Daniel's recommendations for KPFA's election 2010

Ballots must be in by September 30

Nine seats are pursued by 27 candidates. Sixteen of these look good; at the top of the list I recommend JANET KOBREN and TRACY ROSENBERG. Next, HYUN-MI KIM, AARON AARONS and FELIPE MESSINA.

Tracy, Janet and Hyun-Mi are on the ICR (Independents for Community Radio) slate. Felipe Messina is on the VFJR (Voices for Justice Radio) slate, and Aaron Aarons is an unaffiliated independent.

Janet Kobren -- ICR slate
Tracy Rosenberg -- ICR slate
Hyun-Mi Kim -- ICR slate
Aaron Aarons -- independent
Felipe Messina -- VFJR slate

I also recommend the remaining candidates of these two slates (ICR & VFJR), and another independent. I've found it difficult to these in ranking order, as each of them has skills and qualifications which would make them valuable board members. Here I list the rest of the ICR, VFJR, & an independent in alphabetical order.

Cynthia Johnson -- ICR slate
Georgia Frazier -- ICR slate
Gina Szeto -- ICR slate
Ivar Diehl -- independent
Jaime Cader -- VFJR slate
Kate Tanaka -- ICR slate
Monadel Herzallah -- ICR slate
Naeem Deskins -- ICR slate
Stephen Astourian -- ICR slate
Steve Zeltzer -- VFJR slate
Sureya Sayadi -- VFJR slate, incumbent

I do NOT recommend: the status quo slate--the "Concerned Listeners"-- now calling themselves "Save KPFA." Throughout the 5 years that I've attended board meetings, the CL'ers have consistently opposed transparency and accountability. Their handling of station finances has been irresponsible; so I fear that if they were to win the election and get back in full control of the station, they'll crash it.

ISSUES: Survival of KPFA is the central issue.
The station is in a severe financial crisis, and every other issue does in some crucial way relate to the question of survival. Because unless KPFA can govern itself competently, attract listeners, and resolve its financial problems, the station quite simply will NOT survive.

Daniel Borgström
September 22, 2010

Ballots must be in by September 30