Carol Spooner's exchange with a friend who asks about the KPFA election

A friend wrote:

Hi Carol,

I just got my ballot in the mail today. I have no idea which of the two sides to vote for. I have great admiration for some of the endorsers on each side. I am on the email list from each camp. I cared enough for KPFA that I was at the barricades in '99 at Grove and University Avenue, yet with the best will in the world to do right by the station, I just don't know what that right is. Any idea to help me be clearer?

I responded:


I am one of the endorsers for the "United for Community Radio" group. I hope you will rank them #1 through #10 on your ballot. I have great admiration for some of the endorsers of the other slate, too. But I think they are very narrow focussed on preserving jobs that KPFA cannot afford to pay, and unfortunately, many of them don't really know much about the internal struggles at KPFA that are the source of the whole struggle.

I believe the UCR candidates are more well-rounded, better connected to more communities that KPFA needs to reach to expand and rebuild its dwindling listener & donor base, more focussed on financial responsibility, and also more likely to eventually bring peace between the warring factions on KPFA's staff because of their respect and support for both the unpaid staff and paid staff. I hope so, at least.

I sent out an endorsement email a couple of days ago. I'm surprised you didn't get it since I sent it to the same list as I sent the WBAI fundraiser notice.

Thanks for asking!


November 15, 2012


If you haven't received your ballot by November 13, 2012, call the "Help Desk" at the Election Services company to request a replacement ballot. That toll-free number is 1-866-720-4357. If that does not yield correct results, I would suggest contacting Aharon Morris (the Local Election Supervisor) at: election(at)kpfa.org, or phone (510) 848-6767 ext. 212. But you should start with the New York toll free number.