We are starting out the program with
Cynthia McKinney and taking some call ins. Then a discussion of Bradley Manning with Courage to Resist's Jeff Patterson."

Thursday, April 7
NON-VIOLENT STRUGGLE, CIVIL RESISTANCE & DEMOCRACY. Cynthia Boaz talks to host, Peter Phillips. Cynthia Boaz is Vice President of the Metta Center for Nonviolence and an affiliated scholar at the Universitat Jaume I (in Peace, Conflict & Development Studies) in Castellon, Spain

Friday, April 8
THE 25th ANNIVERSARY OF CHERNOBYL. Leslie Stovall interviews, the leader of the Chernobyl clean up, Tatiana Manzurova, and world-renowned anti-nuclear scientist, Dr. Natalia Mironova.

All this and much, much more.

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KPFA’s Women's Magazine airs every Monday from 1-2 pm. on KPFA
You can find their discussion with
Helen Caldecott and others about the health risks for women and children from the Japanese nuclear disaster on line at: KPFA Women's Magazine

Tune in tomorrow to this excellent source of information about the culture, politics and history of the majority gender.


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