for Adelle Foley

When the hand you hold
of the one you love
suddenly becomes
all of space

a poem by Ivan Argüelles

for Adelle Foley
passed away in June 2016

who can know what the soul is
either a swarm of bees
clustering in the meadow of a noon
light honey and green fragrance
or the place smoke goes when
sky fades at the end of day
try as one might to understand the body
what is it but the infirmity of mind
to hold on to a name
yesterday is all of eternity
small voices ringing in unseen bells
calling back always calling back
what does it mean to adumbrate?
to cast a shadow on disappearing waves
to merge unconsciousness
with the shape of something passing
like a flower in a distant field

June 27, 2016

Adelle Foley was the wife of Ivan's friend Jack Foley who does the poetry show on Wednesday afternoons on KPFA 94.1 FM.