Daniel's Recommendations

for KPFA's Local Station Board

KPFA's election of this summer 2009

Nine seats are pursued by nearly 30 candidates. I'm recommending persons from two slates: "People's Radio" (PR) and "Independents for Community Radio" (ICR). Even so, that's about 15 candidates, so I suggest some sort of ranking order.

At the top of the list, I'm suggesting five persons who either are or have been board members. These five have done a good job and have good attendance records. These are, in reverse alphabetical order:

Stan Woods-- PR slate

Akio Tanaka-- ICR slate
-- see Crying Wolf at KPFA

Gerald Sanders-- PR slate

Richard Phelps-- PR slate
-- see The Pacifica Financial Crisis: Who is Responsible?

Henry Norr-- ICR slate

Sasha Futran-- ICR slate
Initially I did not include Sasha Futran because of her absences. Nevertheless, at the LSB of Aug 8th, I was very impressed with the part she took in helping to expose the fraudulent story of the supposed "raid" on KPFA'a funds.
Sasha has expressed a commitment that if elected, she will attend.
-- see Sasha Futran's commentary in the Berkeley Daily Planet.

These are impressive people who haven't yet been board members, listed in reverse alphabetical order:

Andrea Prichett -- ICR slate
Rahman Jamaal McCreadie -- ICR slate
Adam Hudson -- ICR slate
Judith Gips --not on a slate
Shara Esbenshade -- ICR slate
Jim Curtis -- PR slate

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I have written several articles on KPFA's board, the most recent ones are:

New Leadership in Pacifica Radio
by Daniel Borgström

KPFA: Lords and Ladies vs. the Peasants
by Daniel Borgström

There is a slate I do NOT recommend: the "Concerned Listeners" (CL). Why not? Because in addition to being undemocratic, they have shown themselves to be less than fiscally responsible. On the CL's watch, Pacifica very nearly slid into bankruptcy.

The Pacifica Financial Crisis: Who is Responsible?
by Richard Phelps (People's Radio)

Crying Wolf at KPFA
by Akio Tanaka (ICR)

KPFA: Let's Get Real
by Sasha Futran (ICR)

The "Concerned Listeners" & Dan Siegel
from elections report by Casey Peters, National Elections Supervisor of 2007


People's Radio (PR)

Independents for Community Radio (ICR)

All LSB candidate statements are at the Pacifica Foundation website

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From here in northern California, I've been following reports from WBAI, the Pacifica sister station in New York. I'm recommending Mitchel Cohen, Frank LeFever, and others of the INDEPENDENTS slate. I'm impressed with their courage and tenacity over the years as they struggled to save WBAI, and with the hopeful results that have come of their efforts as of this year.

The INDEPENDENTS (WBAI) candidates are:
Elizabeth Brown, Mitchel Cohen, Chris Farrell, Andrea Fishman, Andrea Katz, Austin Kelley, Frank LeFever, Lionel Legros, Teresa Palmer, Manijeh Saba, Alex Steinberg


I do NOT recommend the "Justice & Unity Coalition" (JUC) slate at WBAI. They were joined together with the Concerned Listeners from KPBA (CL'ers) in an unholy alliance of mutual co-dependents, protecting each other from accountability. Over a period of several years until this spring, the JUC ran WBAI into the ground.

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