KPFA should learn from New Agers

Today KPFA is in financial disarray after years of living beyond its means. And the same people who brought this crisis about are now pushing yet another unworkable budget. To broadcast their unrealistic demands, they've taken over KPFA's airwaves.

by Daniel Borgström
November 12, 2010

This morning I was crying my KPFA woes on the shoulder of a friend who shared with me an experience of his own, which happened some decades ago. My friend was then a member of a New Age group dedicated to the study of A Course in Miracles. The woman who founded and ran the group set up a non-profit corporation which required a board, whose duties included making legal judgments on the finances of the group.

My friend was a member of this board, consisting of about five persons. On reviewing her projects, the board determined that they were not properly funded. When they brought this financial discrepancy to her attention, she assured them, "God will provide."

And this being a board of New Age miracle seekers, the very predictable reply should have been, "Yes, you are so right. God will indeed provide."

However, that's not what happened. Instead, this board of true believers replied, "Corporation law does not recognize God as a provider."

The board told her to get the group finances in order. Having no other choice, she complied.

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DANIEL BORGSTRÖM is a KPFA listener/subscriber. He attends board meetings and writes occasional commentaries.

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2006 -- 2,326,777
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2008 -- 2,424,060
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