Hate Week

In the home of the Free Speech Movement, on Free Speech Radio
It was Hate Week in Berkeley
by Curt Gray
November 20, 2010

For more than a week, the station's insiders have been using KPFA's airwaves to whip-up the listeners at will and all over the air schedule. A few brave souls have gotten an alternative view on the air, but now the effect of the propaganda has created a witch hunt atmosphere, where anyone who disagrees is seen as an enemy of KPFA who must be shouted down. Many normally intelligent thoughtful people have drunk the Kool-Aid. One can understand how 'community' radio can be used in places like Rwanda and the Swat Valley to inflame genocide or violent intolerance.

Listening when formerly respected community leaders highlighting an alternative view of the situation (especially objecting to comparing it to 1999) were on the phone on Kris Welch's show, the next caller was livid at them for daring to have a different opinion than the official one that Kris, et al are pushing. The caller said he could hear that they were lying by the sound of their voices. If you knew these two individuals, you'd know how soft spoken, kind and reasonable they are. Yet, this person heard them as evil liars. This is the effect of trusted propaganda intersecting with perceived interests. The effect of a Hate Week in the home of the Free Speech Movement, on *Free Speech Radio*.

It also points to a complete failure of the Pacifica mission, as I understand it, at KPFA. KPFA was not created to forge an audience that will believe anything it is told by trusted 'signature voices', It was supposed to help folks learn to question, and more fully participate as critical thinkers in civil society and culture. KPFA and Pacifica should stand against brain washing and propaganda. These people are driving a stake through the heart of the mission by creating an audience that can so easily be stampeded. Shame. Shame on all of us who have allowed this to happen. Shame on those who are proud they have done it. cg

Ps, I Love Big Brother! Long Live Big Brother! Death to the Traitor Goldstein!

Hate Week

Two Minutes of Hate


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