Dear Oakland City Council

Occupy Group FINALLY Brings Business and Renown to Oakland

Thursday, November 10, 2011
Dear Oakland City Council,

You are getting internationally known public figures visiting and publicizing Oakland in a positive way. Are you people SERIOUS about trying to remove something you've been wanting for years to create?

You have been working for years for business to improve in Oakland. Now celebrate something positive, world-wide, and stand with Oakland-on-the-map in this historic moment. Many of us have been asking business owners in Oakland in a neutral way what they think of the Occupiers. By far the majority of answers have ranged from complete support and jubilance to "some customers seem a little afraid, but if the city and media would publicize what's actually happening, customers would realize it's safer and more lively than before."

Just a sampling of positive publicity has come from Tavis Smiley, Amy Goodman, CBS, CNN, KGO, and Egypt!

If you want to concentrate on what's not working, you can ALWAYS find trouble. Do you want to get rid of the Raiders because some fans always start fights? You have a vast number of allies within the Occupy encampment calling on disrupters to cease any vandalism.

Please do all you can to work with the Occupiers, many of whom are young. They have infused the country with hope that seemed dead! I know Ms. Brooks pitched a tent, but most also are aware that she has not actually needed to stay in it.

As far as any safety violations are concerned, work with the campers. They are, by and large, quite organized. You will doubtless have more not fewer public safety officers available for serious crimes elsewhere if you'd use the help you have here.

Thank you!
Virginia Browning

employed in Oakland,
and more frequent than before --
downtown Oakland customer

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