Pacifica Radio Network

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The Pacifica Radio Network, 94.1 5 Pacifica stations, over 150 Pacifica affiliates nationwide. You can hear inspiring conversations between Coptic Christians, devout Muslims, Jews, secularists, poets of all types; stories from people from ALL walks of life, up close as they have found themselves in proximity to one another, day after day in Tahrir square and elsewhere. You can come to realize as the everyday doctors, street vendors, teachers, custodians, housewives, unemployed, etc. jammed into the square did, that no matter what happens with the governments, for many people "on the ground" nothing will ever go back to the way it was.

Pacifica carries Free Speech Radio News,
another eye-witness on-the-ground, right there, ducking-into-doorways, rubbing elbows news source with reporters in countries all over the world.

Pacifica, with over 150 true community radio affiliates
such as WORT in Madison, are providing listeners with roaring news from revolution in this country as well.

Pacifica Radio Network: local everywhere.

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