"Save KPFA" Eliminates Rank and File Input in Managerial Evaluations

by Tracy Rosenberg
November 4, 2011

Today, the Save KPFA contingent on the KPFA local board decided to eliminate all worker input into the annual evaluation of the station's general manager.

LSB member Mal Burnstein in emails sent to the committee tasked with carrying out the evaluation described rank and file worker opinions of their manager to be "second-hand", "random" and "without value to the local station board".

"We are not conducting a popularity contest", he said, tacitly admitting the interim general manager is probably considerably more popular with KPFA's 150-strong unpaid workforce than with Burnstein's contingent on the local board.

Every other general manager at KPFA has received a comprehensive evaluation with approximately 70-100 responses tabulated for board and Executive Director review. Barely 30 people (all board and management-only staff) will have input into Phillip's review.

The rank and file (paid and unpaid) who are used to having at least this small amount of input into working conditions, have had yet another piece of workplace democracy stripped away.

Those who wish to assert their right to participate in the general manager evaluation at KPFA will have to speak up now. Emails can be sent to kpfalsb2011 [ ] pacifica.org and pnb [ ] pacifica.org and in-person comments can be made at the November LSB meeting (location TBD).

TRACY ROSENBERG is a member of KPFA's Local Station Board

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UPDATE, from Tracy Rosenberg

9:03 a.m. Nov 8, 2011

I realize it's short notice and a busy election day, but if anyone has any free time today, those planning to ax the staff out of the GM evaluation are meeting at 3pm at the station today (11/8) - and you can take a moment to tell them their actions are unwelcome. Jack Kurzweil, Mal Burnstein and Sasha Futran.

for more information and updates please visit Support KPFA at www.supportkpfa.org

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