Daniel's Recommendations

for KPFA's Local Station Board

The CANDIDATE DEBATES of Nov 2012 are archived both at Indybay.org and at KPFA.org.
(Note: some of these began with up to half an hour of filler music)

At Indybay all 4 forums can be heard at:
KPFA Local Station Board 2012 Candidates Forums

These 4 forums are also archived at KPFA, as follows:

Sunday, November 25th
7 p.m.: Virginia Browning, Kate Tanaka, Carole Travis, Burton White;
9 p.m.: Ramses Teon-Nichols, Karen Pickett, Dan Siegel, Jose Luis Fuentes-Roman

Monday, November 26th, 7 p.m.:
Laurence Shoup, Andrea Prichett, Barbara Whipperman, Craig Alderson

Tuesday, November 27th 7p.m.:
Dave Welch, Oriana Saportas, Beth Seligman, Kate Gowen

by Daniel Borgström

I'm endorsing the ten candidates of "United for Community Radio" slate. This being an IRV-type election, it's important to vote for at least 5 or 6, preferably all ten, in some ranking order. If your first choice doesn't get elected, your vote goes to your next choice, and so on, so your vote will not be lost.

For first choice I recommend
Virginia Browning. Virginia is one of the hardest working and most productive members of our group of KPFA listener activists. For eight years I've known her as an extremely dedicated, indefatigable activist who just keeps going and going, day after day, week after week, year after year, attending KPFA and Pacifica board meetings, serving on support committees, and writing articles. She has an excellent understanding of KPFA: the radio shows, the programmers, the finances, the politics of the station, and, as a long time grassroots activist, the topics that KPFA needs to be covering.

While I put Virginia Browning first because of her outstanding knowledge of and experience with KPFA, I must admit that I find it hard to rank the rest. I find all of them impressive; all have taken part in Occupy; each has their particular field of grassroots activism. I urge everyone to hear the on-air candidate debates which will be Sunday, Monday & Tuesday. Below I list the UCR candidates in alphabetical order:

United for Community Radio candidates

Virginia Browning
Long time KPFA activist, former radio programmer

Samsarah Morgan
Oakland Green Party, Occupy Oakland Activist, writer on birth health and family

Ramsés Téon Nichols
Organizing Committee Chair of Local SEIU 1021 and member of SF Green Party

Karen Pickett
Environmental and community activist, writer and editor

Andrea Prichett
Incumbent board member, community activist, Berkeley Unified teacher, Copwatch founder

Oriana Saportas
Community & Labor activist, former KPFA Local Election Supervisor

Laurence Shoup
author “Rulers and Rebels” & other books, Green Party stalwart, Longtime community and people’s movement activist

Beth Seligman
JD, vegetarian occupier, permaculturist and writer

Kate Tanaka
Incumbent board member, anti-corporate community activist

David Welsh
Labor organizer, delegate SF Labor Council, Haiti Action Committee, Occupy Oakland occupier

I strongly urge you to vote for all 10 UCR candidates and none of the candidates on the other slate

For info on the issues
please see other articles at this site, and:

Platform of United for Community Radio

United for Community Radio

Occupy’s Stake in KPFA’s Board Election --a video

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