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"You are a chickenshit coward!" he said.

Unkind words from Board Member Siegel
by Daniel Borgström

After the January 13th LSB meeting, as I was gathering up my stuff to leave, Dan Siegel, who had just been elected as a KPFA representative to the Pacifica National Board, approached me and said, "You are a chickenshit coward!" and "a fucking bag of shit!" he added as an afterthought. He proceeded to speak in depth and at some length about how I was a "fucking'" this and a "fucking" that, making liberal use of vocabulary that's excluded from the FCC's lexicon.

A person who overheard the tirade told me afterwards that she thought I must've stepped on Siegel's foot to have earned such invective. "No, no, nothing like that," I told her and explained that I'm the plaintiff in a lawsuit, and that what she heard was Attorney Siegel's refined version of legal jargon.

This was not the first time this sort of thing has happened. At the LSB meeting last March Siegel hassled me and then tried to
pick a fist fight with Richard Phelps. Well, I guess that's Attorney Dan Siegel in action--a kid who's spent 65 years of his life perfecting the age of 15.

January 13, 2011


A previous incident is at
Siegel: "You're suing me!"

And the time when
Siegel barged into the Peters home, illegally. "We seriously considered pressing trespass and assault charges," Casey Peters wrote in the Pacifica 2007 Elections Report.


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