The Sorceress at Pacifica Radio

Grace Aaron, the current executive of Pacifica Radio, is a sorceress who can appear in multiple locations at the same time. I've suspected this for some time, as it's clearly the most reasonable explanation for the numerous things she's routinely accused of having done. Such as, her participation in the Nadra Foster arrest at KPFA, an extraordinary feat of sorcery since, at the time, she was a lowly KPFK board member in Los Angeles without personal authorization over anything related to KPFA.

Further evidence of Grace Aaron's witchcraft recently came to light when the national office was charged with a raid on KPFA funds. That was even on the front page of the Berkeley Daily Planet (8/6/2009). The intriguing thing is that since the funds were part of collateral for a loan taken out last fall by a previous chair of the national board, this would seem to have nothing to do with Grace Aaron. Unless, of course, the previous chairwoman were under her spell.

So I decided to investigate. I consulted a highly regarded and absolutely reliable psychic. (The consultation fee was rather high, but I received a senior discount.) The psychic confirmed that Grace Aaron, the interim Executive Director of Pacifica radio, is indeed a powerful sorceress. And not only that. It was also revealed during the consultation that, in her past lives, this entity we know as Grace Aaron had done incredibly awful things.

Back in 1915 she was the German U-boat commander who torpedoed and sank the Lusitania. And in another lifetime before that, she conspired with John Wilkes Booth.

The appalling truth is that in lifetime after lifetime, since the earliest beginnings of history, she has inflicted disasters and calamities upon humanity.

Grace Aaron was not alone in those activities. Back in the 1690's she organized and chaired the Salem Association of Witches. That entire coven has returned to earth and reconvened in the national office of Pacifica Radio.

Daniel Borgström

August 2009

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