Transcripts from September 30, 2010

For the Record by Felipe Messina

To: [KPFA-watch]
Re: Thursday 9/30/10, The Morning Show, 7:00 am

Dear brothers and sisters, friends of KPFA,

In view of SK/CL threats of litigation against Pacifica, et al, during the December 2010 LSB meeting, I submit for the historical record, if any are interested (please see below), part 1 of 2 of a transcript of the final segment of KPFA Morning Show's broadcast of Thursday, 9/30/10 (7 am).

During this broadcast Brian Edwards-Tiekert (BET) and Aimee Allison (AA) engaged in between audio clips in eight or nine rounds of pitching and emotionally appealing to listeners toward SK/CL political objectives, blatantly influencing and/or subverting the LSB Elections process. The iGM was MIA and the LES and NES were pressured to acquiesce.

Below is the final segment from that morning's two-hour broadcast, of which Aki has extensively transcribed as well. We're all ever grateful for Aki's immense transcription, but it starts to skip bits and details toward the end. I hope we may compile and refine a comprehensive and detailed record toward future scholarship and discourse. Perhaps, have a historical research page on the/a website?

In solidarity,
Felipe Messina, KPFA Listener-Member
December 8, 2010
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TRANSCRIPT: 9/30/10 KPFA (1 of 2)

Thursday 9/30/10, The Morning Show, 7:00 am -- Roughly, the last ten minutes of a mutinous broadcast by SK/CL on KPFA airwaves.

(1:52:55) Brian Edwards-Tiekert: "That's the voice of Oliver Stone narrating his documentary, "South of the Border." Uh, we've had 11 of our 12 phone lines open up. And we're asking for your call at one-eight-hundred, 439-5732. This documentary is co-written by two people you frequently hear as analysts on KPFA, Tariq Ali and Mark Weisbrot. It's not just, uh, a sweeping view of the political transformations taking place across Latin America.

It is also a critique of the way the American media has kept us in the dark about that. And because this is a fundamental political shift, it is creating a fundamental shift in the relationship between the United States and the rest of the hemisphere. But you don't hear about that unless you listen to KPFA. That's why we're asking you to call one-eight-hundred, 439-5732.

Uh, it's not really about thank-you gifts this hour. We're asking you to support the work we do here. But we are always happy to spread good work. This documentary is good work. I think it's important work. I think it puts what's happening into a form that makes it intelligible to people who don't care to immerse themselves in international politics.

South of the Border is yours on DVD for a pledge of $100 or more at one-eight-hundred, 439-5732. And I do want to thank those of you who have been pledging online at as well. Debbie Speer pledged from Fresno, CA. Debbie is a former Board Member at KPFA. [BET omits the fact that Debbie Speer is a political ally vis a vis

"SaveKPFA"/"Concerned Listeners" endorsement/association, rendering this another example of partisan electioneering disguised as neutral broadcasting.] She says, "Please withhold any thank-you gift. I am pledging in solidarity with The Morning Show, Against the Grain, and The Evening News. As a Fresno listener, I recognise and honour the importance of our professional staff, including The Evening News, that has worked so hard to bring KFCF's News Stringers on the air to under-reported Valley news, to get under-reported Valley news to a state-wide audience. Join her at or on the phones where we still have five lines open at one-eight-hundred, 439-5732.

Layla Salazar Lopez (sic) pledged from San Francisco. She writes, "I can't imagine getting ready in the morning without Brian and Aimee and the Morning Show. Thank you. You have my support."

Patricia Hendrix (sic) pledges from San Francisco and writes, "In reference to transparency, please tell us who are the Pacifica Board Members who want to cut The Evening News, Against The Grain, and The Morning Show, so we can take the people's action to speak up for KPFA and for us. Onward." The phone number: one-eight-hundred, 439-5732 or online at

Sarah Wright(sp?) pledged from Woodacre and writes, "My husband, Mel, and I already gave our limit this year to KPFA, but we are donating more today to support Brian, Aimee, Sasha Lilley, the reporters, and a full hour of news."

One-eight-hundred, 439-5732. We're asking you to join them. We're asking you to show what this work is worth to you by pledging online at or picking up the phone and calling one-eight-hundred, 439-5732 telling the volunteer on the other end of that line that you are pledging in solidarity with the work you hear on The Morning Show, on Against The Grain, and on The Evening News.

One-eight-hundred, 439-5732."

(1:56:07) Aimee Allison: "You know, I know, it's not easy to share some of the internal problems that KPFA has, but, uh. You know? I come to work every day, absolutely in love with looking at the news, bringing news that hasn't been reported, talking to authors, uh, people like Robert Scheer, who, uh, you know, had a very successful career as a mainstream media. But when he started criticising both Democrats and Republicans about their role in creating the economic crisis they shut him out. And bringing, bringing, uh, people like Robert Scheer to the airwaves, bringing, uh, work like "South of the Border" that hasn't gotten much of a hearing. That is worth, that's a life work, that is a, a, a labour of love. And that's what KPFA value is.

And I, I just want to thank everybody who's called, uh, today in particular, as we share this very difficult news, uh, that, uh, the, there are some National Board Members who are looking at cutting particular people. Um, myself and Brian included, in a, in a way that just doesn't make any sense and, um, here at The Morning Show we wanna be able to do what we do every day. The phone number in the last three minutes, three minutes of the broadcast is one-eight-hundred, 439-5732. Or go online to

Uh, the phone lines have been full most of the last two hours. We do have three open phone lines open today, uh, right now, uh, for the next three minutes, two, two phone lines. And it is one-eight-hundred, 439-5732. Um, and go online to, "South of the Border" is the kind of film with the analysis about the politics. [music enters the background.] Uh, you know, to, in our neighbours in Latin America, uh, that hasn't gotten much play. And, uh, for a $100 pledge we'll send you that film. Uh, Mexico Unconquered, which we haven't talked a lot about this, this hour by John Gibler is, uh, fantastic, uh, exploration of a politics, developing politics in Mexico, uh, and its relationship to the United States. And that's for a pledge of $90 or both for a hundred twenty, uh, $175.

But like Brian said, it's really not, this day, when we shared such important news about, uh, the gifts, the thank-you gifts with your pledge of support. It's about financially supporting a transparent, strong, professional radio station that brings you independent news and analysis that you've come to rely on. And you can't find it anywhere else. The phone number to do that, one-eight-hundred, 439-5732. And we're asking you to be as generous as you possibly can, uh, at You can go online because right now every phone line is full. Keep trying. One-eight-hundred, 439-5732."

[End of Part 1, see next Part 2]

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TRANSCRIPT: 9/30/10 KPFA (2 of 2)

(1:58:57) Brian Edwards-Tiekert: "Uh, and I just wanna answer the caller who asked for names, um. Uh, one of the three Board Members from what we know, uh, is one of the Candidates in, uh, our Elections.

Uh, I don't think, those of us who are fortunate enough to have access to the airwaves should ever use them to endorse or attack Candidates by name. So, won't be doing that. Uh, the Board Elections do run until midnight tonight. The only way to vote if you haven't already put one in the mail is to drop your ballot off. And we certainly do need more good Board Members at KPFA. So, if you are a KPFA Member and you haven't voted yet, uh, our address, 1929 Martin Luther King Jr Way and we will accept a ballot dropped by in person until midnight tonight. Our phone lines are full. So, if you're having trouble getting through please call www, excuse me, get on your computer and go to Again, you can send a written comment with your pledge. If we get it in time we can announce it on air. Um, we can also, it, it gets logged. It becomes a part of the permanent record of the Fund Drive. Uh, just 30 seconds 'til Democracy Now! comes up. One-eight-hundred, 439-5732.

And I just wanna say thank you. ("Yeah," chimes in Aimee Allison.) Sometimes in radio you feel like you are sending your voice up to the ether and you don't know if anyone is listening. ("Well," offers Aimee Allison to no avail.) Um, the amount of response we have seen over the past two hours, um--" [BET is cut off by the time-slot digital frame]


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