NYT tries to bury Bernie Sanders with biased reporting

New York Times tries to bury Bernie with biased reporting about Thursday’s Clinton-Sanders debate.

by Stephen M Brown

Can’t help ranting, but It is truly astonishing how brazen the NY Times has become in flaunting its bias against Bernie Sanders – not just in its editorials, but in its so-called “objective” news coverage.

For example, look at its lead story about the
Thursday night debate (April 14th).

The first paragraph instantly sets the tone. Sanders, says the Times, “savaged” Mrs. Clinton, who then “countered with steely confidence.” Oh, please.

The rest of the story goes on to repeat, over and over, directly and by innuendo, how laughable Sanders’ chances are of winning against Clinton – apparently hoping to engineer a self-fulfilling prophecy. Truly shameless is the Times’ grudging mention that “some” national polls show Bernie faring better than Hillary against Trump. But the real truth is that – not just some – but virtually all the national polls (FOX News, CBS News, McClatchy/Marist, IBD/TIPP, PPP (D), Bloomberg, and Quinnipiac) have been showing this for some time.

See the national
poll results for Trump vs. Sanders.

See the national poll results for
Trump vs. Clinton.

But it doesn’t matter what the truth is. All the corporate media are following the same playbook, from the Times and Daily News to CNN and MSNBC. Listening to what the cable “news” commentators have been saying about the debate almost makes me think I didn’t see and hear what I saw and heard. No wonder both the right and the left despise the media. Only the smug and complacent “middle” believe them.

sbrown13 (at) nyc.rr.com
Director, Pacifica National Board

April 17, 2016