Veterans thank Colin Kaepernick

Statement from
Veterans for Peace,
East Bay Chapter 162

Colin Kaepernick

We wish to thank and honor Colin Kaepernick and other courageous athletes who've been protesting against the injustice which comes in so many forms, including widespread murder with impunity by officers of the law. This injustice nearly always comes wrapped in the flag and is deceitfully imposed in the name of patriotism.

These athletes, acting in the tradition of Mohammed Ali, the 1968 Olympics champions John Carlos and Tommie Smith, and others less known though no less courageous, put their promising careers at risk. They're facing many forms of pressure, slander, verbal abuse and even death threats.

We remember the long unfinished history of the struggle for freedom and justice in our country. These athletes are keeping those American ideals alive. They deserve our respect and support.

in solidarity
Veterans for Peace, East Bay Chapter 162
October 8, 2016