Bernie's African immigrant supporters

Bernie Sanders' African Immigrant Supporters

from Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo

by Ann Garrison
February 23, 2016

Senator Bernie Sanders has a group of hardworking, dedicated volunteers that he and his campaign aren't even aware of. They are immigrants from the African Great Lakes Region. most of all Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, who hold Bill Clinton ultimately responsible for the wars and massacres that left millions dead and turned the Democratic Republic of the Congo into the killing ground it continues to be today.

Why are they out working for Bernie Sanders? Because he is NOT Hillary Clinton. The Clintons return to the White House would be a nightmare for their family still in Rwanda, Burundi, and Congo, and for their own struggle for truth and justice about what has really happened there, from 1990 to today.

These immigrants tell me they're working as hard for Bernie as they did for Barack Obama in 2008, even though Bernie Sanders has never made a policy statement that they know of regarding their countries of origin. He is, nevertheless, NOT Hillary Clinton. Some say they will stay home on election day if Hillary is the Democratic nominee; others say they might consider voting Green, or even Republican.

This African immigrant community believes that Bernie Sanders is the candidate who stands for the American dream that if you come here, go to school, get your degree and then work hard, you can get ahead, but their greater motivation is that he is NOT Hillary.

Independent Journalist

February 23, 2016