reflecting on J28

409 people were arrested at Occupy Oakland on January 28, 2012

by Daniel Borgström

I was there, both in the afternoon and the evening, armed with a notebook and pen. I was tear gassed twice, flash-bang grenaded twice, and arrested along with 400 other Occupiers. On Oak street a police officer aimed a shoulder weapon (apparently a pellet gun) at my face. People were knocked down, clubbed. It was pretty awful, but it brought out the best in people. All around, people were looking after each other, applying first aid, caring for each other. A huge feeling of solidarity.

I spent a day in the Santa Rita jail, 26 of us crammed into a small cell. I’m seventy and the rest were in their twenties; I look back on that experience as a day of quality time I spent with the younger generation.

Having been through that and other such experiences during these months together, we at Occupy Oakland share bonds of comradeship that were forged in the stress of those frightful moments.