Finding an Alternative

I keep watching Congress and much of what I see is the Democrats being awfully nice to George W. Bush, and letting us down time after time. The leaders of the Democratic Party take us and our votes for granted because they figure that we have nowhere else to go.

That's why we need to build a viable alternative. A good place to work on that is at the city council level. Here in Oakland's District 2, we have an able candidate from the Green Party, Aimee Allison. Aimee is courageous and competent, well qualified to sit on our city council. At the same time, each vote for her sends a message to the Democrats, showing them that we're finding a better way to go.

Daniel Borgström
Oakland, District 2
June 2006

Election results, updated Friday, June 9, 2006

Candidate____________# of Votes_______% of Total

Patricia Kernighan_______4,301____________46.73
Aimee Allison___________3,548____________38.55
Shirley Gee_____________1,345____________14.61

Aimee Allison will face Patricia Kernighan in a runoff on November 7th.